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How to prepare for laser hair removal
08:19 on 25.7.2019

Shaving, tweezers and waxing all provide a temporary solution for hair growth, but nothing can match the long-lasting effects of lasers. In addition, laser hair removal treatment is applied to every part of the body.

For best results, you should be ready for laser hair removal a few weeks before your first use. This guide can help you identify great providers, plan your treatment, and use laser hair removal machine to keep your skin healthy before and after skincare tips.

How to find a provider

Study your choices.

Not all lasers are the same; finding the right type of laser clinic for your hair and skin tone is a good starting point. The type of light that eliminates dark hair on pale skin does not necessarily apply to people with blond hair or darker skin, so make sure the laser at the clinic is working for you. Once you have narrowed it down to several clinics, arrange each clinic for consultation.

Ask questions during the consultation.

Your first appointment should be a consultation - no treatment but could be a live test to see how your skin responds to the laser. Most importantly, this is when you should ask the following questions:

Is there a doctor at the scene?
How many treatments do you estimate?
How do you alleviate the pain of the laser?
What should I do to prepare for laser hair removal?
Before you determine your treatment plan, make sure you are satisfied with your employees and their reactions.


Skincare products before the first treatment

For best results, it is best to avoid direct sunlight and any other hair removal techniques for the first six weeks of treatment. Interestingly, you will be asked to shave the day before the appointment. If the hair is too long, the laser may burn your skin during treatment. If you forget, the clinic may provide you with a razor for use in the office.

Some clinics recommend taking ibuprofen or acetaminophen immediately before treatment to help relieve pain. How much pain should you expect? Read honest opinions about whether diode laser hair removal machine is harmful.

Skincare after treatment / between

While the number of sessions required for any region depends on the individual, it usually takes 5 to 12 sessions to get the best results.

These meetings are separated by at least 4-6 weeks. In the meantime, you should continue to avoid all hair removal methods. You should also avoid exposing the area to direct sunlight - and apply a large amount of sunscreen to prevent pigmentation from becoming a treatment area.

In addition, remember that the side effects of laser hair removal include a sunburn-like feeling that lasts for a few days, so store cold and ice to soothe the treated skin.

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