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Dota 2 Auto Chess is becoming one of the hottest games at the moment
05:37 on 3.4.2019
Dota 2 Auto Chess is becoming one of the hottest games at the moment, and it’s not actually even its own game. Let me share the recently very popular strategies first and then some tips on how to get there. And it has always been this way. Either you learn very fast or you fall behind. Welcome to Dota 2 Auto Chess. This game can be very complicated to new players. Once the preparation phase timer has run out your hero will automatically battle some creeps. Once a battle has started you are powerless until it is over, with the AI taking care of all fighting.  It’s important to note that you’re notdirectly fighting against other players. I don’t know who the patient zero was, but suddenly the new frenzy among Hearthstone streamers is the relatively new DOTA 2 Custom Game, DOTA 2 Auto Chess.

Copies of each player’s lineup are distributed amongst the eight islands at random. If an enemy shadow army defeats your lineup, your courier takes damage. As each round goes on you will earn more gold, which can be used to buy more heroes, eventually creating a mini army of DOTA 2 Auto Chess heroes on your side of the board. Even though Valve updated the game over the years to be user friendly it still is one of the most complicated games even for the players that have been playing for years. But if you are concerned about improving your gameplay that means you don't have any catching up to do, you are updated, you know the basics and now you are stuck. It's actually a custom map for DOTA 2 Auto Chess, but with over six million players to date, that hasn't stopped anyone from getting in on the strategic action, and it's still growing.

Match mode is a private lobby of Dota 2 Auto Chess with up to 8 participants. Each cup has up to 64 participants and is played in four rounds. There are rounds and rounds of battles. Starting round ten, every fifth round is another wave of creeps, which occasionally drop an item upon being killed, those items can further enhance your strongest units.  Soon you will start to battle other players and the heroes they have purchased and placed on the board. Because learning something new in this game is never a bad idea. Dota 2 Auto Chess evolves with every update and every update changes the game a little. A lot of my friends are in the same situation where they are stuck in the same MMR bracket for years and they don't really know what to do to get out of their bracket. There's plenty of buzz for the custom map, and you've probably seen it played on streams, or heard friends talk about it. It’s a strategy game set on an 8x8 grid that utilizes Dota 2 Auto Chess combat mechanics to determine victory.

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