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How to Develop an Outline for Your Argumentative Essay - 2021 Comprehensive Guide
10:23 on 31.5.2021

An argumentative essay is a piece of writing in which the essay writer takes a stance on a particular issue or topic. This form of essay investigates and analyzes the topic and evaluates it to persuade the audience. 

In an argumentative essay, the writer supports a viewpoint about the topic by providing strong reasoning and shreds of evidence. This assignment is commonly assigned to high school and college students to assess their abilities to defend their claim using reasons and supporting information. 

Argumentative essays are similar to the arguments you make in your day-to-day life. The only thing that makes both of them different is that the arguments made are casual while an essay is formally written with a proper structure. 

Essay writing is a formal assignment type whose success highly depends on the structure and the proper formatting. Similarly, for an argumentative essay, an arranged content is everything. To shape up the essay and to provide meaning to the content, an outline is developed. 

Although there are several essay types, there is a standard outline that is used to structure all your essays including argumentative paper. According to this outline, the essay is divided into three sections; introduction, body, and conclusion. 

If you are assigned argumentative writing and have no clue how to structure it, ask a professional an essay writing service to assist you. There are a plethora of advantages in developing an essay outline for both the writer and the readers.

An outline paves a path for the writer to draft a focused piece of document. Moreover, it makes the content readable and understandable for the audience making it easier for the writer to persuade them. 







Learn how an argumentative essay outline is developed through the easy steps provided by an expert of the best paper writing service below. 

Form a Thesis Statement on the Topic 

Analyze the essay topic chosen and form your stance over it. This will be the thesis statement or the main argument of your paper that you will be supporting in the essay. 

It should be an arguable statement. Moreover, when conducting research, this will be the claim for which you will be collecting evidence. 

Conduct Research on the Topic 

After you have decided on the topic and the thesis statement, it is time to collect information to support the main argument. Going through only the credible and relevant sources, gather information by conducting research. 

Deeply analyze the sources and collect data that will be the evidence for your claim. Note down all the supporting points to further add them to the body section of your essay. 

Arrange Information for Introduction 

The researched evidence will be arranged in three sections. The first is the introduction where the writer puts forward the main argument of the essay. 

For an argumentative essay, provide brief background information on the topic to understand the argument and state your thesis statement. 

Prepare Body Paragraphs 

Now that you have arranged the content for your introduction, prepare body paragraphs. All the evidence will be presented orderly in this section. 

Each body paragraph will provide a different piece of evidence along with a topic sentence that clearly provides a reason why the audience should accept the main argument. Explain all the evidence to persuade the audience. 

Conclude your Essay 

In a paragraph, restate the thesis statement and provide a summary of the key points in the content. Avoid introducing new ideas in this section. Think of an exciting concluding statement to give an end to your essay. 

If the outline developed is correct, the writing process will get easier and the readers will better understand your point. 

Drafting an argumentative essay can be challenging and this is the reason why a student asks if he can ‘pay someone to write my paper’? Well, the answer is yes. You can get your essays written professionally from reliable writing services. 

Just ask an expert writer to write my paper and he will provide you with quality content that will be outlined professionally. If you need help in understanding the outline in detail, visit a college essay writing service that may provide you the answers you require.

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