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eVisa for Vietnam | Vietnam eVisa Online
Aufgegeben am 4.6.2020 um 09:05, 18 Aufrufe
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If you are excited about the golden beaches of Sunny, the mountains, the beauty of nature in Vietnam and want to visit Vietnam. Then, before visiting, you must apply for the online electronic visa online. e-Visa facilitates the Vietnam eVisa Online application process for foreigners visiting Vietnam. The electronic visa will be issued through the Vietnamese immigration department to foreigners entering the country.
The electronic visa is valid for 30 days, allowing a single entry. After the first 30 days have elapsed and the renewal of the electronic visa is required, a new visa may be considered for electronic visa holders in Vietnam, if invited / guaranteed by the Vietnamese authority / organization / individual, according to with the entry of the Aliens Act, departure, transit, residence in Vietnam You can also apply for the Vietnam visa on arrival.

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