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To be able to keep it spoiler free
02:37 on 13.12.2018
To be able to keep it spoiler free, I'll consult with the boss as"boss".My question is this: I cannot seem to resist the Boss. This really isn't the one that is regular, although the level 190 one. Either I die run out of time? Any maplestory2 hints? My character is level 176, and class bishop.Keep moving and try using skills that you can use fast, not necessarily those that hit hardest.You can use the portals around the platforms, do not try using the portals that are , you will just waste time. When the lasers are turning clockwise, you are going to use the portal side. You use the portal on the right, if they are turning . Don't try jumping on the core, you won't make it and will end up slamming in the route of the capsules.While in the second phase, attempt to keep to avoid his wire jab. So don't worry about them that far the vertical inks will only shoot you up. He's recovery, attack him and the cure will fail, but make him be and he will heal a lot Every time a blue ball of energy appears over his head.Runaway mode is like the phase on steroids; you'll follow the same rules but the soccer ball will be red, not blue. When he starts using suction, jag-jump or even teleport away from himor he will hit on you. Sometimes he'll lay down a giant device, which will keep you from leaping particularly if he turns the display dark.Buy Maplestory M Mesos from
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