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NBA 2K20 announcement will likely come in the near future
10:12 on 5.6.2019
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We don’t know a ton about NBA 2K20 just yet, but a few things have been confirmed well ahead of the game highly anticipated arrival. Visual Dynamics made an assortment of tweaks to the game last year and you can expect the developer to build on that foundation. We expect an official NBA 2K20 announcement in the near future with pre-orders for all platforms starting soon after.

This is a smart hire for 2K for apparent reasons. R4zor could help to improve the visual fidelity of a game that is already beautiful in most aspects. In addition to that, it is also a good look for 2K's brand and reputation within the community. R4zor work had begun to get some recognition from astute gamers as the images of his mods spread via Twitter and his YouTube channel.

For now, fans can only wait until E3 2019 to find out if 2K really has news about the next NBA 2K20 entry. If you have played some street games in MyPark, chances are you have come across the mad dribbler who strings crossover after crossover hoping to trigger the ankle breaker badge and leave your defender crippled. The worst part is you can be in the right position, anticipating the direction they are moving in, and still succumb to the move. I believe strongly in rewarding strong handling when the dribbler works defenders out of position, but that last point is key. If a player is keyed in on D, they should not be as susceptible to the move.

NBA 2K20 announcement will likely come in the near future. EA recently announced Madden 20 and you can expect the NBA 2K20 announcement to come by the end of June with pre-orders starting right after the reveal. While the NBA 2K series has had some rough points along the way, part of the reason it has been so successful is that 2K employs people from its community who are passionate about the game. Bringing in R4zor seems like just another example of that winning approach.

NBA 2K20 Visual Concepts has a strong track record of adjusting its gameplay to reflect the trends of the modern NBA. Some of the star players need behavioral modifiers next year to keep with the times. Limitless range bombers like Steph Curry and Damian Lillard should punish slack defense by throwing up 30-footers when they find an opening. James Harden should be attacking defenders to draw contact and get to the foul line as he does in real life.
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