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Buy battery LIW38250C 2500mAh/9.5WH for Hisense cellphone
08:42 on 23.8.2019

Shopping Hisense LIW38250C Battery 3.8V 2500mAh/9.5WH at You could get a brand new 100% and compatible with battery for Hisense cellphone. Fast shipping!. 1-year warranty, 30-day money-back guarantee. 

Hisense LIW38250C 2500mAh/9.5WH 3.8V cell phone battery

Hisense LIW38250C battery

    Product details:
  • Brand: Hisense LIW38250C Cell phone batteries

  • Type: Li-ion battery

  • Voltage: 3.8V

  • Capacity: 2500mAh/9.5WH

Replace the following batteries:


Compatible with the following models:

Hisense cellphoneCharge limit voltage:4.35V

The correct charging method for the phone

How is the battery life counted?

The most accurate definition of battery life is the number of cycles of charging that determines battery life. The calculation method of the number of loops must be understood by many friends. In fact, it is a cycle of cumulative full charge + cumulative full discharge. For example, if your mobile phone is 5000mAH, then every accumulated charge to 5000mAH is a complete charging process. When the charging is 500mAH, then a total of 10 such charges are required to be a full charging procedure. The same is true for the discharge. The actual situation is that you have to cycle once after multiple charge and discharge operations.

The average number of cell phone cycles is about 500, which is actually quite durable. When the phone runs out of cycles, it means that your battery has only 80% of the previous capacity, and the subsequent charging process will consume battery capacity faster, but the battery operation is still normal. You only need to consider replacing the battery or the phone when there is a real reduction in battery life or a shutdown.

Mobile phone battery is used up and refilled?

When the battery is used up and refilled, it can be regarded as a historical problem. The commonly used nickel-cadmium rechargeable battery has a "memory effect". If you don't use up the battery, the battery will mistakenly think that this battery is completely exhausted. The operation is likely to make the remaining power not continue to be used. This is caused by the nature of the battery material and should indeed be fully recharged with optoelectronics.

However, the current mobile phone battery is a lithium battery, and the material itself does not have a memory effect, and there is no need to follow the charging method of the old battery. On the contrary, the most feared lithium battery is to use up the battery, the damage to the battery itself is great, so the best way is to reverse, try not to use the battery too low to charge, do not pity the battery, about 50% can Charging, with the charge is a better charging posture.

Is it good to play while charging?

From a technical point of view, during charging, the charging and discharging are performed separately. The external circuit will supply power to the mobile phone. It is not just the battery power, so playing with it will not directly lead to a reduction in the life of the mobile phone. What really affects the battery life of the mobile phone is the battery operating environment. The charging of the mobile phone itself will bring heat. At this time, if the user is running a large program at the same time, the heat will be greatly increased, and the high amount of heat will also accelerate the battery consumption.

Can I charge for a long time?

From a technical point of view, after the current mobile phone is fully charged, the charging circuit will be automatically cut off. Although the mobile phone is still in the charging mode, the actual power is not charged, and the power supply of the mobile phone will switch to the external circuit without using the battery power. Only when the phone's power consumption reaches the specified value will it start charging again. In this case, the battery consumption is very slow. The normal battery will not activate the charging again all night, so it is no unnecessary to worry about charging all night. If the battery consumption of the mobile phone is serious, or the quality of the mobile phone is faulty, the charging may enter the overcharge state for a long time, which will greatly damage the battery life. If the battery is deformed or burned, the battery may not be damaged. If you have a good mobile phone, don't charge it for a long time.

Why you buy a LIW38250C battery in our store

1. LIW38250C battery will be tested repeatedly before leaving the factory to ensure that it is compatible with the original model and finally packaged.

2. We are committed to providing quality services. All replace batteries, adapters and other electronic products have quality assurance and discount up to 35%.

3. All products are 1-year warranty and 30-days money-back guarantee.

4. All products are acknowledged by CE.

5. Here you can enjoy more services and experiences, happy shopping and happy life! 

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