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The first thing I
05:30 on 6.5.2019
The first thing I want to say is that I don't like this stage. Not only because I will face the test papers and exercises like the mountains, but also the test of the college entrance examination, but also because loneliness is about loneliness, and I want to talk about how to say it. The year of high school seems to be isolated from the world, at least for me. Yes, the main thing is that you can't bring your mobile phone, and the communication with the outside world is cut off Make Newport 100. I can't go online or make phone calls at school. All I can do is with the exercises. It��s hard to get a little time, and it��s spent slowly in the cafeteria. Say there is a chance to relax, it seems that only on the campus to take a walk, look at the sky above the head, think about the world outside is heart-warming: no one can talk about this may be the focus. Because most of the time the heart is very stuffy, full of pressure to know where to come, need to be resolved. At this time, friends are very important. Although it may not be able to do much in terms of material (although it is okay to save the rivers and lakes, such as taking care of meals and copying homework), the role of the spirit can be roughly guessed what I want to say - the future Although it seems a bit too early for my wife to discuss this now, I just want to express my thoughts and also give myself a wake-up call to learn the future. I want to find a virtuous wife. It is best to be good at taking care of it. Housework and the like, of course, I will enjoy it, otherwise it will make me feel bad. For myself, I will not do some fine work. Like most boys By Newport 100, I am more physically active. But it doesn't mean that I won't be at all. The special thing is: I like cooking, and I have studied too many recipes. (Although cooking is normal, it is not too bad if I do it with my heart. My idea is: cook for my wife in the future. How wonderful it is! I will feel excited when I think about the expression on her face (preferably the materials are Ready Wholesale Newport Cigarette Store, just wait for me to cook, of course, it is only the best situation Wholesale Marlboro Red 100'S Cigarettes. If you can keep the old, until the end of your life, I should be able to do the world's dishes every day without repeating it! This is also an ideal for me. I have to buy a lot of clothes for her. I don��t know why. I saw some magazines that wrote those men who seemed to be afraid of this. So I was puzzled. My own opinion is that My wife buys clothes and wears it. It is pretty good anyway. Why not? If I throw away the so-called beauty, I think that the beauty of man is inextricable. As long as it is a sound person, it is beautiful. This is also the essence of human beings and animals. One of the differences. Just like changing clothes in some games that I have played before, I don��t say which one is beautiful, but because the clothes don��t match, and the floats are not beautiful Wholesale Menthol Cigarettes. In other words, I think the so-called wearing a certain dress is not good. Not blame The reason, but the reason for the clothes, I forgot, I have to add that I want to buy and buy good-looking. If I can't even do this, I may be too shy to face her. There are some specific things that I can't finish, and everyone needs to slowly comprehend themselves.
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