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Recruit a Friend Program In Wow Classic To Obtain Unique Rewards
08:12 on 19.8.2020
Recruit a Friend Program In Wow Classic To Obtain Unique RewardsWould you feel lonely when playing the game alone, especially in such a fun game like World of Warcraft Classic, and now you have an opportunity to recruit your friends to the fantastic adventures in Azeroth and obtain unique rewards.To get more news about Buy WoW Items, you can visit lootwowgold news official website.You can recruit a friend and teleport to each other with Friend-to-Friend Summoning once every 30 minutes and they both can get 50% extra experience.You are allowed to recruit and link up to 10 friends, and as their game time increase, you will get other unique rewards. The longer game time added, the more rewards you can get, such as mounts and pets. From the first month to the eleventh month, the more friends you recruit, the faster you could earn the rewards, and the game time of multiple friends can be stacked during the time.Another separate topic related to World of Warcraft Classic is the upcoming expansion, Battlegrounds, which was set to release on Tuesday, December 10, introducing the competitive multiplayer maps within the WOW universe, and the players can improve their PVP rank through completing various competitive matches. With Battlegrounds, it is not easy to kill the enemies. Players are required to defeat constantly other players and NPCs in order to improve their PVP rankings and camp high-traffic questing areas.That's tomorrow, as long as you log in to WOW Classic, and then enter Battlegrounds according to the instruction of the game system, pair with other players randomly to fight side by side.During the event, you are required to complete not less than four random ones among a dozen Battlegrounds and then obtain rewards with 5 Marks of Honor and a Radiant Azerite Core token. If you want to get some extra Honor along with bonus loot via them for a long time.
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