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50+ Linking Words To Use In Academic Writing
06:25 on 29.1.2020

In academic writing, it is a common practice followed by students to make use of long words and phrases. Many students believe that this is what academic writing is all about. Often, they think that this type of writing is about using long and complicated words. For this reason, many students believe that the longer the word and sentence, the more interesting their writing will be. We often see papers where long words and phrases can easily be replaced by shorter and simpler words. 

Some students even use the thesaurus function of the Microsoft word program to replace common words with longer and more complicated words. This is quite risky because chances are that the new word might not carry the same meaning as the original one. This can result in changing the whole meaning and purpose of your writing. Your writing should be clear and concise throughout and you can only achieve this by using the right words to convey your message. Using complex and uncommon words can make your paper difficult to comprehend and distracts the reader from your main ideas. All you have to do is contact a legitimate writing service to take care of your academic writing assignments. It is always a better option to get help from an essay writer when you are out of ideas or unable to write your paper due to any reason. 


To overcome this, transition or linking words are a great way to maintain flow and clarify your views. It will help you show the reader what to expect from certain sentences and paragraphs. These words structure the whole writing and organize all the ideas in a way that can easily be understood by the reader. For your convenience, here you can find a handy list of transition words that are useful for academic language. 

Transition words that describe similarities:

  1. Likewise
  2. In the same way
  3. Correspondingly
  4. Equally
  5. Not only… but also
  6. Similarly

Transition words that show cause and effect:

  1. Consequently
  2. As a result
  3. Thus
  4. This suggests that
  5. It follows that
  6. Hence 
  7. Since 
  8. Because
  9. Therefore
  10. Accordingly
  11. For this reason

Transition words that compare and contrast:

  1. Alternatively
  2. However
  3. Yet
  4. Conversely
  5. On the other hand
  6. Instead
  7. On the contrary

Transition words that show contradictions:

  1. Despite/in spite of
  2. Nevertheless
  3. Nonetheless
  4. Although
  5. While (not whilst!)
  6. Even so
  7. On the contrary
  8. Admittedly

Transition words that show emphasis:

  1. To illustrate
  2. To clarify
  3. Further (not ‘furthermore’)
  4. First, second and third 
  5. In fact
  6. For instance
  7. Moreover
  8. Typically
  9. Especially
  10. Namely
  11. In addition

Transition words used for concluding:

  1. To summarise
  2. It can be concluded that
  3. Finally
  4. After all
  5. As can be seen
  6. Ultimately
  7. Given the above
  8. As described
  9. In fact
  10. In summary
  11. In conclusion
  12. Overall

Choose from the above list and incorporate these words into your own writing to create flow and make the section logical and clearer to the readers. However, if you are still not sure and in need of professional help, keep in mind that there are many websites that write papers for you for free.


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