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Major Advantages of Flyer Inserts
10:45 on 28.9.2018
Ever thought about using flyer inserts as part of your marketing and advertising? Flyer Inserts in newspapers or leaflets that drop out of a newspaper or magazine are personal, feasible to your audience. They can take the form of a flyer or even a booklet and can be of any size or shape that you like. They are highly effective for your business and provide you with an opportunity to encapsulate larger audience demographically.

Advantages of using inserts:
• Ease of response for the recipient. The recipient can simply fill in a coupon on the reverse or have just contact directly through a mail.

• Creative flexibility – there is no limit on space – you could do a 20-page A5 booklet if you wanted to. Depending on the scope of your advertisement and products you can choose the limitation and response.

• Use up spare leaflets – with spare flyer inserts you can redirect a different campaign and provide different direction to your branding methods.

• Test opportunities –Flyer inserts in newspaper provide you with the opportunity to test the knowledge of your target audience and work on the results by changing the campaign and approach of different age group.

• Measurable with a response code – good marketing is all about measuring and evaluating the results effectively. With flyer inserts, you can add on a response code that will enable you to track your improvement and make up for what is lacking in your branding process.

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