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Top News in Chinese Tissue Paper Industry
05:41 on 25.8.2020
Top News in Chinese Tissue Paper Industry

In 2019, the Chinese tissue and dispersible paper market continued to grow, but it also faced periodical overcapacity and fierce market competition. New investment projects were centered on production expansion of leading enterprises and equipment upgrades at existing small and medium enterprises, which further improved the industrial concentration degree and overall equipment level.To get more news about china industry research, you can visit official website.

The periodic overcapacity and severe environmental requirements exerted more operating pressure on small and medium enterprises. Relying on the sharp decline of market pulp price and their scale benefit, leading enterprises effectively increased the gross margin through effective measures such as energy conservation and consumption reduction, enhancement of new sales channels (including e-commerce) construction, optimization of product structure, and launch of new products with high added-value.
The white paper fully showed the efforts and achievements of the Chinese papermaking industry in sustainable development to the society for the first time. It is of great significance for all sectors of society to fully understand the development of the papermaking industry and eliminate some misunderstandings on the industry.

Leading enterprises continued to expand capacity, while the small and medium enterprises continued equipment upgrading. The tissue machines newly put into operation in 2019 were dominated by the new crescent or vacuum cylinder tissue machines. The leading enterprises mainly chose imported tissue machines for their new projects. But they also began to choose tissue machines provided by domestic manufactures. The small and medium enterprises continued equipment upgrading and mainly chose homemade tissue machines.

The enterprises in the Baoding tissue paper base in northern China almost eliminated all the backward tissue machines with high energy consumption and low efficiency, while upgrading equipment and putting new tissue machines into operation.
In 2019, Sichuan Yibin Paper launched two A.Celli tissue machines with a capacity of 25,000 tons per year. More than 70 sets of medium and high speed homemade tissue machines were put into operation by enterprises such as Vanov, Fengsheng, Yusen, Golden Doctor, Xuesong and Chengxin. The equipment suppliers mainly included Foshan Baotuo, Shandong Xinhe, Shaanxi Bingzhi, Shanghai Qingliang, Guizhou Hengruichen, Zhucheng Dazheng, Xian Weiya, Mianyang Mutual Success, Tianjin Tianqing, Jiangxi OK, Baoding Weituo, etc. Almost 30 sets were provided to the tissue paper manufacturers in Baoding Hebei.
Jiangyin Dingchang Paper Machinery Co., Ltd. rebuilt four new crescent tissue machines for Pengzhou R Paper. Fangyuan Zhonghe and Tralin Group signed the rebuilding contract for one wheat straw pulp tissue machine in August 2019. The new crescent tissue machine which was rebuilt from the old tissue machine was put into operation in October 2019. Tralin planned to rebuild the remaining 16 tissue machines into new crescent tissue machines.

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