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charcoal hard wheels
10:58 on 5.11.2019
inn luggage cart

We are a professional manufacturer which specializing in the production of high-grade motel luggage carts. We are dedicated to providing high quality professional products for hotels. Since the luggage carts series is among our best selling products and solutions, we constantly improve product or service quality and develop new products to meet different needs of the actual hotels.

We just launched an innovative chassis for the resort luggage cart, this may be a surface made of bamboo material. This new vinyl deck chassis comes into play all our luggage cart models; the difference is the fact that we replace the regular carpet surface when using the vinyl deck surface. To flourish vinyl deck surface are easy to unclutter and durable. This type of material is used commonly at your home floor adornment; it is usually waterproof and dustproof, clean easily, and very long-lasting also. In additional, when compared to conventional carpet chassis, this vinyl deck framework has more colors and patterns to pick from and is also extremely beautiful.

And we also launched a different luggage cart, it is often a square tube luggage carry, the style is not the same as the normal round tv luggage cart. We have many kinds and sizes of luggage cart to your choice. At present we've found more than 10 different types of luggage carts. Not merely the luxury large dimension luggage cart with 4 wheels, but also the compact size luggage cart  with solely two wheels. They can meet various usage and requirements connected with hotels. Customers can pick out the style which they like.

As for some of our luggage carts, we choose the higher quality material stainless steel 304,  the conduit size is 50mm, and the tube thickness is JUST ONE. 0mm. We have the improved quality than other suppliers on the market, because many other factories usually use 38mm pipe size, the tube width is 0. 6mm and material is s / s 201. As for floor treatment, that can end up being polished, brushed, titanium antique watches and black finished. For wheels there are also 4 options because black pneumatic wheels, charcoal hard wheels, grey hard wheels along with chrome pneumatic wheels in dimensions 8 inches.

We also provide better quality in components and production process. Other manufacturers are utilizing black iron screws, which could be easy to rust after reasonable length of time or the wet environment, causing the difficulties with installation or disassembly. We use galvanized screw to forestall rust effectively. And we are advanced in welding engineering, after polishing there is no welding marks. hotel luggage cart
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