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In the past two transfer windows
03:42 on 20.4.2018
We want to continue to FIFA Coins improve next season, but let's see what happens. Maybe Manchester City will continue to invest heavily. They won't let the other teams close the gap. I don't know. But the dispute over the Premier League title is not only with us. There are also Liverpool, Arsenal, Tottenham and Chelsea, not just Manchester United and Manchester City, but six teams."In the past two transfer windows, Manchester United has signed Lindrov, Lukaku, Matic, Ibrahimovic and Sanchez, but the gap with Manchester City has become increasingly large. However, judging from the current situation, Manchester United only have shortages of manpower in the midfield and the right wing. In other positions, especially the left wing is even more crowded, Marcel and Lashford are the two young talents are Sanchez Squeezed to the bench, and led to transfer rumors. If only the midfielders and right-wingers were introduced, Manchester United's transfer market this summer does not need to buy too many people.
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