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Why Is React Native So Famous?
08:08 on 26.3.2020
In this technology-driven world, mobile app developers are continually searching for improvement cycles, better time management, better application execution and more satisfactory user experience. There is no better cross-platform framework for mobile app development than React Native.

What is React Native? Is it really a combination of ReactJS and Native?

React Native is an open-source framework for mobile application development in addition to web application development as well. It was released by Facebook in March 2015. React Native is one of the widely used cross-platform mobile application development frameworks. It is used for Android, iOS, Web and UWP(Universal Windows Platform). React Native is ReactJS with Native platform capabilities. React Native App Development is inspired by React, so the basic idea of the information flow is similar to it. It is easy to call Native functions from React Native (Native modules). Native modules are built-in Objective-C classes that are available in JavaScript. One instance of each module is created as per JavaScript Bridge. They can export optional functions and constants to React Native. The design of a React Native component depends on Native. One of the most surprising things about React Native is that it's "actually" Native. Other JavaScript-for-mobile frameworks wrap your JavaScript code in a glorified web view. They might re-implement some Native UI behaviour, like the animations, but you still write a web app.

Why React Native is Popular?

As React Native being one of the first cross-platform frameworks with lots of Native components and React.js features. There are a number of other reasons as well.

Both iOS and Android secured

The main motto of Facebook to develop React Native is to support iOS only. But later on, as Android became more famous and being used not only in mobile devices but as in TVs sol React Native added Android libraries and APIs as well. React Native is being used for both Android and iOS applications. That too with “write once, run anywhere approach”.

Versatile Javascript System

As React Native is built with Native components, React.js and JavaScript React Native is one of the most versatile JavaScript frameworks. It allows any front-end web designer to be a portable engineer on the spot. There is no need for mobile app developers to be familiar with Swift or Java or Kotlin because knowing JavaScript, some local UI components, stage APIs, are all needed for React Native.

Native Components

React Native is all about speedy web application development and mobile app development. As, React Native comprises the majority of the features of React.js better application execution is granted, and it has Native components as well designing with the templates is also less-complicated.

Faster developing

React Native allows mobile app developers to develop applications faster with various ready-to-use components. React Native is updating every now and then, that means most of the required solutions will be available soon.

One Framework for Multiple Platforms

React Native facilitates copying of the code between different platforms.
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ankit86 - 08:31 on 3.12.2020  [ Nachricht ]
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