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05:30 on 6.5.2019
What I am going to say here is that my high school Chinese teacher is very strange []Cheap Cigarettes Newport In Nj[/url]. It seems that a body is squeezed into two completely different souls, always fighting []Marlboro Hard Cigerate[/url], which side has the upper hand, and the body is temporarily managed. This is the case, he makes us very confused, so I can't say []Wholesale Marlboro Red 100'S Cigarettes[/url], I hate him. I hate him for being so energetic and so passionate, so I don't know how to cherish myself. Yes, he is a strong person. Whether in education or in ability, he dares to be dare to do it. With his own blood, he radiates his energy to the surrounding without reservation. Blood and sweat. I have to say here that he is not only our language teacher, but also our class teacher and grade director. Therefore, he can almost "shoulder" in the grade. No matter how many teachers oppose him, once he has any ideas, he will act immediately, often making us feel very surprised, and most of the time it makes the teachers and students very speechless. For the teachers, there is no way to take him, because they all know his purpose - for our future. For our student party, we can only bear it silently. (Although I don��t want to have 100 million unwillingness, all kinds of unhappiness, all kinds of explosions, etc., I can give an example: Weekly test and monthly test are used by various places in various places. Everyday hell training; cruel management system; all kinds of novel punishment systems. However, I must say: I love him. It is because of him that we have the privilege of no other age; it is because of him, We have an ageing activity that is envied by others; it is because of him; we have the best classrooms, the best equipment, and the best environment in the whole school; it is because of him that we are able to learn from the top teachers of the entire school. They are all famous local masters, and their reputations are far from other schools. It is because of him that we have been able to escape from time to time after making various serious mistakes at other ages []Buy Expensive Cigarettes Online[/url]. It is not punished by the school; it is because of him that we can enjoy the scholarship program that the school did not set up; it is because of him that we originally destined to be the class at the end of the crane, in just one year. , leap to age One is precisely because of him, we know how to behave, how to deal with things, how to treat learning; it is because of him, I have become a child who is used to play, not to do business, to become eager to learn, to learn, from the original class countdown I am stable in the top ten, and I have been through the top five. I have not been aware of his painstaking efforts. I have hurt him so much. He has received many calls from the leaders and rebuked us. I am so embarrassed. Let him stay outside the dormitory at night; I am so embarrassed, I saw his disappointing eyes, I am so good now that these are not useful, but my eyes are a little fuzzy, my nose is sour but I have to say, I am really, I sincerely wish him: good health, more happiness, less trouble, always be as energetic, forever "one rib" is the last year of this year []Cheap Newport Regular Online[/url], I can't let him worry about it again! Teacher, cheer for me
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