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3 quality ways and tips to Get social media leads
12:38 on 25.1.2021

3 quality ways and tips to Get social media leads

If you want to increase the leads of your business, you need to apply these rules for your marketing strategy in the different social networks:

1.- Create ads on social networks where your audience is present

Capturing social media leads with ads is one of the best techniques you can use to get potential customers. Of course, first you need to know the social network your target audience is in .

For each platform there are some tools to create these campaigns:

Facebook Lead Ads : Thanks to these ads you will get many conversions , as it is a platform that allows you to subscribe immediately. From your page you will have the possibility to download the data of all your leads, in order to import them into your CRM or your email marketing tools.

Twitter Lead Generation Card : Twitter Ads will offer you this tool so that you can easily generate leads. You just have to create a Twitter Card that has the “ Lead Generation “ option. You can't forget to add your landing address with your offer.

Instagram Lead Ads: Its use is very similar to that of Facebook Lead Ads, only Instagram works mainly with the participation of many influencers who carry out different types of video campaigns, so these ads will be a good alternative.

LinkedIn Lead Gen Form: with this tool, you can acquire leads through the use of forms, which contain data that the platform itself will provide. It will be a good way to access the information of your potential customers and will help you create personalized campaigns. formation of your potential customers and will help you create personalized campaigns.

2.- Join the conversations

Social networks have become a space to interact. If you want your brand image to be improved to acquire leads, a recommendation is to be fully active in all those networks where you have a presence.

Always reply to all comments from your followers, no matter if they are positive or negative. This way, your users will feel they are being cared for and that you appreciate them.

You must respond to negative comments, but you must do so with great respect and education. It doesn't matter if the user is right or wrong. You must offer him an alternative or solution to his problem.

3.- Make good use of groups on social networks

The networks that stand out the most for having groups of any topic are Facebook and LinkedIn. They are useful conversation spaces to connect with your audience and acquire contacts on social networks.

In these groups, you can share the articles you have on your blog and many other things. It is important that every post you make has a personalized description and is directed at all members of the group.

4.- Take care of the content

Social media are fully alive spaces where updating of content is very important. That's why you need to create content that is interesting and that seeks to grab the attention of your users.

A perfect way to acquire leads is to constantly share quality content. But don't forget to adapt the format to the requests that each social network asks of you.

5.- Choose the networks in which your audience is located

When you want to acquire leads, you should have a presence on the social networks where your target audience is located. This way, you can work with an audience that feels a genuine interest in your products or services.


You already know everything you can do to acquire leads on social networks, you just have to follow these tips. To help you make all this possible, in EWS Net Pvt. Ltd we put at your disposal a Social Ads performance platform, don't miss the opportunity to try it!

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