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to remember this
08:25 on 6.6.2019
to remember this sentence of Lao Tzu: "If you are shocked, you will suffer from it." That is to say, don��t say so much about yourself. Laozi is definitely not a science student. Due to the limitations of productivity and theoretical knowledge, Laozi certainly cannot understand the contradiction between productivity and production relations, the contradiction between the ruling class and the ruling class. As well as the specific laws of movement in the material world, he also proposed some methods that are not methods. That is, "not sage, make people indisputable, not expensive, and make the people not steal." Do not see the desire, so that the people are not chaotic. "Obviously this does not work, and it also violates the laws governing the development of human society Newport Cigarettes. But this is inevitable. It does not affect Laozi is a true temperament Marlboro Red, bleak, and free from false sages. He also proposed "to useless, to There is profit. In the contemporary society, it should be regarded as the standard of life. Therefore, he also said: "If you are good at water, you will be good for everything." "For the sake of learning Marlboro Lights, it is a loss of the road." Loss and damage, so much as nothing. "This is the most powerful support for the above ideas. The power of people is not to learn more skills, language, clothing, but to learn to be tolerant, learn to be insulted, so that you can do nothing with nothing. This is constantly Progress, will the pattern be small?? Will others be reluctant to make friends with you? Will others still be willing to do business with you?? It��s not too "promising" to be self-defeating, quick success, and opportunistic. And what about us now? Isn't it such an impatience?? If you earn more, you can earn more, you can get a handful of it, regardless of the people behind you, or even future generations. The economy is booming, air quality, The quality of water and soil has declined unprecedentedly. Isn't it a warning of nature's attitude towards our lives? Laozi has a deep influence on future generations. Many places have statues of Laozi. He is worshipped by us, which is good. Respect a universe. People are good. When we worship, many people are seeking for money, seeking power, and seeking mental illness. If Laozi is really knowledgeable, he will only shake his head and leave. Yes, the good medicines are there, you are still shouting one day: Where is the medicine? Where is happiness? Where is the money? Hey, mourning someone may say. That is because Laozi does not live in the present. Living in the present, maybe he is more secular than us, and loves money. The environment can affect a person. We can only laugh at this assumption. With our heart, Laozi, Zhuangzi, Confucius, Mencius, Zhulin Qixian Waiting for someone, it is a mistake in itself. Life is no matter what time you are in. The head is still on the shoulders, and people still have two hands and two legs. The vast universe is up and down in China for five thousand years, but it is just a blink of an eye. The saint is by our side Online Cigarettes, don't say that the teacher does not exist for a long time, and when I am screaming, not only mourning others, but also sorrowing myself. I am also a laity, an old man is a realm. "Chrysanthemum under the fence, leisurely See south. "It's too monotonous for us. I think so too. If anyone wants me to go back to the countryside, I lived in the first half of the year like I was a child I am not happy. I am not used to it. I am afraid that I will stay in the big city, I am afraid of the countryside." It��s too quiet. But in the middle of the city, I often have the words Laozi in my heart. It��s a big favor for us. The sun��s world is full of rules. You can use it. Congratulations. If you use it. On the other hand, then change yourself. The people in the seven sages of the bamboo forest are not so sloppy at first, because there is no door to the country, their careers are blocked, they are not even loaded, but their lives are dangerous. Think about why, why not sit alone In the quiet, playing the piano and rescuing. "The nature comes, it's comfortable. So I said that Laozi is a realm. I will take a look at more than 5,000 words. I will listen to it. Don't be too young, how good I am. You can't feel it."Related articles: Cigarettes Online Newport 100S
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