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His father is silent, h
10:16 on 22.4.2019
His father is silent, his life is not well expressed, his face is not ridiculous, how can he learn to be sleek. Always silently picking up life, heavy burdens, even exhausted, will not easily sigh to the fate, the suffering of the road's muddy life! The left shoulder is twisted with wind and rain Cheap Newports Online Free Shipping, the right shoulder is holding the sun and the moon, and the morning and evening are stunned on the back. Any spring, summer, autumn and winter reincarnation between the two hands, Ren Frost Snow ruthlessly dyed his own hair. I have cultivated in that ancient land, never summed up my own life, like a small grass, walking along the natural season, never dreaming about anything, asking for anything, just holding my own Part and innocence, quietly toasting with the years! The 80-year-old father always said that living is a dull state of mind, health is the best flower in life, there are thousands of different butterflies flapping into the dream, there is A thousand different characters of life, stepping on a thousand different colors of flowers, opening a thousand different patterns of spring, writing a thousand different customs of the times. The legendary thin wing of the beautiful dead butterfly has created the most interesting and humanistic landscape of history. I have kissed precious and long memories. Zeng Fei crossed the dynasties, the insomnia of the ice and snow. When you are tired, you are in love, and you live in spring. Wait, the next person dreams, continue this boring and fun, game. Butterfly, flower, spring, enriched the nib of the record, beautified the life of imagination, when I came to see me, I was busy doing business Marlboro Regular Cigarettes. Several customers kept asking questions about the price, and I answered them patiently. As the New Year is coming, the red lanterns and the contrasting shops are particularly festive. I smiled and asked what was wrong? I whispered, "When you do business, you can do it!" It��s easy for several customers to be satisfied, and I apologize for saying that business is difficult to make her wait. I also asked if I was satisfied with the hygiene done to her family the other day Marlboro Reds 100S Carton. I didn��t call back because of my busy schedule. He replied in a whisper: "Not bad. I want to ask you about the situation, and don't worry about it." I asked in a moment of concern: "What?" He said: "You do hygiene. After a few days, I suddenly remembered that a diamond necklace on my dressing table was gone. Are you familiar with the domestic workers you asked?" I was right: "Hey, have you looked for it? Confirm it. Where?" He said: "I can't be wrong. I went to the dressing table before going to the bath that day. I didn't take it at home. Although I have many people coming and going at home, they won't go into my bedroom. "I know that the business of the family is big, the customer workers are many, and the people are generous and never lock the door Cheap Newport Cigarettes Online Free Shipping." I replied to her: "Hey, I have been doing housework for a few years. I have never seen such a thing. The workers have been following me all the time. I know them very well. I believe them. Looking for workers. At the time, my hands and feet are still in the second place. The first is that the character is correct, the hands and feet must be clean. If you take the customer's things, there is only one choice: return, fine, leave!" Look at me face Suddenly, in turn comfort me: "Don't worry, I am just guessing. Quietly ask your situation, remind you to pay attention!" "Thank you, I will pay attention!" I know that you are kind, go every year Her family is hygienic. She treats her family like a family. She has no shelf at all. She has been busy with her own affairs. She is not too picky, and the workers like her very much. However, this matter, after all, has caused some shadows in each other's hearts. There is no power to speak without facts. I then secretly investigated the workers who worked on the day and had an in-depth understanding of the situation in cleaning the bedroom. If the facts are as speculative as they are, then the focus is on one person. It is a worker who is not working with us for a long time. When I first came, a worker familiar with her gave me a wake up. I see that she has experience, is a skilled worker, speaks easily and has good communication skills with clients, and when it is time to close, it is when she needs manpower, she promises to try it first. After several work, she and other workers mingle, the customer is also very good impression of her, especially when doing some expedited business, she never evaded, no reason, I will leave her with confidence. If the situation is true, will it be her? I silently ask myself, how can I tell her? After some consideration, I decided to ask her: "This time is hard! How do you feel?" It��s a little tired, but it��s quite fun to do with them. ��That��s good! How do you feel at home in the last few days? How is her family��s hygiene?�� ��She is too big.�� It��s really a big family!�� She smiled and said enviously. ��That is. However, in such a home, you must not be greedy! Otherwise, your reputation will also cause a reputational loss to the company Newport Carton Cigarettes. "You can rest assured! We still have this consciousness. If there is such a bad habit, how can we go out to do things?" She answered a serious question, and I nodded: "If there is such a thing, I will never tolerate it." . Two days ago, the customer said that a necklace in her house was gone and asked me to come. She said that she was on the dresser, and no one else had ever been in. "How can she doubt us like this? We didn't see it at all!" She was angry and looked innocent and wronged. "As long as you didn't take it, you have no worries, she just guessed." In the future, if you are doing things outside, be careful! I will also remind customers to collect valuables. "I saw that her eyes didn't mean to dodge. I didn't continue to ask. I suddenly remembered something that happened to me many years ago. I just worked, and I often go to a bookstore to rent books in my spare time. One day." When I went back to the book, the beautiful boss seemed to carelessly: she seemed to clip the five yuan to the book I rented. "I didn't see it, really didn't!" I immediately answered her. She said: "That may be, I remember correctly, but I seem to be really in the book. "That must be your mistake! If there is, it is still in this book, I will not take it, as you believe it or not!" The words that screamed for her immediately apologized to me, and she also Just remember, secondly, she may not want to lose my long-term customer. Because we only had this bookstore in this small town, and I like to read books, and later I still patronize, she also greeted with enthusiasm. Only this matter has affected me. mood.
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