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Different from traditional acupuncture therapy, our Electric Acupuncture Pen uses low-frequency pulsed currents instead of silver needles for acupuncture. According to the feature of low resistance of acupoints, the acupuncture pen can automatically locate the acupoints with the assistance of value, sound and light prompts.

As the Chinese saying goes, when your body feels pain, it means the balance in your body is disrupted. On the contrary, you will not feel any discomfort when your body's Qi is flowing smoothly through the meridians. The pulsed currents output by the Electric Acupuncture Pen can stimulate the located acupoint to unblock Qi flow along a meridian to relieve pain.

The Electric Acupuncture Pen can also be used as a TENS unit to relax muscles, loosen stiff muscles and prevent or recover the atrophy of immobilized muscles. Moreover, as a beauty aid, the Electric Acupuncture Pen can stimulate face muscles tending to sag with age as well as rejuvenate skin to reduce wrinkles.

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