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Simplest way is to look for everything that drops
08:36 on 14.2.2019

Maple are still planning to proceed forward with the reimbursement for the change in the Leaf exchange rate MS2 Mesos.The implementation of the compensation wasn't tied to the maintenance that was finished earlier today. There's a chance, however, that there may be a minor delay in the change taking effect as we're focused on fixing the connectivity issues which have been impacting MapleStory. When Maple have an update on the execution program Maple will let you know immediately.

Easy-to-implement ways to make additional maplestory2 coins

You absolutely must make maplestory2 coins more obtainable, and"the near future" had better be tomorrow's maintenance.As things stand right now, the increased limit provides a massive benefit to botters. Legitimate players can't realistically make over 3000 maplestory2 coins throughout the function.

Here are a few procedures that I believe ought to be very easy to implement, even in time for tomorrow.Existing resources: Boxes: Increase the limitation of coins per day out of boxes. Also increase the possibilities of getting coins, or the number of coins per box (to prevent botters from having an edge over legits by being able to farm more boxes). Festival: Increase the limit of items obtainable per shower. Or raise the frequency of showers. Quests: Increase the amount of coins given by quests (Scholarly Shroom, Developer Letters, etc). Remember to provide the excess maplestory2 coins to folks who have already completed the quests.

Bosses: Make bosses shed 10th Anniversary Coins. Simplest way is to look for everything that drops Crusader Coins, and make it drop the identical number of 10th Anniversary Coins. Alternatively, have NPC Worena award 10th Anniversary Coins as well as the maplestory2 Reward Points for boss kills that she gives.

Monster Park: Create 10th Anniversary Coins drop along with, or instead of, Monster Park Commemorative maplestory2 Coins.Make every coin count for more: Event Shop: Reduce prices. I know you said you won't, however raising the supply of coins is equal to decreasing the requirement for them. And doubling all costs in half would be easy to implement. Remember to Buy Maplestory2 Mesos refund coins for folks who've already purchased goods from the store.

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