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We live in this world a
08:25 on 6.6.2019
We live in this world and are always attracted to all kinds of colors and forms Cigarettes For Sale. Money, name, profit, power, and so on, will surround you. Many people know that their mentality is very dry Carton Of Cigarettes, but they are deeply involved. The reason is that people are social animals, and people today are like this. I have to go up and climb up. The development of science and technology has changed our living habits, living standards, and attitudes towards life. I have always said that there is no fear, it is the greatest original sin of our modern people. I sometimes look at myself, look at the people around me, look at the pictures and information on the Internet, I really feel that Laozi, Zhuangzi, these people are true temperament, really natural. We should return to the ancient times, listen to the heartfelt words of these old people, and listen to their bleak mentality. Finding this kind of wisdom and popularizing this kind of wisdom, our society will not have so many flaws, there are so many abnormalities, and there are so many neuropathies. The sage has never gone far, just beside us, such as the spring breeze, such as the mountains, such as the Qingquan. "If you don't lose a long time, you will die without losing your life." The old man, "The Tao Te Ching", said that Laozi itself. His five thousand words, the word flashes. Vitality is stronger than any emperor in history. The poet Zang Kejia also wrote: "Some people are alive, he is already dead. Some people are dead, he is still alive." Those who do not really live, to observe the people who live, to think about themselves, the value of their existence And the meaning of people. Remember the above words, it is a guide to the value of life. We often say how far a person's vision is, how big the pattern is. There are no planes, no cannons, no telescopes, and no spaceships. The pattern of Laozi is like this. The first sentence of morality is very clear: "The road is very good, very famous. Name can be named, very famous. No, the beginning of the world. There is a mother of all things. So often no, want to see it, often The translation is like this: the way that can be said is not the eternal existence. The name that can be called is not the eternal name. No, it is the original title of heaven and earth; The name of the mother of all things. So often from nothing, to observe the subtleties of the Tao; from the ordinary, to observe the clues of the Tao. This is the pattern of Laozi, this is Laozi��s thinking about the world. His pattern is not eating, not sleeping. It is not a village, not a county, nor a province. His pattern is the universe and the Tao. We know that Tao is a very important concept that runs through the Tao Te Ching. The Tao Te Ching itself is also divided into Tao. In the two parts of the classics and the Germans, in my words, it can be said that the Tao is the world view, the German classics is the methodology. Laozi is obviously not a science student, but he is the practice of life Parliament Cigarettes, master. From the simple things, summed up Management, so we are now people are shocked. "All things are born, not born. "Daosheng one, one life two, two three, three things." Everything is negative and yang, and I think it is. These sentences, like Hong Zhong, have been ringing for more than 2,000 years. They will continue to ring. The vacuum in physics is not empty, and the transmission in the air is not all in the mouth of Laozi. So the road is simple. Laozi is very early. There is a simple materialistic spirit. "The saints have impermanence, and the hearts of the people are the heart." "The heavens and the earth are not benevolent, and all things are hyenas; the saints are not benevolent, and the people are the dogs." "This is Laozi. He said: "The heavens and the earth are indifferent to be merciful. It treats all things as equal to the sacrifices; the saints also have no mercy and preference Marlboro Gold. He treats the people as if they were sacrifices." So I said that Laozi is the most bleak person. He is as light as water. He is unrecited. Like nature, he has a cosmic heart. This is the saint. Is there such a person, is accounting better? Will it be? Is it greedy for money? It will hate it, because he is also a human. At least I think so Marlboro Red. But he can understand that he can control, he can do what we can't do. In his words: inaction, insult In the contemporary era, we really have Related articles: Marlboro Gold Marlboro Red
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