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cheer ahead of the holiday season ASOS
07:49 on 17.9.2020

ASOS Gift Card Discount Upon ordering two dresses from the online fashion retailer one woman was horrified to receive 'obviously worn' items which she claims smelled of perfume.One picture clearly shows a liquid stain on the dress's lining.She tweeted: "Are you seriously allowing girls to quite obviously wear dresses/destroy them and still get a refund and then send it onto the next poor sod!? It equally stinks of perfume. Absolutely baffled!"

Sell ASOS Gift Card t's certainly been a strange year but 2020 is far from cancelled. Bringing a whole host of Christmas cheer ahead of the holiday season ASOS has launched three exclusive advent calendars – and we can't wait to get our hands on them! Filled with the best beauty buys from some of our favourite brands – including MAC NARS Revolution and House 99 – these festive finds are at the top of our wish lists!

Worth over £360 it's a great chance to get your hands on the goodies for an absolute bargain and the perfect way to count down to Christmas.And don't think they've forgotten about the boys. There's also a ASOS Grooming 12 Day Calendar which is priced at £35 but worth over £80.Including treats from brands such as House 99 LAB Series and Harry's - it's the perfect present for your beau.

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