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WOW Classic: The classic may be Blizzard's most insidious effort has not attracted you
05:45 on 13.6.2019

Don't misunderstand what I mean. When Blizzard first announced "World of Warcraft: Classic", I was very excited.
To be clear, I like the idea of ​​"World of Warcraft: Classic". I have not played World of Warcraft since the Cataclysm was lifted. However, this new World of Warcraft, I sank in Blizzard's dream MMO for hours, days and weeks. I paid attention to dozens of "World of Warcraft" podcasts, and I even spent six to nine months frantically experimenting with the private servers of the Vanilla era.

On many levels, it is a big problem to consider returning to WOW Classic Items the Azeroth version is easier and more time consuming than modern games. The problem is that I am no longer a person with a lot of leisure time. I don't have time to spend hours, days and weeks to get rewards. I don't have the patience to compete with 40 other players in Onyxia's Lair.

I like to use Classic to come back to my heyday, but this is just an idea. I didn't actually find out how much time I wanted to invest in World of Warcraft in the launch era - not just that I changed, but World of Warcraft is changing silently, allowing more players to accept it.

Over the years, Blizzard may (usually radical) constantly patching systems and content in World of Warcraft. The reality is that World of Warcraft is constantly changing to WOW Classic Gold attract more people, which is more conducive to your time and energy.

However, before I entered the beta, I didn't really understand why the new World of Warcraft. Look, "World of Warcraft: Classic" may be Blizzard's most attractive effort, making me an addicted player to this game.

Although "World of Warcraft" is very popular and profitable, "World of Warcraft" has almost passed the peak, which is no secret. We've been around Blizzard's MMORPG for almost a few years, and it can be a link between countless people in the online community. At its height, "World of Warcraft" is similar to today's Fortnite, it is like the Oscar of the film industry. Its brilliance makes us remember that this is really its greatness.alt
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