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I recall finding out about OSRS gold
04:29 on 13.10.2019
I recall finding out about OSRS gold on Miniclip back in November of 2004, 1 year later I transferred into the UK. So that the game actually helped me understand English I didn't understand English. I remember Wilderness and the Free World Trading . Used to play Runescape regular after secondary school. Everyone did. Still come back to Runescape every so often. You never truly stop Runescape, just have a relapse.Extra piece of RS history, I quit last month after enjoying for a year after last friend from back in the day of our clan from back in 03-07 finally abandoned. (Just realized in my alt YT) Another one you'll see poof from high scores when prem runs out in january. RS, even OSRS isn't the noobs.This is the most accurate/best movie ever created displaying what happend during the years I started playing 2004 and I have seen every single upgrade ever because I withnessed basicly everything you saw in Runescape I stuck around for so long since I had some other sport to Buy Runescape gold play in the time but then counter strike became a thing and I left runescape for this to play with scoutknifez/gun game zombie mode all that taking a very long break from runescape until one day I watched the forums Runescape oldschool... YOU DECIDE! Bro never in my life was I so committed to spread the news and the day it passed and it got released you wager I spended every penny I needed from Runescape3 to get a bond/play just oldschool runescape with that point forward now I never logged back in runescape 3 and I never will again because to me that's only a whole another match.
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