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The 7 Common Physician Specialties
09:15 on 16.9.2020
Asian parents pressurize their kids to become doctors because it’s considered to be a respectable profession that pays well. Currently, there are millions of doctors in the world and they all pursue specializations based on personal interest and preference. Half of their time goes into studying and the other half goes in practicing – honestly, they have no life of their own. Hence, if you were still in medical school and thinking of asking a doctor for a PhD dissertation help UK, come up with another plan. Below 7 common types of medical specialties are mentioned.
Family physician
A family physician is someone who tends to the needs of every age group. He or she is the go-to person if you have a cold or any other non-serious issue. They treat a variety of ailments but if the case is serious they recommend specialists or further tests.
Pediatricians are special doctors who check patients till the age of 18 – in rare cases 21. From essential immunizations to regular check-ups – they’re responsible for all things related to children. Hence, if a child has a stomach ache or coughs or even an allergy, they go to a pediatrician. However, if things get serious, they’re recommended to see sub-specialists.
Often labeled as a women’s doctor, a gynecologist is someone who looks after the health of women. These doctors specialize in treating issues related to menopause, menstruation, hormonal imbalance, etc. Sometimes, a gynecologist also specializes as an obstetrician who treats pregnant women and helps with delivery.
There are many different kinds of surgeons and it totally depends on physicians which specialty they want to pursue. Some examples of specialized surgery include vascular surgery, pediatric surgery, plastic surgery, hand surgery, surgical oncology, etc. These are the doctors who spend hours and months working on patients and ensuring they recover without developing further complications. From their surgical plan to follow up and other procedures, they take care of everything. It’s one of the most hard-core and enthralling fields of medicine.
Psychiatrists are doctors who are concerned with the mental health of patients. Hence, they treat the emotional, psychological, and behavioral problems by prescribing them medicines. They also work alongside a team of mental health advocates like psychologists, neurologists, and sometimes even surgeons in case of injury. Their jobs are not always restricted to hospitals as they can work in an office-based environment as well. Even within the field of psychiatry, there are several subfields. Some specialize in treating adolescents, some focus on treating patients with addictions, and so on and so forth.
Cristina Yang used to say that cardio is hardcore and she wasn’t kidding around. Cardiologists work at high-stakes. They’re dealing with the most important organ of the human body: heart. Sometimes they specialize as cardiovascular surgeons and take care of surrounding organs like lungs as well. To become a cardiologist you need to go through extensive training and years of education.
A dermatologist treats your skin and makes you pretty. These are physicians who don’t perform surgeries or anything but they help treat common problems like acne, allergies, etc. Some of them specialize further and perform cosmetic procedures like Botox and under eye fillers.
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