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Cheap Computer Charger for CLEVO ADP-150VB Power Supply Online-Purchasing
07:11 on 14.1.2020

Check the compatibility and replacement models for CLEVO ADP-150VB portable Laptop Charger. Order CLEVO Z7M-SL7 D2 Z7M-i78172D1 Laptop power Charger online at the best price. Max-performance & Min Consumption!

Replacement Cheap Price CLEVO ADP-150VB Laptop power Charger

CLEVO ADP-150VB adapter

Product Details of CLEVO ADP-150VB Laptop power Supply

Brand: CLEVO

Input Volt: 100-240V~2.7A 50-60Hz (for worldwide use)

Output Volt: 19.5V 7.7A, 150W

Part Numbers Of CLEVO ADP-150VB Computer Charger

A12-150P1A ADP-150VB B S93-0404250-D04

Fit Models Of CLEVO ADP-150VB portable Laptop Charger:

CLEVO Z7M-SL7 D2 Z7M-i78172D1

Features of ordering CLEVO ADP-150VB Laptop power Charger

1. NZ-Online, UPS / DHL / USPS multi-party cooperation, fast delivery.

2. Efficient and stable electronic components, high quality, rest assured!

3. Trustworthy shipping costs and standards.

4. Thoughtful offers and discounts (35% OFF).

5. 1-year warranty, 30-days money-back.

6. UL / CE / RoHS / ISO 9001 and other multi-party safety and quality certifications.

7. Dedicated power supply for CLEVO Z7M-SL7 D2 Z7M-i78172D1, the reference picture is exactly the same as the real thing.

8. More questions & answers to view.

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How to maintain and use CLEVO ADP-150VB portable Laptop Charger correctly

1. You should create a good cooling environment.

When using the in a high temperature environment, place the CLEVO ADP-150VB Laptop power Charger in a place that is not exposed to direct sunlight and ventilation; do not place the power adapter near the cooling air outlet of the notebook; at the same time, we can put the adapter on the side to make the heat better distributed.

2. If the voltage is unstable, it needs to be stopped in time.

Although the CLEVO ADP-150VB Laptop power Supply is a wide-band operating voltage, it can be marked from 100V to 240V, but if it is used under extremely unstable voltage, it will also cause serious heat or damage to the power adapter. If you need to temporarily borrow power from other brands, try to choose an adapter with the same or larger output current.

3. If an abnormality occurs, stop using it in time.

When you are not using the CLEVO ADP-150VB Computer Charger, unplug the power cord. Prolonged power-up will keep the adapter working and will affect the end of life. When the power adapter emits large working noise or even smoke, it is often damaged or has a fault. It should be stopped immediately and can be used again after being repaired by professional engineers.

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