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How to Write a Death Penalty Essay?
13:29 on 8.10.2019
If you are planning to write a death penalty then you need to choose a side because it is a controversial topic. You need to address the death penalty in a polite way and you will immediately find yourself surrounded by many people with concrete, decisive opinions and that will be comparable if you are looking to write about the death penalty as well. For those who don’t find themselves interested in the essay writing and standing in front of a notice, squad might seem like a better option than having to write another essay about the death penalty. This is a long-debated topic and one can find it challenging to write on it because it can seem like there’s nothing new to say.

What is the death penalty?

The death penalty is also known by capital punishment which refers to the strongest punishment for a criminal act where the criminal is sentenced to death by the government. According to the government policy, certain crimes are eligible for the punishment but some governments of the world have already banned it to perform. However, certain governments are more focused to perform this method of punishment than others. As Florida and the California death penalty has made the news quite often as compared to Texas.

States with the death penalty

31 states of America support the death penalty and it is a valuable topic to talk about which states have chosen to ban it. Four states have a governor-imposed delay. As you are going to write an essay on it you can cover this information as well as the legal responsibilities that come up with the state executing people.

Regardless of the fact, the death penalty is legal, there are many people who are against it. If you are required to write an essay on the death penalty it is a good idea to look at the arguments of those who are against it. However, if you do decide to write about the death penalty essay or your professor has decided for you then here’s how to write a death penalty essay followed by assignment writing services


Similar to any other essay, the first part is always the introduction section. As you are about to write an introduction, keep in mind which side you are going to discuss. Let your thesis statement acknowledge the readers your essay is against the death penalty or for it. You can keep this part simple since you will be going to discuss it in detail in the next part of the essay. Just three or four sentences are enough to briefly explain your argument.

The body section explains your point more detail. This part includes eth reason behind your thesis statement. It doesn’t matter which side you will choose, it is a good idea to look at the death penalty pros and cons. First, you need to go through what is the death penalty and examine the Florida death penalty. Give plenty of anecdotes and facts in order to encourage people to think through the ideas you present.

Each paragraph should include the statistic of the death penalty or other convincing information. For instance, you need to look at how many innocent people have been a target to the death penalty, in case if you are arguing for the abolition of capital punishment. In a different case, if you are arguing for the death penalty then look at statistics for frequent crimes and the cost of keeping criminals with life sentences.

In the body section, there should be a minimum of three paragraphs for your essay, but it can go on as long as necessary. If you got longer assignment or you have more to say on the subject area then add a new paragraph for each topic. Keep in mind that the body section of your essay is a place where you will make your arguments and provide proof for them, one at a time.


The final part of the death penalty essay is to wrap up the essay with a concluding paragraph where you will cover all of the points that will recap everything you have said in the death penalty essay. In other words, you need to reword your thesis statement and have to give a closing statement. The conclusion should be relatively short, not more than four or five sentences long.

Wrapping up

Once you are finished with writing you need to go back and proofread before handing it over to the professor. The death penalty essay is the one that tends to stimulate strong emotions, so prepare yourself no matter which side you are arguing for in your persuasive essay.
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