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Wallace touts use of LED lights
14:57 on 25.8.2020

In his new role as village administrator, Mike Wallace is looking for ways to improve Bellaire while sticking to a budget - and saving on utility bills may be one way to do that.During a recent Village Council meeting, Wallace pitched an idea that he believes could save the village potentially thousands of dollars on its electric bill each month.To get more news about led headlight kits, you can visit iengniek official website.

He said the village may want to switch to LED lights on its utility poles and in its buildings. He is looking into the matter with American Electric Power.

While he was serving on the Bellaire Local Schools Board of Education, Wallace said, the district switched its lights over to LEDs and, as a result, saved a lot of money.

"I put a call into AEP about lighting changes. ... When I was on the school board we did a lighting program through the whole school district. Inside the buildings, outside the buildings. It cut the electric bill $75,000 per year," he said.Wallace said he is hoping to talk with someone from AEP about an LED program, including what it might cost the village.

"Southpoint Electric did 26th Street and they are very bright and noticeable. There is still some more to be done," Wallace noted.

Back in 2015, the city of Martins Ferry embarked on a program to install LED lights on its poles and inside of its buildings. The city invested an initial $316,000 into the program.

In addition to saving on its monthly bill, it was estimated at that time that Martins Ferry would receive rebates of $37,000 from AEP for installing the new lights. The city also was expected to garner $10,000 to $15,000 from the sale of scrap once the old equipment was removed. City officials also anticipated the city using 50 percent to 75 percent less electricity annually because of the energy-saving bulbs.

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