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Wargames in Classic WoW
05:47 on 26.8.2020

balbIn a recent player discovery by Twitch streamer Yesmasterx, Classic WoW fully supports wargames in Warsong Gulch, Arathi Basin, and even Alterac Valley. The feature even supports Horde versus Horde and Alliance versus Alliance wargames. Back in February, the idea of wargames and spectator functionality was speculated to be a feature added to WoW, based on the PTR update. New global strings were added to the game such as "BINDING_NAME_COMMENTATORFOLLOW_1_15", which are similar to strings used in the Arena spectator mode for Retail's Arena tournaments.To get more news about Classic Wow, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

As of the time of this article being written, Blizzard hasn't made a Blue post mentioning Wargame functionality in Classic WoW at all. Many prominent Classic WoW community figures are already looking to host Warsong Gulch tournaments, most notably Method streamer
How to create a Wargame with spectators
1. Three groups need to be formed, with a minimum of 5 for Warsong Gulch. Each group's faction does not matter. The third group is the spectator group. The spectator group doesn't require a group for the functionality to work, a single spectator can join, if they wish.

  1. All group leaders need to have each other on Friends list.

  2. The leader of the spectator group will use the command /invitespectatormatch [group1 ID] [group2 ID] 0 warsong to send a challenge to both groups. For example, if you were trying to setup a spectator match between myself and yesmasterx, you would type "/invitespectatormatch rokman yesmaster 0 warsong" to invite both groups to join your match. Spectators can not be added to a match once it has started.

  3. All three groups should receive a queue that pops almost instantly and then you are in the match!

  4. Players in the spectator group will gain access to a new keybind panel called "Commentator", allowing them to setup keybinds for camera settings.

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