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Compared to red lasers
02:41 on 14.12.2018
532nm of green laser crystals could be very difficult to handle. You need a sottering device for your laser modes. Remove removal of laser pointers and power source or batteries. If the crystal shed is the type that can be removed, you can change the device. Or, any attempt to work on the system will harm it. This is often due to high alcohol that should be left in their strong states. If you try to change, put the shed to be scattered. In this case, you will need an expert to achieve the modes of change.For a moving diode, find the green laser diode round. It looks like a flat pinhead and looks like laser DVD / CD eyes. After spending safety goggles, heat up the sottering device. Then, use it to heat the diode crystal so that the rounded shape crystal is clearly visible and damaged from the original form to become a common oxygen diode. Then, return again the change, the batteries and the clan chief.
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