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Internet Explorer uses the AOL Certification technology for security purposes. These certification techniques help the user to avoid malicious and unsafe websites. There may be some issue in the setup, and because of these websites of AOL may be shown as Untrustworthy and Malicious. If you are facing any issue, then your browser can use the benefits of the AOL certification.If you want to resolve this issue by-yourself then you can use these three tricks:By Adjusting the Time and Date in The Device.Configuration Issue in Proxy Server.By Disabling the Revocation of server Certificate.So if you wish to remove this glitch from your device, you have to follow these steps:1. By Adjusting the Time and Date in The DeviceThe error in the AOL Certification can be caused due to expired products, even when the Date and Time of your device are incorrect (date beyond the expiration date of the AOL Certificate.)To adjust the Time and Date, you have to follow these steps:Find the section where the date and time are displayed. Right, click on it.Tap on the Adjust Date/Time option among the others.If you want that it detects the right Time and Date, then you have to enable the option “Set Time Automatically” by clicking on the toggle button.You can set the automatic detection of the time zone by clicking on the toggle button in front of ” Set Time Zone Automatically.”Otherwise, set both manually, for that you have to make sure that the toggle buttons are turned off.Tap on “Change” to set both time/date and time zone.Then set date and time as per your requirement.2. Configuration Issue in Proxy ServerSometimes glitches in the Proxy Servers can lead you to the error message. This issue can be pretty annoying. So if you see the error message on the AOL website, you should check the configuration of the Proxy servers.To do that you have to follow these steps:Open Internet Explorer.Click on Menu Bar’s “Tool” option.Tap on the “Internet Options” in the list of Tools.Go to “Connections,” then pick your internet provider.Tap on the “Settings” by which you can reach out to the configuration page of that proxy connection.Uncheck the box of “Automatically detect Settings,” which can be located under “Automatic Configuration.”Tap on the option ” Use a Proxy Server for this Connection.”Manually provide the proxy setting.Now click on the Save button to save the changes done by you.Double click on OK button will exit the setting page.After this, exit from the Internet Explorer, and Re-launch it, and check the issue is resolved or not.3. By Disabling the Revocation of server CertificateOpen Internet Explorer.Go to “Connections,” then pick your internet provider.Tap on the tab “Advanced.”Go to the section “Security.”Uncheck the box of “Check For Server Certification Revocation” (if it is unchecked from before then do nothing here).Now click on the Save button to save the changes done by you.Double click on OK button will exit the setting page.AOL suggests that users should use the browsers that support AOL services. Browers that support AOL are Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge.Source :
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GTA Online is a game in GTA Series created and distributed by Rockstar launched back in 2013. Here players have many options in the to-do list alongside many options in buying the stuff too if you have enough of the cash (in the game, but in real life too.) So you have to earn sufficient money by completing the task and winning races. But these task and races have a fixed amount of earning, which can’t be enough if you want to buy some supercars. There is an option to earn $2 million in the game for free.The most popular game in the series is GTA 5, and keep gaining popularity over time while all this time the creator keep fixing the bugs and adding some more contents in the game to keep the game interesting. In December 2019, Rockstar announced the opening of Diamond Resort and Casino DLC, which made the record of maximum activity over the month ever in terms of the YouTube views and Player Count.After achieving that milestone, Rockstar is distributing the free virtual money to every player in the game. This celebration of free money is for a fixed period, starting from the 30 January to the 5th of February 2020. In this period, players will get the 1 million only for logging in, and for extra 1 million will be distributed between 6th to 12th February (only for logging in). This will make the total amount of free cash 2 million.This free stuff is not only for GTA but also for the Red Dead Online (another online game version created by Rockstar.) So players of RDO also can have the free weapons and licenses in their gaming account just by logging in (reason remains the same ROD also records highest player engagement in December). The distribution method is divided into two-stage. In the first stage, players will get free weapons and many bullets, which will last for a week. While on the second stage, which is one week long to, players will get the arrows, bounty hunter license, and bolas.Rockstar’s spokesperson said that the company is thankful for the fan base of the games, who helped the company and gave them the freedom to explore the virtual world. Rockstars wanted to thank its fan of the games covering the whole world, by giving the freebie in the game. While adding to the announcement, he said that the company is planning the update of the game GTA for an extended period. So players can expect a new version of the game in the year 2020 or 2021. This update is definitely a piece of good news for the players. So there are very few chances that they are going to leave this series, but this news can be a bad signal to all those players, who are waiting for the GTA 6.Source :
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Web Browsers allow us to access all our favorite websites and help us complete different tasks from time to time. The functionality of browsers has increased now, with the use of add-ons and extensions. You can not only check out a dedicated web page through a browser but can do a lot more things. If you don’t use extensions on the browser, you must discover the best ones for you and use them. Though, if you already have a set of extensions on your browser, you need to manage them accordingly. Let’s check out the process of discovering, installing, and managing extensions on different browsers.Finding and managing extensions on ChromeThere are thousands of extensions available in the Chrome Web Store to be used by Chrome users. Even they are categorized and feature user ratings. Here’s how you can find new extensions and manage the existing ones on Chrome:1. Launch the Chrome web browser and go to the Chrome Web Store first and foremost, for installing new extensions.2. From compatibility details to descriptions to reviews and more about extensions, everything that you desire to know is there for you. After going through all the available information, you can click the Add to Chrome option available in the top right section for installing.3. A pop-up window will be shown on the screen, which will let you know the permissions given to the selected extension by default. They can access your browsing history and also modify website data. Hence, read the information carefully before using the extension.4. If you have no issues, click the Add extension button. Otherwise, cancel the process by clicking the dedicated Cancel button.5. Some extensions are instantly available for use, after installation, while some ask you to reboot the browser for betterment.6. To see the list of installed extensions on Chrome, type “chrome://extensions” in the address bar and then hit the Enter or Return button.7. You can check the details of extensions, remove them, and even enable/disable them accordingly from here.Finding and managing extensions on FirefoxMozilla Firefox is one of the first web browsers that allowed users to use extensions earlier. Now, there are around half a million add-ons available overall. You can check out more via third-party outlets. Go through these steps to learn how to add and manage Firefox extensions:1. After opening the Firefox browser, go to the address bar, type in “about:addons” and press Enter or Return key.2. You will see the Personalize Your Firefox interface on the next screen. Several browser themes and extensions will be listed over there, and you can click on the “Add to Firefox” option to install the desired one.3. For searching more extensions, you can click the “Find more add-ons” that is there on the top section on the screen.4. Once you find the ideal extension for installing, click on the Add to Firefox option. A pop-up window will be shown on the screen, which will give the details of permissions required by the extension. If you are fine with the shown information, choose Add or click the Cancel button to leave.5. A few extensions let you use them right after installation while others ask you to restart the Firefox browser for using them correctly.Finding and managing extensions on EdgeYou can easily enhance the functionality of Microsoft Edge by adding the ideal extensions from the Microsoft Store. Here’s the process:1. You need to launch the Edge browser in your computer first and then head to the Menu section. You can get the drop-down menu by clicking the three-dotted icon and choose Extensions later on.2. All the installed extensions will appear along with an On/Off button. You can turn on or off extensions with the given button.3. For deleting any particular extension from Edge, click on the Uninstall button and keep following the instructions that you see on the screen.4. If you want to download and install the desired extension from the suggestion list, click the Get button.5. To see more exciting extensions, click on the Explore more extensions option.6. You can easily download and install the extension by clicking the Get button only if it is free. The paid extensions will have the Buy or Add to cart option with them, for using.Finding and managing extensions on SafariSafari comes as the default Mac browser and boasts plenty of great extensions in the App Store. Follow the below-given process:1. Go to the Safari browser icon and launch the browser from there.2. Now, find the Safari option on the top left section of the screen and click on it.3. You will see different options on the drop-down menu, choose Safari Extensions from there.4. Once you select the Safari Extensions option, you will be redirected to the App Store and variety of extensions will be showcased over there.5. If you want to use a free extension, click the dedicated GET button and then hit the Install option. For paid extensions, click on the price first and then BUY APP to purchase the desired extensions.6. The Apple ID needs to be authenticated in both the cases though.Source :
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The newest version of Microsoft Edge works on the Chromium open-source with an inbuilt spell checker to make sure the necessary mails, comments, or everything you insert on the web will be sent without spell error. A spell checker is accessible in various sustain languages; however, you may also configure Edge to check the spelling mistake words in several languages.Moreover, the dictionary is available that you can set up to avoid browser from marking specific terms as wrong. The spelling checker must be enabled by default and you can enable, check, and configure the browser through browsing settings. If you want to configure, then this post might be useful for you. Read the blog and follow the instructions to configure spell checker on Microsoft Edge.How to Enable Spell CheckerIf you want to enable spell checker, then you can follow the provided steps:Launch Microsoft Edge.Tap on the Settings and more option at the top-right.Select the Settings option.Press on Languages.Switch on the toggle of languages that you need Edge to check the spelling when you are typing below the Check spelling option.As you complete the procedure while writing the post, comment, or composing the mail, the new version of the Edge will check the spelling and mark them that type wrongly.How to Add Spell Checker LanguagesIf you want to add spell checker languages, then abide by the given instructions:Launch Microsoft Edge.Tap on the Settings and more option at the top-right.Select the Settings option.Press on Languages.Hit the Add languages option.Check the language pack.Tap on the Add option.Switch off the toggle for the different languages below the Check spelling menu.As you complete the process, Edge will verify spelling for configured language that you have read.How to Control the Spell Checker DictionaryThe latest Edge browser enables you to build the personalized dictionary to avoid marking specific words as wrong.Inserting Words to DictionaryFollow the offered steps to insert words to the dictionary:Launch Microsoft Edge.Tap on the Settings and more option at the top-right.Select the Settings option.Press on Languages.Hit the Add or remove words button.Identify the word spell that the Edge won’t mark it as a wrong spelled.Press the add option.You may also insert the latest content to a dictionary by right click on a word and choose to Add to the dictionary button.Deleting the Terms From DictionaryIn case you intend to delete the words from dictionary, then go through the below-mentioned steps:Launch Microsoft Edge.Tap on the Settings and more option at the top-right.Select the Settings option.Press on Languages.Hit the Add or Remove Words button.Tap on the X option beside the word to delete below Words that you have inserted section.As you finish the process, the browser will spot deleted words as wrong when you again type it.We are discussing on Windows 10. However, these steps must work for all kinds of browsers for macOS, Windows 7, Windows 8.x, and also for
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Batteries play a significant role in all the electronic components, and the statement is certainly true for Mac devices. However, their usage capacities are limited and they serve a limited service. Users need to charge it regularly, and thus after a certain time, its power and energy storage capacity may drop. In this case, you might need to replace it on your device. One can check the battery cycle of particular MacBook by its internal features.Here we, are going to provide how to check and analyze MacBooks’ battery health along with other versions of Mac:Checking MacBook’s Battery HealthThe battery running and backup time differs from one variant to another, for example, the power of MacBook Pro ends up to ten hours. On the other hand, if we talk about MacBook Air Models, then we will find that its power lasts up between 12 to 15 hours. Therefore, the health of your MacBook can be analyzed by the device itself.If you wish to prevent battery or device’s power failures, it is recommended to check your device, and it’s battery health properly. Mostly, users don’t keep track of their device’s battery and also the charging cycles. They don’t check and notice a slight drop-drown in the battery’s health.Follow these steps to check the battery’s performance and health:First of all, tap and hold the “Option” tab located on your keyboard.Then, hit the “Battery” symbol situated at the upper right-hand side section of your menu bar.Now, you will get all the information related to your MacBook’s performance and its battery health under the tab “Condition.”Here are some of the possible conditions with their description, that your device shows in various circumstances:Normal – If the device shows “Normal,” then it means that the battery’s health is fine and your device working properly.Replace Now – If such type of warning prompts in your Condition section, then you should replace your device’s battery as soon as possible to avoid various failures.Replace Soon – In this case, you should replace your battery very soon as a prolonged use with the same battery. It may lead to various risks to your device that may affect your device.Service Battery – This indicates that your battery is about to die completely and you should contact your nearest service center. They will guide you on what to do next.In case of Corrupted BatteryApple recommends its users to check battery’s conditions as the batteries of MacBooks need intense care. It may affect your device as well if you are using a corrupted one. The device warns you regularly about any issue founds in your device’s battery. Therefore, it is recommended to check your device manually at regular intervals to keep updated with your system’s progress and battery routine.For checking your device and battery improvements, you have to go through these steps:First and foremost, tap on the “Option” button.After that, navigate to the menu bar and look for the battery icon. You will get some important information regarding your battery. It will tell you if your device needs to replace the battery or not.Checking MacBook Battery Cycle CountIt is also recommended to check the counts of the battery cycle. It depends on how much you are using the battery by running your device. In case, you have charged your battery 100% and used 50% of its power and plug it again to charge. Then, it is counted half cycle. In the next run, if you again use 50% of its power, then it will be counted complete cycle.In Window-based laptops, there is no more information about your battery, such as cycle count, and other battery health-related information. On the other hand, if you are using Mac, you can check all the information related to your device’s battery.First of all, tap on the “Apple” symbol by navigating the Menu bar while tapping the “Option” button.Then, hit the option “System Information.”Now, select “Power” by navigating the left-hand side section related to the expanded window.After that, on the opened window, search for the information related to the battery cycle of your MacBook.Note: The battery life of your MacBook Pro and MacBook Air has some limitations. It can work up to 1000 battery cycles. You are allowed to use its 80% power until the end. It is advised to replace your battery before 1000 battery cycles.Source :
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Apple permits the users to remove the Stock application on their iPhone or iPad. In this article, you will get the menu list of all the Stock applications which you can delete. If you want to delete Stock apps on your iPhone or iPad, then go through the instructions mentioned below.Here’s how to delete stock apps on your iPhone or iPad· Update to iOS 121. Click on the Settings tab.2. If you want to remove stock applications from the iPhone, you have to upgrade the iPhone to iOS 12 first.3. You need to start the procedure by launching the Settings tab.4. It resembles a silver color gear.5. In case you are using the iPhone model less than the iPhone 5, then you can’t get iOS 12.6. It will launch the iPhone settings.7. Press on the General option.8. This procedure will launch the General settings tab.9. There you can change storage preferences, date and time settings, and Siri settings.10. Click on the Software Update option.11. It is located on the upper side of the display.12. After clicking on it, it will open the iOS 12 information.13. Go through the iOS 12 release notes.14. Click on the Learn Mode option.15. It is given at the end of the display.16. Click on the Download & Install option.17. Now, you need to type the passcode.18. Click on the Agree option.· Delete Stock Apps1. Start unlocking the iPhone.2. Press on the Home option.3. Otherwise, click on the sleep or wake key.4. Go to the right-hand side on the “slide to unlock” message.5. Type the passcode.6. Press on the Home screen.7. Keep pressing on the stock applications which you do not wish to.8. Press on the X button.9. It is located in the section of the application.10. You can remove any below-mentioned stock applications: CalendarContacts CompassCalculatorFind My Friends FaceTimeHomeiBooksiCloud DriveiTunes StoreMusicMailMapsNotesNewsPodcastsReminders.StocksVoice MemosVideosWeatherWatch application· Reinstall the Stock iPhone Applications1. Click on the App Store application.2. It will launch the App Store.3. You have to find the app name which you have removed.4. Click on the Search button.5. It is located on the right-hand side of the App Store.6. Type the application name which you have already removed.7. In case you have removed the iBooks application, enter the iBooks.8. Click on the Search option to go the next step.9. It will find the stock application.10. Find the application with the cloud symbol.11. Click on the iCloud symbol.12. This symbol is given near the application you have removed.Source :
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In this blog, we will teach you how you can disable and enable Todoist from your Outlook account. We will also discuss when disable and enable Todoist not work; you can reset your device. Here we discuss how to uninstall Todoist via Microsoft office. And separately from Outlook, and how you can disable Todoist on Apple Macbook and Windows.Removing Todoist from Microsoft OfficeHere are the steps on how to remove Todoist using Microsoft office:-Launch the Outlook application on your PC.Visit the File section.Please navigate to the option and tap on it.There you see Add-ins option that appears on the left of your screen.Select COM Add-Ins.Choose and tap on the Go option.Here a list appears on the screen the shown the list of Todoist add-in.If you wish to remove Todoist, tick to uncheck the box, to remove option.Now the tracking option appears tapping on OK option when you don’t want to do anything.Remove Todoist Separately From OutlookIf you wish to remove your mail separately from WordPress, and Firefox, then you need to start this given program. Search the option plug-in and remove although this is not a direct way to uninstalling any Todoist from your Outlook account. In this blog, we teach you how to settings up with easy steps via traditional methods.Here are steps on how to remove separately from Outlook:-In the additional method, you can switch off the Outlook program.Visit the Start and control tab.Tap on program and features.Tap on Uninstall icon that appears on your screen.You can also find it in the Windows search option.Windows Search option automatically uninstall it.After this process, you can reboot your computer.If can’t Todoist deleted by mistakes from your Outlook program, then you can’t recover for further use because Outlook has not a backup option.Remember that this is a proper way to execute the setting of Todoist.Remember that system restore setting is an excellent idea before uninstalling it.Disable Todoist in Macbook and WindowsHere are the steps on how to disable Todoist in Macbook and Windows:-Launch the Outlook application.Visit file option, then tap on Add-Ins.It will appear on your device with the help of the internet, with any web browser.Visit the Manage Add-Ins, and search Turned On option.Here you find a tick near Todoist.Uncheck the box, to can’t delete Todoist.But it is disabled until when you do not enable it.Whenever you want to disable tick the uptick box, and the similar wish to disable it into your phone application.If you can’t search Todoist, then tap on Find more add-ins from the Outlook link.The Easiest Solution is the Best OptionPeople always choose the easy option to solve their problems. Before starting any action like deleting, disabling and even restore your system, think it through. Most of the issue comes from incompatible software. If you are facing problem while deleting Todoist in the Outlook, then you can restart your device to fix this problem. This command will be running in the background of your device and still open it in Todoist.Source:
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If you have decided to purchase a webcam, you may think about it again as an iPhone is always there for that purpose. However, going for the worthy device will always be the better option if you have not decided to use it more often so that it does not end up lying somewhere in your cupboard. Using the iPhone as a webcam is a great method to go for a chat. It is also handy if the integrated camera of the laptop does not offer the comforting level of the video quality. If you need to know about it, then you are in the right post. Read through the blog and follow the instructions to use the iPhone as webcam.Converting iPhone Into WebcamIt does not require a lot of effort to convert the iPhone into a webcam. You have to download the app to the iPhone to connect it to the PC.If you want to convert iPhone into a webcam, then you can follow the provided steps:Ensure that both iPhone and PC are on a similar Wi-Fi network. According to the app, it may be sufficient to link them to the internet service that you are using.Install the app which converts the iPhone into a webcam.Install the app driver to the PC.Begin the webcam app on iPhone.Begin the chat app to the PC that uses a webcam, including Skype.Choose the iPhone as the source in the chat app webcam choice. It is so simple, and mostly you have to link the device to the PC with a cable.If you think that webcam application to use, then the most versatile apps are iCamSource or EpocCam pro mobile.EpoccamThe most famous webcam apps, EpocCam permits to use the rear and front cameras on iPhone. You can use several apps that use a camera, and it is accessible for both Android and iOS devices.To customize on the PC, navigate to the developer’s site and then download the drivers from the home page. There is also a paid version of the mobile app, which is dubbed like Pro. It allows you to advance video 640×480 to 1920×1080 HD resolution. It allows us to connect the iPhone to the PC via USB cable to permit better stable streaming. If you have a green screen for the broadcast, the Pro version will cover it all.iCamSource Pro MobileThis application can make the iPhone better than ordinary webcam including several extra features. The device camera and the microphone can also become a monitoring tool via iCamSource Pro Mobile. It may identify motion then begin recording video and audio automatically. You may configure the app via trigger to send a notification every time there is any motion in the field of view in iPhone which allows using the device as the baby monitor, security camera or pet cam. This app charges $4.99, and no version is accessible for free. However, there is another app available for you to install named as iCam Pro Webcam. It is for free or mixes with iCamSource Pro Mobile that allows to stream video or audio from iOS phone.No Webcam RequiredWhen you do not have a webcam, or you want to place the old iPhone in better use, then these apps can help. Though several apps offer a similar feature so ensure to check it out. You may begin with IP Cam, Presence, WebCamera, iVCam, and FaceTime.Emily Johnson is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cybersecurity. He writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs, and websitesSource:
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You can turn your Google Drive into a mess, with a little help of carelessness and probable laziness. It can become a hoarder of numerous files and documents, a mixture of things you need and junk you should delete. Here we are going to show how you can organize your messy Google Drive to fasten up your work.Organize the documents into foldersThe most standard way to organize your files is to gather them in their specific category folders. It could be for PDFs, images, videos, presentations, or projects. Just put them in a folder designated explicitly to them. To do so, you need to:Press the New button from the Drive homepage.Press on Folder option there.Name the folder and press Create.Drag the files directly there to move them.You can also right-click on them and then choose Move To.Go to the destination folder, click on it, and then select Move to transfer every file you selected.Name the FilesYou can differentiate the distinct folders and files by naming them accordingly. With some time passing, you may notice that it is taking your time to open every file to get to the desired file. It gets even worse if the files are Excel spreadsheets as they are more or less the exact copy of each other from the outside. To name the files accordingly, you need to:Right-click on the desired file or folder.Press Rename and give it a name of your choice.Tap on, OK, and you are good to go.You should be descriptive and specific when naming them as it will be easier for you to locate them next time.Delete the unnecessary onesAfter important files are moved to other folders or renamed distinctively, all you need to do is delete the unneeded leftovers. If you have done the earlier steps correctly, then the files remaining will all be unwanted ones and are just taking up space unnecessarily.Right-click on the desired files.Click Remove and you are done.Google Drive does not show the confirmation option, so be thorough when you are deleting something. You can click on undo if you deleted something you did not want to delete.If you missed the chance to hit undo then just go to the Bin in the menu.Choose the files you want to be restored and then hit Restore.Star the essential files and foldersThis option is the same as starring emails in Gmail. When a file is starred then, Drive adds it in a special section named Starred. The folder can be accessed under the menu panel on its left side.Right-click on a file and then choose to Add to Starred.The starred items can be accessed in the menu panel on its left side.The files stay in its original place; however, a symbolic link of the file is provided at Starred folder.Code the folders with colorsYou get grey folders in the Drive by default. While it would not be a huge step, it will save a little time for you every time you access Drive. There are 24 color options for you to choose from.Right-click on the desired folder and toggle over Change Color.Choose a specific color for the folder.This option is available for every folder in the Drive.No matter how messy the Drive or anything for that matter has gotten, it can always be tidied up. All you need is just a bit of time, patience, and effort to do so.Ryan Smith is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2002. As a technical expert, Davis has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as
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Netflix is a popular video streaming platform across the world. It provides various services like streaming movies, shows, dramas, and so on. However, it performs smooth streaming service for its users, but sometimes users reported various issues related to its streaming. They face not connecting, or network connection failed issues while working on Windows 10. Netflix issues display error alerts on the screen while users wish to stream their desired program or movie. Most often, it appears as “tvq st 103” error.Sometimes, Windows flashes connection error or Unable to connect issues when it detects Netflix is not working issues properly. There are various reasons for arising this error code on Windows 10. One of them is the connection failure error for Netflix service.Here, we are providing some necessary troubleshooting methods if you are facing Netflix error code tvq st 103 on Windows 10 screen. Reloading the Netflix ApplicationOnce you detect error alert on your system screen, then it is recommended not to quit the window. Instead of this, you should choose the “More Details” option.After that, hit the “Reload Netflix” tab located in the upcoming option.Once the app reloads, then you have to launch the Netflix application once more to detect that the issue is properly removed. If not, then follow the next method:Reinstalling Netflix ApplicationsIn case you still encounter the same Netflix issue on Windows 10, then it is advised to uninstall and then install the app afresh.You are required to delete your Netflix application as it might get corrupted or misbehaving with your device.First and foremost, tap on the “Settings” option by navigating the Home screen.Then, tap the “Applications” option.After that, navigate to manage related options and search for the Netflix application from the available listing.Once you view the application, hit the “Delete” option. You can also tap on “Uninstall” to delete the application from your device.After that, it is recommended to install the application afresh. To do so, follow these instructions:First and foremost, choose the option “Search” by navigating the home screen.Then, enter “Netflix” in the provided space followed by the Enter key.Locate the option “Free or Download” on the page. Once got it, tap on it to install the app.Wait for a while for the downloading process to finish.Once the installation and downloading complete, then launch the application and log in once more.Finally, check your system that the error issue is fixed properly.Fixing Netflix Error on PlayStationIn case you are using PlayStation and searching for the solutions for Error “tvq st 103” error issue, then pursue these instructions:First of all, detect the issue by navigating the official website of “” on your device. It will run on a similar network.In case the device screen displays an error message related to the Netflix site, then it means that your account refuses to sync with Netflix. In this case, it is recommended to wait for some time to launch it later.If you are unable to view Website error related to Netflix, then follow the next method.Ensure Network Supporting Streaming ServiceIn the case of institutions such as Restaurant, Office, Hotel, school, Hospital and any public Wi-Fi system, it is recommended to make sure that “Network Admin” is properly working or not.Satellite Connection or any cellular data: Most of the tech enthusiasts recommend to use DSL: and cable-based networks to boost the internet speed as these are considered as slow connections.Fixing Issue by Checking Internet ConnectivityNavigate to the main menu of PS3 and then hit the “Settings” option there. In case you already on that particular page, then tap and hold the “PS3” tab located at the central part of the controller.Then, tap the Yes button and turn to the home page of your device after deciding to quit the program.After that, select the option “Network Settings.”Then, tap on the Internet Connection option.Note: Make sure that the “enable” feature is turned ON. If you see the feature in deactivated mode, then it is recommended to activate it.At last, select the option “Internet Connection Test” and check that the time and date is properly adjusted. Also, check that the internet connection is available on your device or not.Emily Johnson is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cybersecurity. He writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs, and websites.Source :
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YouTube is the second largest search engine of video searching after Google and you can find almost every video on the platform. You can get everything here be it entertainment-related, gaming videos, movies videos TV shows, etc. You may have wondered how to download videos available on the platform, and here we will help you out. Moreover, the blog will cover additional beneficial topics. Here is how to download embedded videos from any website.1) How to Download Embedded Video on SafariAdobe Flash itself is not supported because of its outdated and insecure technology, but the flash video downloader can work for several video formats.The Flash video downloader option is great for Chrome and Firefox. You can download the Chrome version as well as the safari version for Apple Mac and Version for Mozilla Firefox.It is the most trusted source for downloading the flash video on the rating 4.5 stars over 5600 reviews. If you want to download the flash video on your device, then you can download from lots of sites and source online.It makes it easy to download and save the embedded video on your device. You can install Firefox, the small arrow locate on your screen, navigate it to the taskbar and click on the extension to save the videos. Remember that every flash video downloader not working on every website.2) Chrome and Firefox Video Download HelperIn the year, 2007 Firefox release a Video DowloadHelper For its application Firefox. It is created with a chrome extension that made in the year 2015.We know that Apple always updates their device and features regularly to work on any platform. The Mac version of the Apple device safari maintains its update to capability work on both platforms. Video DownloaderHelper has a long list of the website there, it works. One of the most or known sites is YouTube. It can contain lots of variety of content and hosting videos.With the use of Video DownloaderHelper, you can save your favorite videos on the storage in any format according to your choice. This process is easy to use and in a simple way.3) Free Video DownloaderFree video downloader is a part of Google chrome that work in every video website, and block that other website such as YouTube.The free video downloader can support many types of files like WEBM, ASF, AVI, MP$, FLV, MOV, and MPG.It supports multiple downloading videos at the same time. It can work with 99% + video performing websites. It can also support downloader video in the playlists.4) Fastest YouTube Downloader ToolsYouTube and Fastest tube both need more installation and advance features to promote on Google chrome store. YouTube is a Google website, so it provides users a more convenient and easy way to update and download the videos from YouTube manually.So it is easy to use and have a complete instruction provider to its user.5) YouTube Video DownloaderYouTube video download is available for three platforms like Firefox.Source
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Before going into the in-depth analysis of enabling or disabling Intel TSX in Windows 10, we have to understand what exactly is Intel TSX and how it supports the Windows 10. However, if the users are interested to know about the procedure to enable or disable the Intel TSX in windows 10 then they can go through the full detail given in the post that will help the users to enable or disable the Intel TSX by using registry settings. The Intel TSX could be termed as the extension to the instructions set architecture of x86.It amplifies and adds to the memory support in the form of hardware transactional by amplifying the implementation of software that is multi-threaded through lock elision. The TSX can provide more than 40% faster execution of applications in specified workloads and can perform more than 4 to 5 times database transactions per second. It was introduced by Intel in the year 2013 which was based on the Intel microprocessors having Haswell microarchitecture. The Transactional Synchronization Extensions introduced by Intel perform the serialization only when it required and makes sure whether the threads need serialization through the critical sections of lock protected by allowing the processor to determine dynamically.Intel TSX uses two interfaces of Software to specify the regions of code for performing the transactional execution. These two interfaces include Hardware Lock Elision and Restricted Transactional Memory.Hardware Lock ElisionHLE could be defined as the instruction set having the composition of RELEASE prefixes and XACQUIRE which is legacy compatible and can specify the transactional regions. It is for the programmers who wanted to run software which is HLE enabled on legacy hardware along with taking the advantages of HLE supporting hardware of new lock elision capabilities. The XACQUIRE prefix is used by the programmers in front of the instruction set which is protecting the critical sections with the use of acquiring the lock. The XRELEASE prefix is used by the programmers to release the lock which is protecting the critical sections and available in front of the instruction set.Restricted Transactional MemoryRestricted Transactional Memory can be defined as the new set instructions added to the interface having the composition of XBEGIN , XEND and the instructions having XABORT. The instructions have designed in such a way so that the programmers could define the regions of transactional code more flexibly. It is for those programmers who wanted a more flexible interface for performing the transactional execution of hardware.Steps to Disable or Enable Intel TSX capability in Windows 10The users can disable the Intel TSX capability in windows 10 by using the registry settings and for this, they will require to launch the prompt command in an elevated way.First of you will need to click on the Start button and then type the CMD along with pressing the keys as such CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER KEY simultaneously.After then, you will be required to copy and then paste the below-given command and then press down the Enter button.reg add “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SYSTEM\\CurrentControlSet\\Control\\Session Manager\\Kernel” /v DisableTsx /t REG_DWORD /d 1 /fAfter then, the users will need to restart their computers so that the modifications could become visible.If the users want to enable Intel TSX by using a registry setting, then they can launch the prompt command in an elevated mode and further copy and paste the below-given commands. After giving the command you have to tap the enter button.reg add “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SYSTEM\\CurrentControlSet\\Control\\Session Manager\\Kernel” /v DisableTsx /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /fOnce again the users will need to restart their computer to see if the changes have taken place.Source:
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Mouse Driver is one of the most important drivers that allows your mouse cursor to work smoothly on Windows 10. In this case, your device stops identifying your mouse, and it doesn’t depend on its model or type. It can attack both “Wireless” or “Non-wired” mice. Sometimes, users found that the display is showing yellow-colored “exclamation symbol” just after the icon of their mouse drivers. It might be the issue of your faulty or corrupted driver that is refusing to respond to your system.There are various methods to check this issue: checking your connection properly, upgrading and reinstalling your driver. Follow these instructions to troubleshoot this driver issue:Checking “Mouse” ConnectivityFor Wired ConnectionsIt is recommended to check your mouse cables and its related connections to fix cord or connection related issues. If you wish to fix this issue by checking cables and connections, then abide by these instructions:Firstly, disconnect the cable from the port of your driver section located somewhere on your system.Now, connect it again to check that your USB ports are fine and working accordingly.Then check your cable whether it transmits the power or command through it or not.Now, make sure that it is properly attached to its compatible port.For Wireless connectionsIn case you are using a wireless mouse, then try to remove and then replace its battery.Now, abide by onscreen indications for managing connections and how to set up its settings. Then make sure that the issue is resolved successfully.Checking MouseIf you are still facing mouse driver issues, then check your mouse properly and make sure that it is not bodily damaged. Then, take another working mouse and connect it to your system and check that it is working or not. If not, it means that your mouse’s physical condition is fine.Modifying Mouse’s PropertiesSometimes, it happens that our mouse gets out of order or not in the functional state; in this case, it is recommended to use your keyboard to command your system instead of a mouse. Note: if you have the display that enables touchscreen, then you can handle your task by tapping various options via your display.If you wish to access your mouse controls and actions by using the keyboard, then follow the under-mentioned steps:For the numeric keypad, press “Left Shift + Left Alt” and “Numlock” simultaneously to expand mouse keypad pop-out display.Then press on the “Yes” tab.Now, tap the “Window” logo and “I” keys altogether to launch the “Settings” page. It allows numerous setup options.After that, hit the “Tab” key from your keyboard and then navigate to the category “Devices” by using “Arrow” tabs.Now, hit the “Enter” key.Then, press on the “Tab” button to indicate and navigate to the option “Devices” with “Arrow” keys followed by “Enter.”After that, hit the “Tab” key and Downward arrow button to choose the “Mouse” option located at the left segment sidebar of the succeeding window.Then, go to the adjacent section of your page and keep pressing the tab key until you reach on the additional options for the mouse. When you choose it, tap the “Enter” button to expand mouse-related properties.Navigate to the option “ELAN” through the “Tab” key.Choose your device and then tap the “Enter” key on the section “Enable Device.”Source :
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FLAC and MP3 both are audio files, but FLAC audio is the compressed one under FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec). FLAC files can be compressed at any ratio without any lack in the quality of the audio. It’s a coding format used for compressing digital audio files. On the other hand, the MP3 is a normal audio file that can’t retain its original status when compressed.Today, most of the devices need better audio quality as per the priority of the users, whether they hold any of the OS. Nearly all the devices support MP3 format, and some accept only FLAC. If the user wants to convert their FLAC audio format to MP3, they can do so, but they have to perform some tactic tasks on their system.About FLACFLAC is an open format application used to compress digital audio files through a specific audio coding format. It uses a particular algorithm and the Codec method to compress a file. It can be compressed up to 70 percent of the original state of your audio. In a reverse mode, it can also be decompressed to its identical copy of the original one.FLAC is a free to use software having royalty-free licensing and the system of the reference implementation. It supports various actions such as album cover art, fast seeking, and support for metadata tagging.During any of the installation process, it is recommended to perform a custom installation and proceed with appropriate and safe instructions.Pursue these instructions to transform FLAC audio to MP3 on your device:Easy Way for Browsing Online Audio Converter SiteIt is recommended to visit the Online Audio Converter website through your preferred browser.This site provides quick, straightforward and sequence-wise instructions for the file conversion process. You are not required to visit or purchase any subscription for the same.Navigate to the main page of the site to fetch all the benefits related to the file conversion process. There is no annoying issue regarding this website, but the batch conversion process may confuse a bit. Apart from these, the site holds various necessary steps and procedures to convert a file from one format to another in an easy manner.Easy Way for Selecting the Desired FilesFirst and foremost, hit the big tab “Open Files,” if you wish to choose a particular file from your device local storage.If you don’t wish to select from local folders or drives, then hit any of the three available downloading choices:Google DriveDropboxURLEasy Way Selecting Quality Level, Format, and Customization SetupIt is recommended to choose the quality level and format that you wish.Next, the converter adjusts your audio file to default (Standard level: 128 kbps) while converting your file to MP3.In case you wish to adjust some other features such as sample rate, bitrate, channels, etc., then hit the “Advanced Settings” option there.Tap on the Edit Track Info tab if you wish to modify the track info related to your file.Easy Way for Transforming and Saving the Converted FileIn the beginning, hit the “Convert” tab to complete the file transformation process.When you finish the conversion process, the portal will give you three different options for saving your file. The options are:Download (On local drive)Save to DriveDropbox savingAlternative Ways to Convert the FileUsing Google Chrome Cloud Convert ToolThis tool is a useful and easily accessible one that uses Chromebook. It’s the web-based built-in converter tool of Google Chrome. To launch this application on your device abide by these instructions:First and foremost, hit the “add on” option.Then, launch it on your device.Chrome-based Cloud Converter tools work for other data along with converting audio files. It also helps the user to convert images, ebooks, documents, etc. with a wide range. It gives various access to Chromebook users, such as converting files from one format to another with ease. It can work effortlessly with the association of Google Drive, pull data from the drive and loads them online no more time.Easy Way for Using “Freemake Free Audio Converter” Tool (For Windows)This tool also works independently on Windows 10 with advance function tools that manage song and music attributes and transforms them into your desired format. It works very flexibility that provides easy access to control and download anything that a user wants.It also manages various channels, sample rate, bitrate, and various functions that gives a dynamic enhanced quality in adequate proportion.Easy Way for Using “MP3 Converter Free” for MacOne of the most preferred and popular file converters is “MP3 Converter Free” for Mac devices. This application works smoothly on Mac as a smooth utility feature that is capable of converting your file to MP3 from a list of two hundred file formats. This utility tool enables the users to modify their processed file from constant bitrate into variable bitrate and transfer tags. It has the capacity to manage volume levels on your device to the highest.If you wish to convert your FLAC audio file to MP3, then follow this initiating process:Firstly, hit the Destination folder.Now, hold your selected file and drag it inside the converter tool.In case you wish to batch conversion of your selected folder or file, then buy your annual subscription for $7.Emily Johnson is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cybersecurity. He writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs, and websites.Source:
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The dark mode is one of the popular screen themes for the night and the users who care for their eyes. Dark mode or night mode usually helps to reduce eye strain and thus enhances visibility even in the dark. Today most of the devices use Dark themes spanning from handheld devices to Computer OS. The feature available on multiple platforms such as android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.Mac has recently introduced dark mode in its macOS Mojave that makes you feel something dramatic. Mac users must be aware of these latest features of their devices. With the introduction of this unique feature in Mojave changed the overall theme of the device.Easy Way to Turn On Dark Theme on MacWindows 10 already introduced the dark theme for various devices, but the introduction of Dark Mode on macOS Mojave marks the significant change on most of the applications that Windows 10 lacks.To enable dark modes on Mac devices, follow these instructions:Firstly, you have to ensure that your MacBook is equipped with macOS Mojave 10.14 or the latest.Then, tap on the Apple logo located inside the menu bar of Mac.After that, hit the option “System Preferences.”Now, tap on General.Next, press the options tab “dark” by navigating the Appearance section.Once you modify appearance from light to dark, your all the system tools such as icons, elements, windows, menu bar, and dock will change automatically to grey. Once you have completed these steps, you can apply a dark theme to your desired applications.Easy Way to Schedule Dark Theme on Your MacIf you are an iPhone user and using iOS 13, then you must be familiar with the “Dark” theme and how to adjust dark and light themes. On iOS smartphones, you can switch between light and dark themes by navigating Control Center. When we talk about Mac, the process slightly changes.In macOS, you have to navigate the System Preferences section to switch any of the modes. In case you wish to use a dark theme at night and light at day time, then use the “Automation” feature there. It enhances your visibility in the time when you view your device’s screen.To Schedule Dark Mode on Mac, abide by these instructions:First and foremost, tap the “System Preferences” section.After that, hit the General tab.Next, press on the “Auto” tab by navigating the appearance section.Once you tap the Auto option, your device will automatically set to dark at night and bright at day time. In case you wish to schedule your time as per your wish, then it is recommended to use NightOwl application on your device.Pursue the under-mentioned points to know how to use NightOwl application over your Mac:In the beginning, install NightOwl application on your Mac running on “Mojave” or “Catalina.”Then, launch the app and look for the logo of NightOwl. It is placed on the Menu section.Hit the NightOwl application to expand.After that, tap on the Light or Dark option and then check for the option “Schedule.”Now, select your preferred time to setup light and dark themes accordingly.Easy Way to Use Mac Dynamic Wallpapers through Dark ThemeDynamic Wallpapers are those wallpapers that can change its theme according to day and night once you switch any of the modes on your device. Apple has introduced these dynamic wallpapers for its users that perform very smoothly on Mac devices.Follow the given instructions if you wish to use Dynamic Wallpapers on your Mac Device:First and foremost, go to Apple Menu.Then, tap on the “System Preferences” option there.Now, hit the option “Desktop and Screen Saver.”After that, choose the “Dynamic Desktop” feature and hit the wallpaper option.Next, choose your preferred wallpapers by selecting the Dynamic option from the pull-drop menu.Easy Way for Disabling Dark Themes for ApplicationsApple provides the feature to set dark and light themes for apps as you wish. You can opt for a light theme when the system uses a dark one.To apply dark mode on the mail app, then follow these points:First and foremost, launch a mail application on your Mac.Hit the menu tab and press the Mail option.After that, select the “Preferences” option there.Press the “Viewing” section button.Now, mark the unchecked box related to “Using dark background for messaging” option.Note: Apply the same process for the rest of the applications on which you wish to apply dark mode. Users can use customization features to modify it according to their preference.Source :
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Windows 10 is one of the most innovative and currently ongoing systems. Since Windows 10 launched, there are several major updates Microsoft released. People who use Microsoft Surface, they know the experience and features they can use in the device. Microsoft works for every kind of device, but for the Microsoft Surface, you will see a lot of amazing things better than other devices. They work hard to make Microsoft Surface a perfect and durable device to use, and Yes, they succeed in this. If you are using Microsoft Surface, then you might hear of “Windows Ink Experience” too because it’s a Pen for touch display devices that has its OS.Windows Ink Workspace is a feature that allows you to use a digital pen to work on your Windows computer faster and easier. Using Pen in mobile and tab devices are getting in use for a long time, and now you can use it in your Microsoft Surface too. You need to configure the settings to need to open settings of Pen and Windows Ink:Launch “Settings.”Move to “Devices” option.Tap on the left side “Pen & Windows Ink” icon.There will be a new tap open on another split section after clicking that will show settings of “Pen and Windows Ink” workspace.PenFor using Pen you need to set some settings like opening certain applications after Pen connected, holding the Pen on which, and many more additional settings. However, if your Pen is not connected or enabled, then you will see different tab after tapping and opening “Pen & Windows Ink” settings. To pair your Pen with your Microsoft Surface device, you need to:Open “Settings.”Tap on “Devices.”Click on “Bluetooth & other devices.”On your Pen, there is a button given that you need to press and hold for seconds to start up. On your Windows 10 device, you will see Pen in the display to pair to start using.After Pen is connected with your Windows 10 will presume you are right-handed user because when you open any menu, it will open on the opposite side of your using hand. It’s a feature that provided to see the menu clearly. While using the Pen, you will also see the cursor on display. The cursor will show its position as a dot depends on the tip of the pencil. As you move the pencil, the cursor will move as well. However, if you want to remove this feature, then you can remove it too.You can also disable your touch input while using the Pen it will make the device handy in use. So if you touch display from mistake or gesture, it will not sense it because of disabling the feature. One more thing you can do with your pencil is that it will convert your draw text into text. So if you are not connected to your keyboard, you still can type anything you want with a pencil, and it will be notified in the notification bar.Windows Ink ExperienceWindows Ink Experience is just a default tool that has some menu and modes that you can enable and disable as per your preferred choice. It has the data of the application in which apps you can use digital Pen and stylize. Now to make Windows Ink Workspace in access, you need to activate Windows Ink Workspace in the first place.Enable and Set up Windows Ink WorkspaceMake right-click on “taskbar.”Press on the “Windows Ink Workspace” icon.The workspace consists of Sticky Notes, Screensketch, Sketchpad, and several applications. After updating the Windows 10 1909 version, few features are changed. Now there are only two options for users available, which is Windows “Whiteboard” and “Fullscreen snip.”Emily Johnson is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cybersecurity. He writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs, and websites.Source :
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The Division 2: Warlords of New York is a wonderful action RPG with ultimate guns, actions, and items. However, it’s a long one that will take several hours of gameplay to complete. In the game, there are over 30 levels with great rewards and unlockable items. Recently in the game, some small DLC tasks are added for some new challenges. The Division 2: Warlords of New York is keeping things up to date and adding new things, so the players always see new things and improved changes.In the DLC, some new gears, skills, and items with better levels are added. Among all of these things, the most important thing that added is skills, which is the decoy. Unlocking new abilities are important because these abilities levels can get easy to progress. The only way to unlock this particular skill is to play the campaign, and here is how you can do it:Rogue First Wave AgentsThe central point of The Division 2: Warlords of New York is Aaron Keener, who is a former first wave division agent. He goes rogue at the time of New York’s collapse. Stopping Aaron Keeler is the priority of players because he is back with his deadly biological weapon. After he becomes rogue, he goes underground for 6 months only to come back with his four dominant allies. His allies are dangerous as Theo Parnell is also a former member of First Division Wave Agent. Theo is a master in bypassing systems and working drones.The allies of Aaron Keener are also deadly as him, whereas Aaron Keener is the leader of all. Fighting with the boss and his members will not be an easy task. However, while managing to defeat the boss, “pettable dog” will be there for you and can help in several ways. To learn new skills, it is essential to kill this boss with your creative ideas and techniques.The Master Of HypocrisyThe boss you are fighting against is master of deadly technology with a sharp engineer mind. While the battle with him, he will be ready with the defenses that will save him. It’s a challenge, which is a compound of driving rain and flapping traps on the arena of the boss at New York. The skill that you require is unique and special, and it will be much useful to you then its inventor. It allows the player to make ECHO based replicas.If you believe in misleading your opponent, then this new skill is much effective against your opponent. Decoy skill can lead you to victory and help you in battle in various ways. The only thing you will be at a disadvantage is that your holographic replicas will not move or shoot the enemy. So against the AI, it can be somewhat helpful for distraction, but more than that, they can’t do anything. If you play in Player vs. Player battle, your decoy skill will not be counted in meta.Emily Johnson is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cybersecurity. He writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs, and websites.Source:
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As we all know that the main attention of each picture is its subject, but at the same time, we can’t neglect the fact the background of a picture also plays a very big role in making the photo attractive. However, the bad background can be removed. To know about it, go through this blog carefully.Using Paint 3D application in Windows 10Firstly, look for ‘Paint 3D’ in the search bar of Windows.Then, press on ‘New.’After that, press on ‘Menu’ option.Next, choose ‘Insert’ from the pull-down options.Then, go through the PC storage for choosing the picture and press the ‘Open’ option for adding it.After that, have a look at the tools ribbon and press on ‘Magic select.’Next, move the edges for focusing on the main object.Then, press on the ‘Next’ option. It shall be towards the left-hand side pane.Removing the background of a picture by using Microsoft Office ApplicationsFor PowerPoint UsersFirstly, go to PowerPoint.Then, choose a blank presentation.After that, include the blank slide.Next, press the ‘Insert’ menu.Then, choose ‘Pictures’ option.Then, have a look at the storage of the folder having the picture, take it for editing.After that, press on Insert.Next, press the picture.Then, choose Remove Background. It shall be in the ‘Picture Tools’ and under ‘Format.’Note that a few sections of the picture shall continue having the original colors whereas there will be few areas where it shall have the magenta color.Next, move the edges of the selection bar for focusing on the main subject.Then, for refining the chosen area, press the ‘+’ symbol to put the section that you wish to have.Next, press the ‘-‘ symbol for indicating the section that you wish to remove.As soon you are done with the above steps, press on ‘Keep changes’ for removing the unwanted parts of the photo and be with the main theme only.The method of using Clipping MagicIt is a tool that lets the users include a picture through the upload option and copy-paste method.As soon as you are done with uploading the picture, you need to use the red mark (-) for indicating the removing parts and the green mark (+) for adding the parts that you wish to continue having.Next, the resulting picture can be seen towards the right-hand side panel for helping its users refine the picture the way they wanted.Ryan Smith is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2002. As a technical expert, Davis has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as
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Recently, Microsoft enhanced the Windows operating system comparing with the Windows XP, Vista 7 or 8 will not be exact as every latest version is always better than the older one. These days, Windows 10 provides many new and amazing features to its users such as Gaming platform, updated settings applet, modification options which includes Power User Menu. Usually, users are using Windows + X shortcut for opening access to the Apps, features, Event Viewer, Settings, File Explorer, Command Prompt, and many other services. unluckily, users who have updated from Windows 7 to Windows 8, or Windows 10 regularly confronts an issue with the message which says; ‘Win + X menu shortcut stops working.’ Although there are various causes behind the occurrence of Win + X menu is not working. In order to fix this Win + X shortcut menu stops working error, we guide you through several fixes to search out the one which is related to your issues. The solutions are mentioned below.Steps to Resolve Win + X Shortcut Menu Stops Working on Windows 10Underneath we will guide you through the solutions which are effective and helps you in troubleshooting Win + X Menu Not Working on Windows 10. Although the solutions are quite simple, to make it easier to follow the steps in the same sequence as mentioned in the screen. Doing this will save lots of time and efforts, also avoid unwanted bugs and glitches, which might create hurdle in the Workability or irritate the users. Here how to do it:Solution-1: Installation a New Language PackClick on the ‘Windows + I’ keys altogether to launch the ‘Settings’ menu on the screen.Then, tap the ‘Time & Language’ option.After that, hit the ‘ Language’ tab located on the left side of the menu screen.Alternatively, press the ‘Add a Language’ option.Choose any language of your choice appears on the ‘Next’ screen of your device.Next, expand the ‘Language Options’ by tapping into it.By pressing the ‘UP Arrow’ to push this new language to upper to make it default.Once done, check Windows + X keys menu shortcut is start working or not, then move ahead and delete this language pack.Solution-2: Adding a New Item to the Win + X MenuTap the ‘Windows + R key altogether to launch the ‘Run’ search box on the screen.Then, type ‘%localappdata% inside the box and tap the ‘OK’ tab to continue the process.After that, search out the ‘Microsoft’ option.Next, choose ‘Windows’ option appears in the Microsoft section.Under the ‘Windows’ section, select the WinX folder and click into it.Once WinX folder launched on the screen, navigate to any folder either Group 1, 2, or 3 and click to create a new shortcut here.Once you created a new shortcut, the Win + X menu will automatically start working again.Deam Jones is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for Norton security products at
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Adobe Flash Player refers to a software intended to use Adobe Flash content. Earlier, Flash content was heavily used. But now it is not used that often and for the same reason, browsers such as Chrome block Flash by default. If you wish to unblock it, then read on.By unblocking the Adobe Flash Player in Microsoft Edge If you use Microsoft Edge on your Windows 10 PC or laptop then follow the steps listed below to unblock Adobe Flash player:Click on the Settings and more tab.It is located at the upper right-hand side of the Microsoft Edge browser.Choose the Settings option.Click on the View advanced settings tab.It will launch the options.After that, you need to enable the Use Adobe Flash Player settings tab.By unblocking the Adobe Flash Player on Google ChromeIf your default browser is Google Chrome, then follow the steps mentioned below to unblock Adobe Flash Player:In case you receive a text which indicates that the Adobe content was blocked, then you have to press on the jigsaw piece symbol.Click on the Allow option.In case you are not able to choose the Allow option, then you need to execute the multimedia content.You have to configure the Google Chrome Flash settings tab which is mentioned on the screen.To do so, you need to click on the Customize Google Chrome option.It will launch the menu of the internet browser.Press on the Settings tab.It will launch the option which is mentioned on the screen.Go to the end of the webpage.Press on the advanced option.Press on the Contents settings tab.Choose the Flash option.It will launch the option which is appearing on the screen.You need to change the Block sites from running Flash into the Ask first option for unblocking the Adobe Flash player.Start adding the sites to Allow menu list to turn on the Adobe Flash Player option.This procedure helps you execute all of them.To complete this procedure, you need to press on the Add option.It will input the site link.Click on the Add option.By choosing Always Activate Flash option in Mozilla FirefoxIf your default browser is Mozilla Firefox, then follow the steps mentioned below to unlock Adobe flash Player:You need to click on the Adobe Flash player symbol.Choose the Allow option.It unblocks all the content from Adobe multimedia.In case you have blocked all the content of the Adobe Flash Player, then you need to run them by visiting all the sites.Click on the Open menu option.It is located at the upper right-hand corner of the Mozilla Firefox browser.Press on the Add-ons option.It will launch the tab which is mentioned on the screen.After that, choose the Plug-ins option.This option helps you to launch the plug-in menu list.Choose the Always Activate option.It is given in the pull-down list which is for the Adobe Flash Player.Ryan Smith is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2002. As a technical expert, Davis has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as
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Mostly online communications services need an IP address. It enables the devices to establish a connection between them to transfer data and messages. It’s virtually impossible to connect and communicate across the internet without an IP address. IP addresses are very much essential for instant messaging services, including Skype. To find the IP address of a Skype user, you first have to find the user. Once you get the user name of the Skype user whose IP address you want to see, visit the Skype Resolver website and enter the username there. Keep in mind; you can only find a user’s IP address on Skype when he/she is active and online on Skype Resolver website. Here is how to find a username and the user’s IP address on Skype.How to find the username on Skype for desktop1. Select the ‘Skype’ app and press ‘Enter.’ Alternatively, double click on the Skype app icon to launch Skype.2. If you’re not signed in to your Skype account, enter your ‘Email address, phone number, or Skype name’ then ‘Password’ and proceed.3. When your account opens, click on the ‘Person-shaped’ icon at the top of the left side column. If you didn’t find the icon, use ‘Alt + 2’ keyboard shortcut to access your Skype contacts.4. Find and search the contact in the contact list whose IP address you want to find.5. Then click the contact. This will open the conversation menu.6. Now, click on the ‘Contact Name’ at the top of the conversation menu.7. Here is the username of the contact below or beside the Skype name depending on your Skype version.How to find the username on Skype for Mobile1. Launch the Skype app on our mobile.2. If you’re not signed in to your Skype account, enter your ‘Email address, phone number, or Skype name’ then ‘Password’ and proceed.3. After logging in to your account, tap on the ‘Contacts’ tab at the lower right corner.4. Find and search the contact in the contact list whose IP address you want to find.5. Then tap on the contact. This will open the conversation menu.6. Now, tap on the ‘Contact Name’ at the top of the conversation menu.7. Select ‘View profile’ on the pop-up.8. Then go to the Profile section at the middle of the menu.9. Here is the username of the contact beside the Skype name.Once you find the username of the Skype user whose IP address you want to search for, check the below guide and go through the steps given there.How to find a user’s IP address on SkypeAn IP address tells lot information, including geographical location and Internet Service Provider (ISP) of a user. Don’t worry; it doesn’t disclose any private or sensitive information of the user. Here is how can you see the IP address of a Skype user.Before going ahead, first, check whether the user is online or not. You can easily determine this by checking the user’s name, if he/she is online, then you should see a green dot or Skype logo next to their Skype name. If there is nothing like this or a yellow icon appearing, it means the user is not online. And unfortunately, you can see the person’s IP address at this time. You need to wait for the person to come back online. If the person is online, follow these steps.1. Start a web browser you prefer to use.2. Now use “” link to navigate to the Skype Resolver website.3. Go to the middle of the page that opens, and click the text box asking to enter username or IP.4. Now, enter the username of the contact whose IP address you want to see. The username should be exactly the same as it in Skype.5. Recheck the contact’s username you’ve entered before proceeding.6. Then click the ‘Resolve skype to IP’ button below the username text field. Clicking it will prompt the Skype Resolver to search for the username’s IP address.Now, wait for a half minute, Skype resolver display you the IP address of the user as well as some other details, like the user’s current state or city and Internet Service Provider.Deam Jones is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for Norton security products at
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Netflix is an app that is similar to other streaming services like HBO Go, Play On, and so on. It contains a wide variety of movies, plays, online real-time shows, and much more. The app can be downloaded on your smartphone. In case you are facing any Nextflix app issue, a prompt will appear on your iPhone X indicating the type of error faced by this app. In some cases, you may not get any error message.Troubleshooting Netflix app by restarting methodFirst of all, be sure that your device is connected to the internet properly because the network issues may cause most of the problems.In order to run Netflix, we have to eradicate some of the app glitches. Follow these steps to perform a restart: First of all, swipe the screen upwards in order to find “App Switcher” option. Under the list of the apps, search Netflix by sliding the screen towards the left or right side. If found, tap on the Netflix application. Now hit on the (-) minus symbol to close it. You may also shut the app by swiping upwards and then tap on the close button. If other operations are undergoing in the background of the main page/window, shut them all in order to get the smooth process of your Netflix app.Fixing the Netflix app issue by the soft-reset method If the restart Netflix method is not successful, it is advisable to try the soft-reset method. It doesn’t harm your iPhone X data. To remove all the glitches and minor issues associated with your software, soft reset your phone. Here are the steps to follow in order to perform a soft-reset on your smartphone: Hold down the power and the volume buttons of your phone simultaneously. A power prompt will appear consisting of icons related to reboot, restart, or power off. When you see the prompt, release both the buttons. Now drag the power icon towards the right side of your screen to turn off your phone. After a few moments, hold down the power tab till the Apple symbol displays on your screen. Once you see that your iPhone X is successfully booted, tap on the Netflix app to open and analyze if it is working properly or not.Fixing the Netflix app issues by Updating methodWhen the restart and the soft reset don’t help you in troubleshooting the issues related to the app, you may update it If you have not set on auto-update applications, don’t worry. You may update it manually. To update the Netflix application, follow these steps: Launch the App Store from the app drawer or the Home window. Hit on the “Updates” button present at the lowermost right portion of the App store page. In case any of the upcoming updates are available on Netflix, the Update tab will show you the same. Tap on it. If you desire to update all the apps available to update, hit the “Update All” button to download the newer version of all the apps installed on your phone.Fixing the Netflix app issues by resetting network methodThe network plays a significant role in the functioning of various applications like Netflix, HBO Go, social media-related apps. Hence, resetting the network may fix the Netflix issue. Open the Settings app from the drawer or home screen of your smartphone. Then hit on “General.” Search for the “Reset” option and then press on it. Now tap on the “Reset All Settings” option. It will reset your phone in the original default order. In order to reset network-related settings, touch on the “Reset all network settings” tab. If your smartphone prompts you to enter ID and password, provide it. Then reset the settings by confirming it.Fixing Netflix app issues by deleting and reinstalling the appFollow these steps to perform this action: Press on any app installed on your device for a while. Once you discover (X) sign at the edge of the Netflix app, hit on it. Remove it by tapping on the Delete button. Then go to App Store application and download the updated Netflix app by searching on it. Follow the onscreen indications to finish the installation procedure. Ryan Smith is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2002. As a technical expert, Davis has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as
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In Gmail, if you have sent an email to the wrong person accidentally and after that, you have realized your mistake, then you can correct it. You do not have to worry when you accidentally send an email because you can easily recall your Gmail message whether you are using desktop, iOS device, or Android. Here are the steps to recall an email from Gmail.Using DesktopHere is the process to unsend a sent email from Gmail on desktop. Follow the instructions carefully.• First, you will have to go to in your preferred browser.• After that, log in with your Gmail ID.• Then you can turn on the “Undo Send” feature if required.• Click on Settings.• Then tick the box of “Enable Undo Send.”• Thereafter select the “Send cancellation period.”• Move down and click on Save Changes.• After that, click on “Compose.”• Then you can input a recipient and subject.• Now, enter your email’s message.• Then click on the “Send” option.• Thereafter you can click on “Undo” when the prompt comes.• Now, analyze your unsent email.• Modify the time period you have before you can unsend the message.Using iPhoneHere is the process to unsend a sent email from Gmail on the iPhone. Follow the instructions carefully.• First, you will have to go to the Gmail application on your application.• After that, log in with your email ID and password.• Thereafter you can click on Compose option.• Now, you can input your recipient’s email ID.• Then you can insert a subject and email’s body text.• After that, click on the Send option.• Thereafter you can click on “UNDO” when the prompt comes.• Now, analyze your unsent email, you can view your unsend email in the draft and also edit or discard from here.Using AndroidHere is the process of Unsend a sent email from Gmail on Android. Follow the instructions carefully.• First, you will have to go to the Gmail application on your Android device.• After that, you should log in with your email ID and password.• Then you can click on the menu icon.• Now, move down and click on Settings.• Thereafter click on the “General settings” option.• After that, you can move down and click on “Confirm before sending.”Deam Jones is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for Norton security products at
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Adam Sandler’s Murder Mystery: A Netflix Sequel on Its WayPosted on October 17, 2019The Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston starrer Murder Mystery is coming to Netflix with a sequel. The film is going to be a Netflix exclusive and will feature most of the original cast. James Vanderbilt wrote the 2019 released comedy suspense movie. Kyle Newacheck produced the film, and it was well-received by the audience.The story followed Nick played by Sandler, and Audrey played by Anniston, as the married couple tries to rekindle their marriage. The married duo is in a stale relationship where predictability and boring conversations have replaced passion and romance. They make valiant efforts to keep the dying relationship alive while Nick distracts his wife from finding out about his detective status. The duo takes a needed European honeymoon on their 15th anniversary.The couple encounters Charles Cavendish played by Luke Evans, who then invites them to an event set on a yacht. The event is filled with interesting characters, and the dup end up joining a group for the will signing of Malcolm Quince, who is Cavendish’s billionaire uncle. Terrence Stamp plays the role of Malcolm, and the character ends up dead. Now Nick being a detective, is left to solve the crime alongside Audrey.The movie surpassed the expectations and went to one-up the ratings of Will Smith’s Bright along with Sandra Bullock’s Bird Box. It managed to rack up over an impressive number of 30 million views in three days. So it is understandable that a sequel for the movie is in early development. James Vanderbilt is again being considered to write the plot for the movie, where the couple will try to solve a new case.The first installment was a summer gift for Netflix as they manage to reunite the duo of Sandler and Aniston. We may see the sequel at the same time in 2020 if it is fast-tracked. Sandler will entertain his relationship with Netflix a bit more as he reprises his voice, acting for the role of Dracula in Hotel Transylvania 4. Jennifer is showing no signs of stopping either as the Friends lead is going to star in Apple TV plus series; The Morning Show.Even though the first movie ended up with an apparently final note, the impressive ratings have paved the path for a sequel for Netflix. The film may also turn into a crime-solving franchise starring the duo of Aniston and Sandler. The movie was just above 95 minutes, which made it a refreshing watch, and the sequel is expected to deliver the same. Although the plot cannot precisely be deemed as original, it still managed to get some chuckles out of the viewers. The film seems to have solved the case of delivering huge success on Netflix.Ryan Smith is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2002. As a technical expert, Davis has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as :
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Want to play or download songs from Amazon when you don’t have access to your phone or Amazon Music app? If you’re an Amazon Prime member, then this thought probably comes to your mind. Amazon Music is one of the best music services available now. Amazon also provides a free music app to play and download songs. If you’ve purchased music or subscribed to Amazon Prime Music, then you can enjoy these amenities, including music browsing and downloading from mobile or desktop app with your account.However, using the Amazon Music application for listening and downloading songs is the most comfortable way for doing so. But,if for any reason you’re unable to use the app, then Amazon always allows you to access and save your songs through a browser. Here is how to download songs from Amazon Music without the app. How to purchase songs from Amazon Music via a web browserIf you aren’t an Amazon Prime member or haven’t purchased music already, then you’ll need to get them first. Here is how to purchase songs from Amazon Music via a browser.1. Open a web browser you would like to use for the procedure.2. Then go to the homepage of Amazon Music.3. Select ‘Sign in.’4. And, provide your Amazon account email or phone number.5. Enter the password you regularly use to access your account and proceed.6. After opening your account, navigate to the Digital Music section of Amazon Music. Here you’ll see the songs or albums you can purchase.7. Use the left menu to browse the songs you want to buy. If you already know the title of the song or album you wish to purchase, click the ‘Search’ box and type the name to search quickly.8. When you get the song you would like to buy, click the ‘Buy’ (Price) button to continue to the payment screen. Instead click on the ‘Cart’ icon, if you want to purchase more songs. Clicking the cart icon of a song adds it to your mp3 shopping cart, and you can continue your shopping.9. When you finish selecting songs, open your mp3 cart, and complete your purchase.10. Once you complete the purchasing process, you’ll receive a message saying that your order is complete.11. Now, you can play the songs immediately through your browser or download them to your storage.· Click the ‘Play Now’ button to play the music.· Or, click ‘Download Purchases’ button to save an mp3 file of the song. How to download songs from Amazon via a web browserThe procedure isn’t so complicated. You’ll just have to remember your Amazon account credentials. Here is how to download songs from Amazon Music without the app.1. Open Amazon Music on a browser and sign in to your Amazon Prime account or the account you’ve used to purchase songs.2. Now, look for ‘My Music’ section on the left side of the page. Here you’ll see the available songs that you can save to your device.3. Select the songs you want to download by clicking and checking the box next to it. If you want to select all the available songs, click the uppermost box to mark all.4. After you select all the songs, click on the ‘Download’ button.5. Click on ‘No Thanks’ when asking whether you want to use Amazon Music application to save the songs.6. Click on ‘Authorize device’ when prompted to authorize the device.As soon as you complete all these steps, the songs you’ve chosen will be downloaded to your device storage.Deam Jones is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for Norton security products at
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Want to change your website’s web hosting partner? Are you looking for a detailed guide on how to move your WordPress website to a new server without making your website content duplicate? If yes, then you are on the right spot. In this article, we are going to explain how to migrate a WordPress website or blog to a new web host for beginners. If you are doing this for the first time, then you may have many questions related to this matter, such as will everything go safe? Will my website content become duplicate after the migration? Will the transferring process take too much time? If so, then will my web visitors face issues during the migration? In short, “don’t worry,” we are here to help! Read and study this article thoroughly, and then you will be good to go. So what’s the wait? Let’s put in gear. How to Move a WordPress Website to a New Server for Beginners? For a better understanding, I have split the whole process into several steps. Follow each step mentioned below one by one:Step 1: Take a full backup of your websiteIn case if anything happens terrible during the process, then a backup can heal your damaged website with ease. There are a lot of free plugins on WordPress that allows you to create a free backup of your whole site in a few clicks. If you have no idea how to back up a WordPress website, then refer to this tutorial:On your WordPress dashboard, go to the Plugins option from the left side navigation menu. Click on Add a new plugin option. Then in the search bar, search for “BackupBuddy” and then select it from the results. Once the plugin installation page appears, install the plugin. Let it install entirely, and it may take a few seconds. Then open the settings of the BackupBuddy plugin. Now do the following things:First of all, set up a new password for the plugin. (The password will keep your site backup data safe) Second of all, provide your email ID because any error alert will be sent to you by email. Now navigate to the “Remote Destinations” option on the plugin’s menu.After that, click on the “add new destination” and then chose a place or platform where you would like to store the backup. Once that done, hit the Backup option located inside the BackupBuddy menu. Now select the “Complete Backup” option. Let the process complete, and once that is done, you will be able to download the backup of your whole site to your computer. The downloaded backup files will play an essential role in the website migration process. Step 2: Export WordPress Data from Current Web Host Portal Head to the current web hosting provider’s official website and then log in to your account. Then find the export program or similar option for exporting and downloading your WordPress data. Step 3: Access the C-Panel to Download the Database files. Visit the C-Panel of your website and log in using the credentials provided by your hosting provider. Now go to phpMyAdmin, and there you need to go the Export option. After that, hit the Go button. Step 4: Downloading the WordPress Content FolderThis time we are downloading the folder that makes your whole site working. We will use a file transfer protocol client to do this. We recommend you using CuteFTP or either FileZilla FTP client for downloading your WordPress content folder. Step 6: Login to the New Hosting Provider’s portal Head to the official website of your new hosting providers, such as,,, and others. And then login to your account using the ID and password. Now login to the control panel of the new hosting provider. Step 7: Creating an FTP Account on New Host This FTP account will help you to upload the content of your WordPress, and without it, you won’t be able to migrate your website. So kindly create an FTP account on your new hosting provider. Step 8: Installing WordPress on Your New HostInstall WordPress on your new web host. The process of installing WP isn’t rocket science, so you can easily do that by accessing your new C Panel. Step 9: Importing the Website DataHead to the C Panel and then navigate to the phpMyAdmin option. Then, simply go to the Import tab. Now you have to tap the Go option. After that, you will be asked to locate and browse the “.sql” file that we downloaded from the old host provider in the previous steps. Step 10: Uploading the WordPress Content FolderNow replace the new WP content by the content of your old host provider. We are talking about the folder that we downloaded using the FTP client. If you are also changing the domain name, then update the database. There are several WordPress Plugins that can help you in doing this, such as Better Search Replace or Velvet Blues Update URLs. Wrapping It UpThis is it! Now your whole site is successfully migrated to the new server and hosting. You can say bye-bye to your old hosting provider. Ryan Smith is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2002. As a technical expert, Davis has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as :
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Apple AirPods are the most convenient and stylish way of listening to music or responding to calls. This is all because of the advanced features that Apple has integrated into that small gadget. People love everything about AirPods from advanced controlling features to its sound quality. Those who got this want to connect and use it with all their devices to listen to music, etc. Apple AirPods use Bluetooth connectivity to connect with the devices. These earbuds can connect to any device that supports Bluetooth connectivity, including your Chromebook. You can easily pair AirPods with your Chromebook via Bluetooth. Here is how to pair and use Apple AirPods with Chromebook.Connecting Apple AirPods with ChromebookFirst, you need to disconnect the AirPods from the connected Apple or another device. If you’re using AirPods with an Apple iPhone, iPad or other Apple device, then make sure to close the media playing apps before you attempt to pair them with your Chromebook. To avoid interruption, also make sure to not turn on anything that causes the AirPods to connect with the already paired device. Here is how.1. Charge your AirPods fully to make sure it will not turn off during the pairing process.2. Keep the AirPods into the charging case, as you do every time to pair AirPods with an iPhone or another device.3. Start your Chromebook, if it is not already.4. Then open the ‘Menu’ from the taskbar of your Chromebook. You’ll find the option to open it at the right bottom corner of the display near the clock, battery indicator or Wi-Fi icon.5. In the menu, click on ‘Bluetooth’ icon and enable your Chromebook’s Bluetooth.6. Now, take the AirPods charging case with the AirPods inside.7. Open your AirPods charging case. Check and charge the battery, if needed.8. Now, press the ‘Pair’ button on the AirPods charging case and hold it for a few seconds. This will put them in pairing mode and allow the nearby Bluetooth to find them. When you see the white LED light on the charging case, this means the AirPods is in pairing mode and available to pair with your Chromebook.9. Look for the AirPods name on your Chromebook in the available Bluetooth devices list and select it. If the AirPods doesn’t appear there, then make sure both your laptop and earbuds are within the maximum range, i.e. 20 feet.10. Confirm pairing, when prompted.11. Now, the LED light on charging case will turn green and your Chromebook display the status “connected” on the AirPods name.Once you successfully pair the Apple AirPods with your Chromebook. You can start using them to enjoy watching movies or listen to music on your laptop.Deam Jones is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for Norton security products at
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Rearranging applications on your iPhone is very easy. It gives your home screen a nice appearance. You may also change wallpapers, create new folders for specific files or data, or move your desired applications.Here is how you can customize and then arrange wallpapers and various apps as per your needs.Follow these steps to rearrange your home screen with applications, wallpapers, and much more:First of all, open the “Settings” app.Now hit the “Wallpaper” option.Next, tap to select the new wallpaper option, which reads as “Choose a New Wallpaper.”Then click on the location for your new wallpaper.Here you will be provided with various options like :DynamicStillsLive Libraries5. Now hit the picture option that you wish to use.6. You can customize it in two forms:Motion Move & scale 7. Now hit the button says, “Set.”8. Then press on the “Set Home Screen” option in case you would like to modify your wallpaper. Tap on “Set Both” option in order to change the home screen & lock screen both.Setting apps under edit mode on iOS 13Hold the app icon by pressing it firmly. After a few moments, a contextual menu will appear on your screen.Then hit the “Rearrange Apps” option.After completing the above steps, you can move, rotate, delete, place, and edit any app or app folders, etc.Enabling your apps to move on the home screenFirst of all, place your selected application into edit mode.Now move your selected app to the new venue by dragging it with your finger. In case you wish to select multiple apps, then use another finger to select them and put them into your app’s stack.Now hit the Home button in order to get off the edit mode. In case you are using iPhone X, then you have to press the “Done” button located at the top-right edge of your screen.Enabling your apps to move between Home ScreensFollow these steps to move your applications on your home screen:Place the selected applications in edit mode. In case you want to add more apps to your edit mode stack, you can do so by tapping the desired applications with the help of the second finger.Then swipe to the screen in which you wish to transfer your selected apps.Then drop all your selected apps into the app icon.Now hit the home tab in order to get off from edit mode. Go to the top-right edge of your screen and then hit the “Done” option on iPhone X.Enabling apps to move to the new Home ScreenYou can also create a new screen for your Home panel by these following steps:First of all, drop your selected application in edit mode. You may also select multiple apps by your second finger and add it to your app’s stack.Now, swipe towards left on your existing screen. After a moment, you will reach a plain screen.Then hit the app icon and put your entire selected app into the fresh home screen.Now press the “Home” button in order to get off from edit mode. Hit the “Done” option located at the top-right edge of your screen.Removing apps from the home screenTo remove the in-built apps, follow these tips seriously:First of all, drop all your selected applications in the edit mode. Now, you have to hit the “Delete” option located at the upper-left portion of your application icon.Now tap the “Delete” button to verify your action of removal.Next, hit the “Home” tab in order to quit the edit mode. Then press the “Done” button located at the top-right edge of your screen.In case you wish to get your removed applications back to your smartphone, you may reinstall them from your device’s Store.Ryan Smith is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2002. As a technical expert, Davis has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as
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The Windows Credential Manager saves this sign-in information for sites, mapped drivers, servers, and location of the network. All the details get saved and organized by the PC automatically. If you want to add, remove, and edit Credential Manager in Windows, then follow the instructions mentioned in this article.Here’s how to add, remove and edit Credential Manager in Windows• Firstly, click on the Windows and S keys together.• Enter ‘Windows Credential Manager.’• You need to enter it in the Cortana text field.• Press on the Manager Windows Credentials.• It will launch the window which is given in the snapshot.• The Web Credentials and Windows Credentials options are included in windows.• You will get the site account sign in information.• Make sure the websites will only get launched in Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer window.• Enter the new site’s sign-in information.• But you can remove site information by choosing one of the options.• Press on the Remove and Yes option to verify.• Go through the site passwords by pressing on the Show option.• After that, type the password registered with the user account.• In case you have to change the Homegroup network login information.• Change the sign-in information.• You need to choose the entry to enlarge it.• After that, press on the Edit option.• It will launch a new window where you have to type the new sign-in information.• For removing the entry, choose it.• After that, press on the Remove option.• Enter the new details by pressing on the Add a Windows information.• Additionally, press on the Add a generic credential option.• It will launch the window given in the snapshot.• Enter the three-section located in the window.• Click on the OK option.Steps to open Credential Manager in Windows with the Command Prompt1. It will launch the Credential Manager in Windows with a Command Prompt.2. Click on the Windows and X keys together.3. After that, choose the Command Prompt to launch it.4. Then, click on ‘rundll32.exe keymgr.dll, KRShowKeyMgr’ into a Command Prompt.5. Click on the Enter option.6. You will find that this window is similar to the Credential Manager in Windows.7. Now, you will get the menu list where all the sign-in details are given. 8. Press on the Edit, Remove and add options to customize, remove, or save new sign-in information.I’m Justin Hinkle and I have always loved Ohio. It has been a source of joy and comfort to me for many years. I am currently working for at Newyork but still think of
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Windows 10 is an amazing operating system. While it does come with certain quirks and minor issues, but no operating system is perfect. Virtual Machines have become an amazing option for creating partitions in the hard drive so that users can install Windows OS via Boot Camp. Hence, this allows users to run Windows on their Mac computers. By starting the boot camp window, users can run MacOS and Windows at the same time. In this blog, we will discuss the process of running Windows 10 on a Mac using VMware.Install Windows 10If you want to install Windows 10 on your Mac, then you need to follow the instructions given below.First of all, go to the “Microsoft Windows 10 ISO download page” on your preferred web browser.You should click on Select Edition & Windows 10.You have to click on Confirm.Select 64-bit Download.Then click on Save to begin the download.Downloading & Installing VMWare Fusion 10You can download & install VMWare Fusion 10. Follow the instructions given below.To get started, twice click on VMwareFusion.dmg file to enter it.You should twice click on “Double-click to Install”.When the prompt comes, confirm that you would like to run the application.Choose one of the choices for how you would like to install Fusion 10, either with buy now, license key or free 30 days trial.Thereafter click on Continue.Choose whether you would like to install Fusion 10 or Fusion 10 Pro, if you are using a free trial version.Now, click on Continue.When the prompt comes, input the Mac login details.Later, you should click on OK.Move the ISO Windows 10 file to the Installation Method screen.Click on Continue.Check the box of Use Easy Install. If you are satisfied with the set up of installation settings, uncheck the box.You have to make a “Windows login account name & password.”Then input the Windows Product key.Choose the Windows version you are running.Choose the level of integration. If you would like to share MacBook documents with Windows.If you would like to keep separate Windows & Mac data, use More isolated.Click on Continue.You have to click on Finish.Now, click on Save to store this new virtual machine to the Virtual Machines folder.Deam Jones is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for Norton security products at
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Most of us are familiar with the fact that all the Wi-Fi router acquire a distinct and unique IP address. This sounds secretive that several users think that it is a term for high-level technicians, but in this blog, we are mainly focusing on this topic. Read this blog carefully and successfully attain the information to locate your router’s IP address from any device. So, here are the steps to locate the router’s IP address on Windows.Through Command PromptIf you would like to locate the router’s IP address through Command Prompt, then abide by the given steps.Hold the Win + R keys at once on your keyboard to open a Run dialog box.Then enter ‘cmd’ into it and then hit the Enter key to launch a new instance of the Command Prompt.Go to the Command Prompt and enter ‘ipconfig’ and hit the Enter key.If the Command been prosecuted, the Command Prompt will get back to the network’s setups. The IP address of the router will be listed from these setups as the Default Gateway.Through Control PanelIf you wish to locate the router’s IP address through Control Panel, then pursue the given instructions.Go to the Start Menu and launch it.You have to browse for a control panel.Navigate to the search results which the back to you, select the Control Panel.You should select the ‘View network status and tasks’ beneath Network and Internet field from the Control Panel.Beneath ‘View your active networks’ field in the resulting screen, select the network name you are linked to near to Connections.Go to the Status screen that prompts, select the Details.Now, you should view a ‘Network Connection Details’ screen on display. On this screen, find the IPv4 Default Gateway to create a note of the Value for this asset, which is listed near to it- that is the private IP address for the Wi-Fi router and the network’s Default Gateway.Locate the IP Address of Router on LinuxIf you would like to locate the IP address of the router on Linux, then abide by the given steps.Most of the Linux-based OS has a Network button within the Notification Area situated at the upper side of the display. Select the Network button.Go to context menu, which comes, select the Connection Information.The Wi-Fi IP address of the router will be listed as the Gateway, Default Route, or Default Route Address inside the dialog of the Connection Information that prompts.Locate the IP Address of Router on OS XIf you wish to locate the IP address of router OS X, then pursue the given instructions.Go to Apple menu inside the toolbar at the upper side of Mac’s window.Navigate to the context menu, which comes, select the System Preferences.On the screen of System Preferences, that prompt, find and select the Network button.On the left-hand side panel of the screen of Network that comes, select the network you are recently linked to and wish to locate the Default Gateway for. The network is a wired network or wireless network that modifies nothing.Go to the right-hand side panel of the screen, select the Advanced option.Move to TCP/IP button of the screen that comes.OS X passes on to the Wi-Fi private IP address of the router easily as Router, and you will view the listed IP address as the Router inside the TCP/IP button on the screen.Locate the IP Address of Router on Chrome OSIf you would like to locate the IP address of the router on Chrome OS, then abide by the given steps.Go to Notification Area situated to the right-hand side of the Taskbar.On context menu which comes, select the option labeled Connected to NetworkOn the list which comes on the screen, select the network name you are linked to and wait to locate the Default Gateway for.Now, you should view all applicable detail for the chosen network. Select the Network button.Finally, choose the Network button, you will view the IP address of the router listed as the Gateway.Locate the IP Address of Router on AndroidIf you wish to locate the IP address of the router on Android, then pursue the given instructions.Go to the Wi-Fi Analyzer and open it.Select the View menu.You should choose AP List within the options given to you.Now, you should view a Connected to (Name of Network) title with a check near to it at the upper side of the screen. Select the header.Finally, you willsee a small dialog, including all the recoverable detail relating to the Wi-Fi network you are linked to, will prompt. The IP address of the router will be listed from the dialog as the Gateway.Locate the IP Address of Router on iOSIf you would like to locate the IP address of the router on iOS, then abide by the given steps.Navigate to the Home screen, find and select the Settings.You should select the Wi-Fi option.Select the router name you are recently linked to and wish to find the IP address for.Finally, you should view a list including all recoverable detail for the network.Now, the Wi-Fi IP address of the router will be listed as the Router from the list.I’m Justin Hinkle and I have always loved Ohio. It has been a source of joy and comfort to me for many years. I am currently working for at Newyork but still think of Ohio.Source:
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LeapFrog is an educational entertainment gaming series for children ranging from infants to high-grade schools in which the player vaults upon each other’s back. In case you wish to hold and play any of the LeapFrog playing games, you should download the LeapFrog Connect app to your system. It is presently available for Mac and Windows users. Here children may create their profile and organize their files and data separately. But while downloading this app, you may face some trouble with your Mac. You have to rectify those issues and make some changes depending on the particular errors you are facing. Here is how you may troubleshoot various issues prompting on your system. Let’s start with some of the errors.Troubleshooting Computer’s Extension BlockYou may face Extension blocking errors after downloading of the LeapFrog Connect application on your system running on Mac OS 10.13. In this case, you have to make some changes in the Security & Privacy menu less than thirty minutes of your app installation.Follow these steps to make these system changes:First of all, tap on the Apple logo and then hit the “System Preferences” tab.Now you have to hit the “Security & Privacy” option.Then tap the “General” button located on the upper portion of your Mac screen.Navigate to the bottom-left edge of the menu option and hit the padlock option.Next, you have to provide your particular username and a secured passcode for your Mac OS X.Then click the “Allow” tab located at the bottom of your window.Now some blocked programs and software will appear on your screen, which includes two of the LeapFrog titles.After that, you have to check them and then press the “OK” tab.Quit the “Security & Privacy” window.When your system allowed the LeapFrog files to run on your computer, you may install the “Connect” app.In case you are unable to run the “Connect” app on your system, delete the application at once and then install it again and then try to run it.Making changes in Mac to fix Connect app setting up issuesIn case you are using an old version of Mac OS software on your Mac, then you may face LeapFrog connecting set up issues. To allow the LeapFrog Connect app to install, you have to follow these simple steps:First of all, expand the “System Preferences.”Then navigate to the “Security and Privacy” icon. Then hit it.Now press the “General” button.Look for the option that reads “Allow applications downloaded from.”Select the “Anywhere” option from the drop-down list. Then download the “LeapFrog Connect” app on your Mac. After downloading the installation, modify the settings change again to turn it to the previous one.Database Error 4In case you found an error code-4 while trying to download the LeapFrog Connect app on your system, you will be required to change its settings to the default mode. To do so, continue with these steps:First of all, launch “Finder” and then hit the “Applications” folder.Navigate to the “Utilities” and hit it.Now you have to launch the “Disk Utility” option.Then you have to tap the primary boot drive option from the available listing located at the left-hand side.Then you have to hit the “Info” tab.Navigate to the “Format” section and look at it to make sure whether your drive is erased to “Case sensitive, Journaled” or not.Troubleshooting “Error Message 23”In case your system is showing Error Message 23 after downloading the LeapFrog Connect app, then pursue these instructions:First of all, tap the “Library” folder to expand it. It is located on your drive.Now hit the “Application Support” option. Then tap the “LeapFrog” and finally click on the “LeapFrog Connect.”Now remove the file that reads “” It will enable you to run the “LeapFrog Connect” application more smoothly.Ryan Smith is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2002. As a technical expert, Davis has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as :
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HomeKit is a popular smart home system which offers a lot of benefits. If you use Apple devices, then setting up HomeKit will be a breeze. In this blog, we will discuss the process of setting up Apple HomeKit accessories on iPhoneAdding an accessory in Home app on your iOS deviceFirst of all, check all the precautionary steps to add accessory to the Home application. It includes checking its working mode, whether it is powered on or not. Then examine its user manual to check its needs of additional hardware for customizing home accessories.Follow these simple steps to know how it will work:Launch the Home app on the iPhone.Hit the “Add Accessory” option.Once the accessory emerges out, hit on it. In case you are required to connect your accessory to the network, then hit the “Yes” option to allow.Then you will be required to scan an eight-digit HomeKit scan code from your device camera. Alternatively, you may type it in a manual way also.Now, you have to provide some of the information related to your tool/accessory. For example; its name or location in which it is placed. Then, Siri will automatically identify all the information that you have provided for your accessory.Then, hit the “Next” button and tap “Done” to confirm.If you desire to manage some specific accessories like Honeywell thermostats, then you have to undergo additional setups through the particular app.Customizing accessories under Home Application You may manage all the information and other settings related to your accessory. Continue with these steps:First of all, tap the “Home app” to open on your Smartphone.Go to the bottom portion and hit the “Home” tab.Then you have to hold any accessory and hit “Details.”Here you may provide all the information related to your accessory like:Name of your selected accessory/tools.A specified location.Type of accessory.Place your accessory into the “Favorites” section to access it easily from your Home tab, Apple Watch or Control Center.Switch the notifications bar to enable mode to get any status and notifications from it.Managing favorite scene in your Home appThe scenes enable you to handle one or more accessories in one go. For example, The “Bye” scene allows the users to adjust/manage the lights and thermostats on the Home application.First of all, launch the “Home” application.Then hit the “Home tab”/”Rooms” button.Now you have to add any of your desired scenes by tapping the “+” symbol.You may apply any of the suggested scenes or make a scene in a custom way.4. Hit on any of your desired option from “Add” or “Remove” accessories options.5. Now select any of the accessories that you like to join.6. Now hit the “Done” option to save your modifications.You may apply these points to bring other changes into your scene effects:In order to customize your scene, you have to hold and then modify its appearance settings.You have to touch on your desired scene, which you wish to preview.You have to turn the Show in Favorites option into “ON” mode to view your favorite scene from your Home bar, Control Center, or Apple Watch functions.7. Then hit on the “Done” option to complete your action.Sharing access your Home kit Devices on iOS with othersFirst of all, you have to make sure that your friends or other people have an iOS device running on iOS-10 edition and have access to iCloud.To do this method, follow these steps:First of all, open the Home application on your Smartphone.Then go to Home tab located at the lower part of your Home application.Hit the “Rocket” tab.Then, you have to hit on the “Invite” option.Next, type the specified Apple ID of your friend/person. Then hit the “Send Invite” option.Accepting HomeKit Invitation on iPhoneJust launch the Home application over your iPhone.Hit the rocket symbol.Then hit the Home Settings option.Then touch on the “Accept” option.Next, hit the “Done” tab.Now, you may hit the rocket symbol. Then touch your desired Home name to customize it.Removing and Resetting Home accessories on iOSFirst of all, navigate the Home application to launch on your iPhone by tapping on it.Now, hit the “Home” tab.Search for the small rocket symbol present at the upper-right edge of your phone’s screen. Then touch on it to expand.Now, tap the “Remove Home” option at the lower portion of your screen by scrolling the page.Now touch the “Delete” tab to confirm the deletion.Now check the manual or search for the button to reset your HomeKit accessories.Deam Jones is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for Norton security products at :
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There are numerous advantages of using Siri on your device, and there are several of them that you may not even know about. It may be to convert a picture into GIF, share your music playlist, or getting directions for the nearby concert; the app facilitates everything you can ever need. So, here are the steps to Add & Share Shortcuts on iOS 12 & iOS 13.Sharing Shortcuts from the Shortcut Editor in iOS 12If you want to share shortcuts from the shortcut editor in iOS 12, then you need to follow the instructions given below.First of all, you have to launch the shortcuts app on the iPad or iPhone.Then you should go to the horizontal ellipsis menu icon on the shortcut you would like to share.You have to select the share option at the top right-hand side of the screen.You should go to the share sheet and choose one from the options.Sharing Shortcuts from the Shortcut Editor in iOS 13You need to share shortcuts from the shortcut editor in iOS 13, follow the steps mentioned below. Get started by launching the Settings app on the iPad or iPhone.Then you should select the Shortcuts app.You have to switch the“Allow Untrusted Shortcuts” to “On”.Now, when you launch the information of a shortcut in iOS 13, you will see a share option.To get started, go to the Shortcuts app on the iPad or iPhone.Then you should select the horizontal ellipsis menu icon on each shortcut you would like to share.Navigate to the share option at the lower right-hand side of the screen.Now, choose one from the options present on the share sheet.Sharing a Shortcut from the Library in iOS 12If you want to share a shortcut from the library in iOS 12, then you need to follow the instructions given below.To begin with, launch the Shortcuts app on your device.After reaching the shortcut, press and hold it firmly. Keep your finger on the pop-up.You should swipe upward on the shortcut pop-up.Then you have to tap on the Share option.Sharing a Shortcut from the Library in iOS 13If you need to share a shortcut from the library in iOS 13, then follow the steps mentioned below. First, you have to launch the Shortcuts app on your device.Then you should press and hold the shortcut you would like to share.Now, tap on the Share option.Sharing a Shortcut from its SettingsIf you want to share a shortcut from its settings, then you need to follow the instructions given below.First and foremost, launch the Shortcuts on the iPad or iPhone.After that, go to the shortcut and select the horizontal ellipsis menu icon you would like to share.You have to select the settings option.Now, navigate to the Share Shortcut option.Sharing Links to a Particular Shortcut in iOS 13.1In case you want to share links to a particular shortcut in iOS 13.1, then go through the below-mentioned steps. Get started by going to the Shortcuts and either select Create Shortcut or choose the +Add option.Then you should tap on Add Action.Go to the search bar and input “Get My Shortcuts” in it.You should tap on “Get My Shortcuts”.Navigate to the +Add option.Now, input the “Choose From List” into the search bar.After that tap on “Choose From List”.Go to the Show More option.Switch the “Select Multiple” option to “On” if you would like to be able to choose multiple shortcuts simultaneously.Navigate to the +Add icon.Enter “Get Link to File” into the search bar.After that tap on “Get Link to File.”Go to the +Add icon.Input “Copy to Clipboard” into the search bar.Select “Copy to Clipboard” option.Then you should select the horizontal ellipsis menu icon in the upper right-hand side of the screen.You should give a name to the shortcut.Now, tap on Done and tap again for confirmation.If you would like to share a shortcut or multiple shortcuts, select the newly-created shortcut.To get started, go to the Share Shortcut Links.You should select the shortcuts you would like to share.Then tap on Done.You have to tap on Create Links. Then wait for the selected links to be copied, if a tickmark comes on the shortcut.Now, paste the links wherever you would like to share them.Sharing Links to all of the Shortcuts in iOS 13.1 If you want to share links to all of the shortcuts in iOS 13.1, then you have to follow the instructions given below.To begin with, go to the Shortcuts, select the Create Shortcut or choose the +add icon.You should select the Add Action.Type “Get My Shortcuts” into the search bar.You have to tap on Get My Shortcuts.Tap on +add icon.Then you should input “Get Link to File” into the search bar.Go to the Get Link to File.You should select the horizontal ellipsis menu icon on the top right-hand side of the screen.Later, give a name to the shortcut.Now, tap on Done and tap again for confirmation.If you would like to share all of the shortcuts, select the new shortcut.Go to Share all shortcuts.Select Create Links. Now you have to wait for the selected links to be copied. It will take a while according to how much shortcuts you got.Now, paste the links wherever you would like to share them.Stopping Share a ShortcutWish to stop sharing a shortcut? Then follow the steps mentioned below. First, you have to locate the shortcut link which you shared before. You can share on iMessage, web or in an SMS to store it to a Note or any other way.Select the link. It will instantly be taken to the Shortcuts application to see the shortcut.Now, tap on Stop Sharing and tap again for confirmation.Adding a Shared Shortcut to the LibraryIf you want to add a shared shortcut to the library, then you need to follow the instructions given below.First, you have to go to the file or link for the shortcut you would like to add.Now, go to Add Shortcut in iOS 12 or Add Untrusted Shortcut in iOS 13 and iPadOS 13.I’m Justin Hinkle and I have always loved Ohio. It has been a source of joy and comfort to me for many years. I am currently working for at Newyork but still think of Ohio.Source:
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Apple has introduced the latest iOS 13.3 and it packs new features; however, it needs a third-party developer. Apple is releasing the developer betas so that the software engineers find and fix the issues and provide an optimized OS to the users.Important Dates5 November 2019: Apple introduces 13.3 beta iOS 1 for developers23 October 2019: Apple introduces iOS 13.2 beta 4 for developersWhat is different in the latest iOS 13.3?The company has introduced the beta version of iOS 13.3 for developers. The post contains the steps in order to download the beta. If you are excited about the iOS 13.3, then with beta testing you can instantly get it for yourself.How to create an archived backup on iPhoneWhen you start, make sure to backup your iPhone. The download process for beta is simple and here is how to do it:Connect the iPhone into your Windows PC or Mac.Launch the iTunes application.Tap on the iPhone icon of the in the menu bar.Ensure that backup is set on this PC.Tap on the Back up now option.Back up the data if needed.Click on Command and open the Preferences option.Tap on the Devices tab.Control-click on your backup option and select Archive.How to download iOS 13.3 beta using iTunesNavigate to on your device.Tap on the “discover” option.Tap on the operating system buttons in the menu bar on top of your screen.Select the Download option.Log in to your developer accounts with a password and username.Go to iOS 13 beta and Download the Images.Tap on the iOS restores the image.Select Applications on the list of beta software.Tap the Download option next to Xcode 11. Wait till the Xcode completes downloading.Click on iTunes from your Applications folder or from your dock.Connect the Mac to the iPhone.Tap the icon of the iPhone that shows on iTunes. You may be asked to enter your iPhone password.Tap on the check for update option while holding the option key down on your Mac.Tap on the downloads option, or whatever location you installed the iOS 13 restore image.Tap on the iOS 13 restores image option.Tap Open.iTunes will start installing iOS 13 on your iPhone. This process is going to take some time, and you should not remove the plug of your iPhone from your Mac until the installation is fully finished.How to download the iOS 13.3 beta using the profileIn case you need to install the iOS13.3 beta using the profile, then you need to follow the offered steps:Navigate to on your iPhoneTap on the Discover tabSelect the operating system buttons options on the top of the screenClick downloads option.Log in to your developers’ account with the username and password.Go to the iOS beta section and click on the download option. The downloading process will start on your iPhone.Select Close.Open the Settings option.Click on the downloaded profile.Select install. Then you must enter the passcode.Click install on the terms and conditions at the top-right corner.Click Restart.Install iOS 13.3 betaSelect Settings from your home screenClick on General.Choose software updates.Once the update is open, click on the download and install option.Input the passcode.Click on Agree to terms and conditions.Click again on the Agree option to confirm.How to start with iOS betaClick ContinueInput your password and Apple ID.iCloud Settings will update in a minute.Click on Get start option.Once it’s done, you are ready to use your latest iOS beta.Ryan Smith is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2002. As a technical expert, Davis has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as
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The mobility center of windows is accessible on Windows 10 laptops but not on PCs. Users may need the mobility center of Windows on the desktop as well. If the users have the mobility center of windows enable on the desktop PC, they can access the settings of the presentation effortlessly. It is the in-built section that contains different options that are important too. It is important to create the System Restore Point and back up the Registry. If you want this for your PC, then you are on the right post. Go through the blog and follow the instructions to enable the mobility center on windows 10 PC.Enable the Mobility Center on Windows 10 PCIf the user wants to enable it on Windows 10, then you can follow the given options:Launch Registry EditorMake the MobilityCenter keys and AdaptableSettingsMake RunOnDesktop values and SkipBatteryCheckSet the values to 1Launch Registry EditorIf you want to launch Registry Editor, then abide by the given instructions:Click on Win + R.Input regedit.Tap Enter option.After launching registry editor to the PC, go to the given path:HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\Software\\Microsoft\\MobilePC\\Make the two keys in the Mobile PC folder.Right-click on it, Choose new then Key give names to it:AdaptableSettingsMobilityCenterIf any of them is present in the MobilePC folder; then, users don’t have to make them again.After creating the keys, choose AdaptableSettings, right-click on space to the right side.Click on New.Then tap DWORD value.Name it as the SkipBatteryCheck.Double click on it after creating and change the value to 1.Then press Save.Launch the MobileCenter, right-click on space to the right side.Choose New.Click on DWORD Value.Users have to give name as RunOnDesktop then change the value to 1.Launch Mobile Center of Windows on Windows 10 PCIn case you need to launch a mobile center of windows on Windows 10 PC, then you need to follow the offered steps:When users have completed the entire steps, then they can launch the file explorer and type the following: %LocalAppdata%\\Microsoft\\Windows\\WinX\\Group3Here users can locate the executable folder of Mobile Center. They can tap twice on a folder to launch section, then create a shortcut of it.Deam Jones is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for Norton security products at
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