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The cockroaches in life always leave a light or heavy scars on the body. Scars can not only affect the function and shape of the patient, but also the appearance of the patient. Today people want to achieve perfection, but the existence of scars impedes the general beauty of our skin and leads to a lack of integrity.After trying different types of products, there are many people who go to the hospital for scar treatment, some for a surgical repair, to have a quick effect, comfortable treatment and a high level of safety that gives the scar patients a hopeful light.CO2 fractionated laser treatment according to the scar principleThe Fractional CO2 Laser machine target is the water in the skin tissue. Some degree of thermal exfoliation, more thermal coagulation, and significant thermal effects are produced at the laser penetration site. The thermal effect produces collagen fiber contraction, thermal coagulation, and thermal peel to form a minimally invasive small hole about 0.12 mm in diameter and about 2 to 4 mm deep. At this time, the heat tissue of the normal tissue between the small hole and the small hole after the wound is activated to initiate the skin wound repair mechanism. a large amount of collagen is regenerated and the dermal framework is reconstructed and the scar is smoothed.altco2 fractionated laser treatment advantage1. Easy to repair after the operationThe CO2 dot matrix laser is being used more and more in clinical practice, and its therapeutic effect on scar treatment is comparable to that of orthopedic surgery. After treatment, repair time is short, side effects are mild, complications are low, and patients are more acceptable, which meets the requirements of minimally invasive and non-invasive cosmetic surgery. With the increase in treatment cases and the pooling of experiences, the treatment plan is becoming more mature and has good prospects for development.2. The personalized treatment planThe CO2 dot matrix laser can be adapted to individual needs. At the time of treatment, the diameter and depth of the micropores can be adjusted. Of all lasers, only the treatment range of the CO2 point laser can achieve a setting of 5 to 100%, and a single treatment can have significant effects.3. Short recovery timeThe skin can be recovered in 7-10 days. During treatment, the part into which the laser penetrates directly forms a matrix of small white spots. The skin around these tiny spots instantly triggers a lateral repair mechanism and the epidermis completely heals within 8 hours. After about 7-10 days, the mink drops off at the small white spot and the skin returns to its normal appearance. Internal collagen regeneration can take up to 6 months or even longer.4. CO2 fractionated laser treatment range and effectHemorrhoids and acne:CO2 laser skin resurfacing machine play a more important role in repairing scars after hemorrhoids, including early intervention in early energy, prevention of atrophy, and support for wound healing. Today CO2 dot matrix lasers are the gold standard for scars after hemorrhoids.Different types of scars:CO2 lasers can enhance virtually any type of deep or shallow scar with or without pigmentation, acne scars, traumatic scars, surgical scars, or burn scars.Superficial neoplasm in the face:Such as sweat tumor, seborrheic keratosis, mucus and congestion, millet rash, flat wart, warts and so on.Stretch marks:CO2 lasers can be applied to stretch marks that are difficult to handle. By stimulating the dermal tissue, damaged skin can regenerate and rearrange collagen, restoring the skin to a smooth condition and reducing the appearance or extent of stretch marks.The CO2 laser acts on the vaginal mucosa and muscle layer, promoting vaginal tissue regeneration without pain and invasiveness, tightening the vagina, improving vaginal immunity, reducing the rate of infection, increasing sensitivity and lubrication, and restoring the woman's private organization can be. Healthy and firm, to reach a young and solid woman from within.
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808nm semiconductor lasers and multifunction OPTs are the two instruments that are currently the most widely used on the market. The combined effects of these two tools can result in painless hair removal and permanent hair removal. Many customers ask what these two tools have. What is the difference? How to choose? Today I explain the difference between "808 nm semiconductor laser and multifunction OPT".808nm diode laser hair removalThe main function of the 808nm diode laser hair removal. His working principle is based on selective thermodynamics. The microprocessor controls the laser power supply to provide the laser module with an adjustable constant current so that the high power laser diode inside the laser module converts the electrical energy into light energy, continuous laser with a wavelength of 808nm, the effective penetration depth of 808nm can target the target tissue. Hair nipples), and the appropriate pulse duration ensures that the target tissue causes sufficient thermal damage and the surrounding tissue remains virtually untouched, resulting in hair loss and loss of regenerative ability to permanent hair removal. In addition, the freezing-point semiconductor laser hair removal apparatus uses a sapphire skin cooling system which has a cool feeling in the treatment. It is a really painless device for permanent hair removal.altMultifunction OPT:It's a smart, non-peeling skin reconstruction system that combines OPT IPL hair removal machine technology with the perfect pulse light technology. The principle of hair removal corresponds to the principle of 808 nm semiconductor laser hair removal. When it reaches the skin rejuvenation, it can directly break the melanin with strong and fast energy to improve the pigmented skin and achieve the purpose of lightening and cleansing the skin. The difference between a skin rejuvenation laser and a conventional laser is the pulse width (pulse duration). The shorter the pulse width, the weaker the effect of light conversion to heat, and the lower the photothermal effect, the less likely it is to spread to the surrounding intact tissue. The stronger the role. Pigmented lesions may result in greater therapeutic effect with shorter treatment times. faster, more energetic, more effective and safer.The difference between diode and OPTMultifunction OPT: The multifunction OPT uses the OPT technology for hair removal and the principle of strong pulsed light. Due to its many functions, the selected laser wavelength is relatively wide and is well suited for black hair, but also for other hair colors such as yellow hair. The effect of whitish lint is weak. OPT multifunctional instruments may also be used for freckles (eg freckles, sunburns, age spots and various types of pigments), hemorrhoids, skin tensions, vascular lesions, exogenous pigmented skin lesions, black-faced pupae (reduced pores, white staining), skin rejuvenation, blackhead removal, oil control, etc . can carry out many beauty projects and have a high market share.808 Diode laser: The diode laser is based on the principle of selective photothermal action. The hair follicle and the hair shaft are rich in melanin. With the laser wavelength 808, diode laser hair removal machine treatment with melanin as a target can be accurately and selectively performed. It's a professional hair removal tool, not just for black. Hair, for other hair colors, yellow hair, white hair, brown hair, etc. can be effectively removed, stable performance, accurate and fast, very good adsorption of melanin, is the gold standard instrument for hair removal projects.Conclusion: Both instruments are equipped with a hair removal function. The 808 nm semiconductor laser is known as the global gold standard for hair removal. It is a professional hair removal device. The OPT function is complete and covers a wide range. It can be used as a beauty project and inexpensively. It can be based on its own storefront. Select the device.
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Las cicatrices son un producto natural de la curación de heridas humanas. Desde un punto de vista clínico, generalmente es causado por la cicatrización de heridas de la piel, tejido subcutáneo o tejido profundo y puede combinarse con la pérdida de tejido subcutáneo, músculo, hueso y similares. La cicatriz trae un gran dolor físico y mental al paciente, lo que resulta en que el paciente tiene obstáculos físicos y mentales.

En la actualidad, el uso clínico de la Fractional CO2 Laser machine tratar las cicatrices tiene un efecto curativo obvio. Tiene el doble efecto de la gasificación inmediata y el estiramiento de la piel, así como la estimulación a largo plazo de la hiperplasia de colágeno. Alcanza completamente el efecto del tratamiento de evaluación tradicional y ajusta con precisión el tamaño, la densidad, la forma y el muestreo de los patrones de escaneo. Modo, profundidad de penetración para satisfacer las necesidades de diferentes condiciones de la piel. El láser fraccional de CO2 es un tratamiento mínimamente invasivo entre tratamientos invasivos y no invasivos que reduce significativamente el tiempo de recuperación después del tratamiento. El láser se usa para aplicar poros finos de manera uniforme en la piel, lo que a su vez provoca una serie de reacciones bioquímicas de la piel para lograr los efectos de rejuvenecimiento, reducción de arrugas, cicatrización y decoloración de los parches. Reduce eficazmente la ansiedad mental del paciente.


¿Por qué elegir un láser de CO2 en modo fraccional?

Láser CO2 ordinario tradicional

Un láser de CO2 convencional ordinario es un láser exfoliante que se asemeja a la dermoabrasión, lo que permite reparar y reparar la piel (no se rompa, hay una forma de palear y fijar la pared) la masilla) Sin embargo, una amplia gama de tratamientos es propensa a decoloración, pérdida de color e incluso cicatrices. Esto no es efectivo, no es seguro y es muy vergonzoso.

Modo fraccional de láser de CO2

El láser de CO2 fraccionado es diferente. Cuando el láser se aplica a la piel, la piel normal se encuentra entre los dos puntos. Al proporcionar una profundidad de espiga profunda, la piel se puede restaurar rápidamente y no es fácil de producir. Efecto secundario.

Ventajas del proyecto láser fraccional de CO2:

1. Tratamiento mágico sin daños: el láser fraccional utiliza un sistema láser de matriz de puntos, con el cual el láser para ablar el tejido puede hacer microporos con un diámetro de 80-100 micras en la piel, la distancia del agujero es de 500 micras, esos son los microporos deben cerrarse dentro de un día después del tratamiento y son difíciles de ver a simple vista, con poca excreción, sangrado e infección.
2. Plan de tratamiento personalizado personalizable: el láser fraccional se puede adaptar a las necesidades individuales. El diámetro y la profundidad de los microporos son ajustables durante el tratamiento. De todos los láseres, solo el rango de tratamiento del láser fraccionado puede lograr un ajuste del 5 al 100%, y un solo tratamiento puede proporcionar resultados significativos.
3. La piel se puede restaurar: durante el tratamiento, el láser penetra directamente en la pieza y forma una matriz de pequeñas manchas blancas. La piel alrededor de estas pequeñas manchas activa instantáneamente un mecanismo de reparación lateral, y la epidermis se cura por completo en 8 horas para que pueda lavarse y bañarse la cara. Después de aproximadamente 3-6 días, el visón cae en la pequeña mancha blanca y la piel vuelve a su apariencia normal. La regeneración interna de colágeno puede tomar hasta 6 meses o incluso 6 años.
4. Seguridad: debido a la alta capacidad de penetración del láser fraccionado, el trauma es bajo y la cobertura microporosa del láser fraccionado es uniforme, evitando la superposición de los puntos. Por lo tanto, es el láser más adecuado para un tratamiento integral para que la piel pueda restaurar rápidamente una imagen suave.
Cuadro comparativo para el efecto de uso de la CO2 fractional laser machine .

¿Qué puede hacer el láser fraccional de CO2?

Varias arrugas (arrugas de la frente, arrugas de las cejas, arrugas de los ojos, pliegues periorales, pliegues del cuello, estrías en el abdomen, etc.)
Varias cicatrices (cicatrices de trauma, cicatrices de quemaduras, cicatrices de sutura)
Lesiones vasculares (hiperplasia capilar, rosácea)
Eliminar la epidermis, glándulas sudoríparas, etc.
Rejuvenecimiento (estiramiento facial, estiramiento de la piel, etc.)
Manchas de color, ictiosis, enfermedad de la piel del pollo, sangre roja, etc.
Piel flácida, bolsas, acné
Especialmente diseñado para el estiramiento vaginal

Tratamiento con láser fraccionado de CO2 otras preguntas y respuestas comunes

P: ¿Por qué el láser fraccional de CO2 debe tener una profundidad estimulante?
R: El láser fraccional de CO2 a nivel micrónico puede alcanzar la capa de la dermis, lo que puede causar la regeneración y reorganización del colágeno, causando la proliferación o apoptosis de los fibroblastos cicatriciales, lo que puede causar una remodelación suficiente del tejido, desempeñar un papel terapéutico, mejorar la textura y la planeidad.
P: ¿Por qué se trata con láser fraccional de CO2 en toda el área de distribución de cicatrices?
R: Toda el área, incluida la piel normal en el área de distribución, debe escanearse con un láser para que la piel pueda sanar nuevamente, todo el colágeno se encoja y la piel esté firme para que se puedan obtener mejores resultados.

P: ¿Cuánto tiempo es razonable el intervalo entre los tratamientos con láser fraccional de CO2?
R: El intervalo de tratamiento del láser fraccionado de CO2 es generalmente el intervalo más corto de 2 meses.
P: ¿El pinhole láser fraccional de CO2 hace que las personas sean dependientes? ¿Por qué?
R: No hay dependencia, porque el principio del láser fraccional es estimular la proliferación de colágeno en sí, activar el sistema de reparación automática, y la industria de los EE. UU. Usa otros productos farmacéuticos, por lo que no hay dependencia.

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1. diferencias de color de piel y cabello

El tratamiento de la OPT IPL photorejuvenation machine para la depilación varía según el color de la piel y el color del cabello. Dado que la intensidad del efecto del tratamiento con OPT está determinada por el pigmento en la piel, los folículos capilares en diferentes lugares reaccionan de manera diferente a la depilación de la OPT. En el mismo individuo, los efectos depilatorios de las diferentes partes son diferentes porque las diferentes partes de la coloración del cabello son diferentes.

2. diferencias físicas

Dado que el cuerpo de cada persona es diferente, la densidad del cabello y la capacidad de crecimiento son diferentes, el efecto de depilación OPT es diferente. Diferentes personas usan el mismo método de depilación. Algunas personas sensibles pueden eliminarlas todas a la vez, mientras que otras que son insensibles pueden necesitar varias veces para lograr el mismo efecto.


3. Diferencias en el equipo de tratamiento OPT

Las diferencias en el dispositivo de tratamiento con láser u OPT también afectan el efecto de la depilación.

4. médico de la empresa experiencia diferencias

Independientemente del tipo de tecnología para el cuidado de la piel, los cirujanos experimentados generalmente están mejor que los cirujanos sin experiencia. Esto se debe al alto nivel de precisión que experimentan los cirujanos experimentados al determinar la intensidad de la OPT necesaria para determinar el vello de su cuerpo, de modo que el tratamiento de depilación OPT es, por supuesto, menos efectivo que el de un cirujano sin experiencia.

5. OPT depilación en la piel ¿hay algún daño?

La piel del cuerpo es una estructura relativamente transparente, dada la fuerte OPT, la piel es simplemente un celofán transparente, la OPT puede ser folículos capilares profundos muy suaves a través de la piel, los folículos capilares con mucha melanina, por lo que la absorción preferencial es grande. cantidad de energía OPT y finalmente, convertida en calor, temperatura del folículo piloso, para destruir el propósito de la función del folículo piloso.
La piel no está dañada, ya que la piel absorbe relativamente poca o ninguna energía luminosa.

6. ¿El cabello será más negro?

El vello restante después del tratamiento con OPT hair removal machine vuelve más fino y el color se vuelve más claro. Afeitarse, depilarse, depilarse, encerar papel encerado, el uso a largo plazo de estos métodos, el cabello es gradualmente más grueso y más duro, más oscuro.

7. efecto de depilación para todos, todas las partes son iguales?

La frecuencia y el efecto de la depilación y el cuerpo, el color y el grosor del cabello, el tipo de piel tienen una cierta relación. Cuanto más blanco es el color, más oscuro es el cabello, más espesa es el área y mejor es el efecto de depilación.

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IPL skin rejuvenation is a popular method of daily skin care and has long been the new favorite of many stars, but many people still have a little understanding of it.

such as:

"What is IPL Rejuvenation?"

"Is IPL skin rejuvenation safe? Will it burn my skin? "

"Am I eligible for IPL skin rejuvenation?"

"IPL skin rejuvenation makes my skin sensitive?"

It's time to uncover the mystery of "IPL rejuvenation".

What is IPL skin rejuvenation?

In the case of IPL Skin Rejuvenation machine, Dye Pulse Light technology is used to perform a cosmetic skin treatment. Its function is to eliminate/reduce various pigment spots on the skin, to improve skin elasticity and to remove fineness. Wrinkles, improved facial telangiectasias, improved facial pores, and rough skin can also improve the color of yellow skin. As the curative effect goes well beyond photo rejuvenation and significantly shortens the treatment cycle, it has epochal importance in the field of optical cosmetic skin rejuvenation technology.

What is the principle of IPL skin rejuvenation?

When the repair light is applied to the skin, the tissue changes after it has been absorbed by the skin, the alignment is dense, the collagen synthesis is promoted, the skin circulation system is accelerated, and the immunity and resistance of the skin are improved.

Biostimulation effect: The photochemical effect of intense pulsed light on the skin leads to chemical changes of the molecular structure in the collagen fibers and the elastic fibers of the dermis layer, whereby the original elasticity is restored. In addition, the photothermal effect produced by the vascular system can improve vascular function and improve blood circulation, thereby providing the therapeutic effect of eliminating wrinkles and reducing pores.
Principle of photothermolysis: Since the content of pigment clusters in the diseased tissue is much higher than that of normal skin tissue, the temperature rise temperature after absorption of light is also higher than that of the skin. Using their temperature difference, the diseased blood vessels are blocked and the pigment breaks and decomposes without damaging the normal tissue.


Three rumors about IPL skin rejuvenation

Does the precise skin rejuvenation of IPL thin out the skin?

No! Many people believe that the precise skin rejuvenation of IPL burns the skin and destroys the delicate cuticle the way the wall is cut, the thinner it is.

In fact, strong pulsed light (IPL skin rejuvenation) can activate fibroblasts in the skin, increase the synthesis of collagen fibers and elastic fibers, hyaluronic acid (hyaluronic acid). When this new collagen and elastin are rearranged, the skin becomes more elastic, firmer and firmer, with reduced wrinkles and fine pores. Therefore, the laser skin beauty not only makes the skin thinner but also thicker, more compact, elastic and younger.

Does IPL exactly rejuvenate the skin?

No! Many people believe that the precise skin rejuvenation of IPL will lead to a thinning of the skin, the skin does not have the protection of the "old skin", is sensitive, not heat resistant, not wind-resistant, sensitive to cosmetics.

This is far from the truth. Short-term (7 days after surgery), OPT IPL photorejuvenation machine accelerates the evaporation of water due to photothermal action, promotes stratum corneum peeling, and sometimes forms tiny microspheres. But all "damages" are in the controllable range and recover after 7 days. The newly healed skin has a complete structure (including the stratum corneum, the stratum corneum is replaced by new and old, even if it is not treated) and healthy features so that a IPL skin rejuvenation does not make the skin sensitive.

Science has confirmed that strong pulsed light can repair inflamed skin, reduce the release of inflammatory mediators, remove excess red blood cells, and improve skin metabolism. Therefore, strong pulsed light not only makes the skin more sensitive but also treats the underlying diseases that cause skin sensitivity - seborrheic dermatitis, hormone-dependent dermatitis, acne, and rosacea.

Does IPL rejuvenate properly? Does it cause dependency (addiction)?

No! Many people mistakenly believe that the exact skin rejuvenation of IPL is really good, but once it's done, it will cause addiction (addiction), and if it does not last, it will recover or worsen.

What holds this view is that there is no understanding of the laws of aging and the science of beauty. The aging of human skin is continuous and will not stop because of what, all the efforts we have made are only to slow down the pace of aging.

In order to get the desired results, it is necessary to treat or maintain the treatment multiple times. This is not because we are dependent or addicted to IPL.

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808nm diode laser hair removal machine with a wavelength of 808 nm, semiconductor laser emits near-infrared light wave, which penetrates into the root of the hair follicle, heat and can diffuse the pigments into the entire hair follicle. Not only can it precisely destroy hair follicles, but it can also damage adjacent tissues and permanently remove hair.
808 Laser hair removal device for permanent hair removal

Hair Removal: Beauty Apparatus The laser hair removal instrument is used to remove excess hair in all parts of the body. Laser with a wavelength of 808 nm and laser diode emits light waves in the near-infrared to ensure the removal effect of light and fine hair.

Skin rejuvenation: cosmetic instrument gold standard laser hair removal laser core technology to ensure whitening and rejuvenation, fine pores, improve skin quality, improve skin elasticity has a significant effect.


808nm diode laser hair removal machine

The laser beam is almost closed to the parallel beam, much better than the focused beam, making the treatment more effective and relieving the pain.

Mechanical filtration + ion filtration + biological filtration system that ensures the circulation of distilled water as much as possible and protects the accessories for long life.

Japan imported thermal nano-silicone grease, which transfers the temperature from the cooling disk to the sapphire and avoids damage due to lack of cooling.

S-shaped water tank in series, which solves the confusion of power reduction due to the water temperature in the cavity.

Automatic inspiratory high pressure and high rotation water pump that cools the temperature of the bolt during work, ensure the performance of the bolt and extends the service life.

Reduce the temperature within 10 minutes by 10 degrees with the refrigeration gyroscope.

Working 24 hours continuously.

Constant temperature work, extend life.

Imported spare parts like the water pump.

Automatic alarm system

Sliding mode Simple and fast operation with 10 mm * 25 mm spot.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

1. laser hair removal machine is a less painful method in all hair removal methods. Many clinical studies have shown that most patients feel "bumped" only by rubber bands.

2. Hair removal is very thorough. The laser can penetrate the deep dermis and subcutaneous adipose tissue and act on deep hair follicles in various parts of the body to effectively remove deep hair in all parts of the body.

3. It will not damage the epidermis.

4. High security.

5. Fast speed.

6. The laser hair removal light pulse time is over-regulated to protect the epidermis while removing various coarse and fine hairs.

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Las cucarachas en la vida siempre dejan cicatrices ligeras o pesadas en el cuerpo. Las cicatrices pueden afectar no solo la función y la forma del paciente, sino también la apariencia del paciente. Hoy la gente quiere alcanzar la perfección, pero la existencia de cicatrices impide la belleza general de nuestra piel y conduce a una falta de integridad.

Después de probar diferentes tipos de productos, hay muchas personas que van al hospital para recibir tratamiento de cicatrices, algunas para una reparación quirúrgica, tienen un efecto rápido, un tratamiento cómodo y un alto nivel de seguridad, lo que le da a los pacientes de cicatrices una luz esperanzadora.

Tratamiento con láser fraccionado con CO2 según el principio de la cicatriz

El objetivo de la Fractional CO2 Laser machine es el agua en el tejido de la piel. En la penetración con láser, se produce cierto grado de exfoliación térmica, más coagulación térmica y efectos térmicos significativos. El efecto térmico produce la contracción de la fibra de colágeno, la coagulación térmica y la exfoliación térmica para formar un pequeño agujero mínimamente invasivo de aproximadamente 0,12 mm de diámetro y aproximadamente de 2 a 4 mm de profundidad. En este momento, el tejido calentado del tejido normal entre el orificio pequeño y el orificio pequeño después de que la herida se activa para iniciar el mecanismo de reparación de la herida cutánea. Se regenera una gran cantidad de colágeno y se reconstruye el andamio dérmico y se alisa la cicatriz.


ventaja del tratamiento con láser fraccionado de CO2

1. Fácil de reparar después de la operación

El láser de matriz de puntos de CO2 se usa cada vez más en la práctica clínica, y su efecto terapéutico en el tratamiento de cicatrices es comparable al de la cirugía ortopédica. Después del tratamiento, el tiempo de reparación es corto, los efectos secundarios son leves, las complicaciones son bajas y los pacientes son más aceptables, lo que cumple con los requisitos de la cirugía estética mínimamente invasiva y no invasiva. Con el aumento de los casos de tratamiento y la combinación de experiencias, el plan de tratamiento se está volviendo más maduro y tiene buenas perspectivas de desarrollo.

2. El plan de tratamiento personalizado.

El láser de matriz de puntos de CO2 se puede adaptar a las necesidades individuales. En el momento del tratamiento, se puede ajustar el diámetro y la profundidad de los microporos. De todos los láseres, solo el rango de tratamiento del láser de punto de CO2 puede lograr un ajuste del 5 al 100%, y un solo tratamiento puede tener efectos significativos.

3. Tiempo de recuperación corto

La piel se puede recuperar en 7-10 días. Durante el tratamiento, la parte en la que penetra el láser forma directamente una matriz de pequeñas manchas blancas. La piel alrededor de estas pequeñas manchas activa instantáneamente un mecanismo de reparación lateral y la epidermis se cura completamente en 8 horas. Después de aproximadamente 7-10 días, el visón cae en la pequeña mancha blanca y la piel vuelve a su apariencia normal. La regeneración interna de colágeno puede demorar hasta 6 meses o incluso más.

4. Rango y efecto del tratamiento con láser fraccionado con CO2

Hemorroides y acné:

Fractional CO2 resurfacing laser juega un papel más importante en la reparación de cicatrices después de las hemorroides, incluida la intervención temprana en la energía temprana, la prevención de la atrofia y el apoyo para la curación de heridas. Hoy en día, los láseres de matriz de puntos de CO2 son el estándar de oro para las cicatrices después de las hemorroides.

Diferentes tipos de cicatrices:

Los láseres de CO2 pueden mejorar prácticamente cualquier tipo de cicatriz profunda o superficial con o sin pigmentación, cicatrices de acné, cicatrices traumáticas, cicatrices quirúrgicas o quemaduras.

Neoplasia superficial en la cara:

Tales como tumor de sudor, queratosis seborreica, moco y congestión, erupción de mijo, verruga plana, verrugas, etc.


Los láseres de CO2 se pueden aplicar a las estrías que son difíciles de manejar. Al estimular el tejido de la piel, la piel dañada puede regenerar y reorganizar el colágeno, restaurando la piel a una condición suave y reduciendo la apariencia o extensión de las estrías.

El láser de CO2 actúa sobre la mucosa vaginal y la capa muscular, promoviendo la regeneración del tejido vaginal sin dolor e invasividad, apretando la vagina, mejorando la inmunidad vaginal, reduciendo la tasa de infección, aumentando la sensibilidad y la lubricación, y restaurando la organización privada de la mujer. Saludable y firme, para llegar a una mujer joven y sólida desde dentro.

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Os dispositivos para depilação sempre foram uma parte necessária da indústria da beleza. As barbearias já inauguraram a alta temporada de depilação. Que marca de dispositivos para remoção de pêlos é boa na escolha de dispositivos para remoção de pêlos? Recomende equipamentos de depilação, uma variedade de modelos para escolher, é sempre adequado para você!

Yuanmei Tiancheng é uma operação profissional profissional de equipamentos ópticos para cosméticos médicos, pesquisa e desenvolvimento / fabricação e promoção da tecnologia óptica OPT, tecnologia DPL, tecnologia PTP a laser, tecnologia STP, tecnologia LTP, tecnologia MLA, tecnologia Dye e outros produtos e serviços .

Foco de longo prazo na pesquisa, desenvolvimento e operação de soluções médicas e cosméticas ópticas com um forte sistema independente de pesquisa e desenvolvimento. Desde a sua criação, a empresa vem acompanhando o desenvolvimento das principais empresas internacionais de produtos médicos e cosméticos, introduzindo a avançada tecnologia cosmética para laser hair removal machine de Israel e firmando parcerias com universidades de prestígio e instituições profissionais de pesquisa e desenvolvimento em casa e no exterior.


O que é melhor para dispositivos médicos e estéticos para depilação?

Benefícios dos produtos para depilação a laser 808

1. Depilação a laser semicondutor, solução segura e indolor para problemas permanentes.

2. Em um único ciclo de tratamento, muitos problemas de pele podem ser resolvidos simultaneamente: remoção de sardas, remoção de cravos, remoção de pêlos porosos, remoção de acne, remoção de acne, remoção de seda vermelha e remoção de rugas.

3. Tratamento Facial Holístico: O pequeno local delicado que quebrou os limites do tratamento com foco pode tratar facilmente partes tridimensionais, como a ponta do nariz e as asas, para que o efeito cosmético possa atingir qualquer parte do rosto inteiro .

4. O tratamento da Diode laser hair removal machine não afeta as funções fisiológicas da pele, incluindo a excreção das glândulas sudoríparas, a respiração da pele e outras funções. Pelo contrário, pode aumentar a elasticidade da pele, melhorar a estrutura da pele, tornar a pele significativamente mais jovem e fortalecer a função da pele.

5. Não há necessidade de férias: Após o tratamento, edema leve e vermelhidão, sem outras queixas, o tratamento pode ser colocado na vida normal do trabalho e do dia a dia.

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Laser hair removal has become so popular that today it is the second most widely performed cosmetic procedure in the world and has become a matter of course for many dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons and manufacturers of laser hair removal systems since the first such system was approved by the FDA Year 1995.

Laser hair removal destroys the hair follicles' hair growth by exposing them to pulses of extremely intense light. Due to the increasing demand for laser hair removal methods, more and more laser hair removal machine are being developed for the market. However, no laser hair removal device should be sold without first obtaining the FDA approval stamp.

Develop key competences

Laser hair removal focuses on the body's own chromophore melanin, which mainly occurs in the hair shaft, with a small amount present in the upper third of the follicular epithelium (Figure).

When a suitable source of energy (eg, a laser) is directed to the skin, the light is absorbed mainly by the melanin of the hair shaft. Heat is generated and diffuses to the surrounding follicular epithelium. A similar principle applies to the laser treatment of vascular lesions in which the heat generated after absorption by hemoglobin is transferred from the blood to the vascular endothelial cells.


How it works

Laser hair removal has become so popular that today it is the second most widely performed cosmetic procedure in the world and has become a matter of course for many dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons and manufacturers of laser hair removal systems since the first such system was approved by the FDA Year 1995.

Laser hair removal destroys the hair follicles' hair growth by exposing them to pulses of extremely intense light. Due to the increasing demand for laser hair removal methods, more and more diode laser hair removal machine are being developed for the market. However, no laser hair removal device should be sold without first obtaining the FDA approval stamp.

Laser and IPL use energy in the form of light to destroy the hair follicle. The energy transferred from the handpiece is absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicle, heats up briefly to about 70 degrees Celsius and kills the follicle, preventing further hair growth. To complicate matters, most people also have melanin in their skin, which also absorbs light energy and generates heat in the skin. If this heat is too high, it can cause blisters or burns. For this reason, the ideal candidates for these treatments are those who are dark-haired and fair-skinned like the typical Irish complexion, while sun-tanned Danes with very fair hair are poor candidates.

We always insist that clients stay out of the sun for a few weeks before treatment so that skin melanin levels are as low as possible and winter time is the ideal time for treatment. Most people can be treated with care, but some may require much more treatment, and all white, gray and even some red hair will respond poorly (or not at all) to light-based hair removal treatments.

These require much more treatment at a much lower power level, and the operator has to be extremely careful to make sure that the machine is set correctly to avoid skin damage.
Luckily, most modern laser and IPL devices greatly simplify this process, but it is still necessary to have a highly skilled operator.

The hair grows cyclically and many factors influence its growth, including age, ethnicity, weight, hormones, diet, medications and metabolism as well as the position, thickness, and resilience of your hair. Each treatment only destroys hair that is in the growth cycle. The number of hairs growing at the same time and the time between treatments vary. In general, however, we allow 4 to 8 weeks.

Hair growth cycle. Anagen is the active growth phase, Catagen is the regression phase, Telogen is a resting phase.
Laser pain sometimes causes mild pain. This discomfort has a different intensity and has been described as mild as the cracking of a rubber band to the sensation of a hot needle stick.
When treating sensitive areas (upper lip and bikini areas), some practitioners often choose a topical anesthetic cream to reduce discomfort.

A current laser hair removal machine, where a long laser pulse is directed into the subdermal skin where the hair follicles are located, is the Alexandrite laser. The heat of the laser damages the hair follicles, which are in the active hair growth phase so that the hair stops developing.

Diode lasers are laser hair removal devices constructed from miniature diodes or semiconductors to generate light. By designing the diode laser, a longer wavelength of laser light energy can be produced, which is very effective in the treatment of dark complexed individuals for hair removal.

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Nos machines sont souvent utilisées pour des traitements cutanés tels que l'épilation afin de réduire l'apparence des rides, des taches ou des cicatrices et pour éliminer les taches de rousseur et les taches solaires.Lorsque l’ laser hair removal machine est traitée à la pour ce type de traitement, il est important de veiller à ce que le client connaisse les effets secondaires possibles et l’importance du suivi. En suivant la bonne procédure, les clients recevront et conserveront les meilleurs résultats possibles.altSoins ultérieurs pour le traitement des imperfections, des taches solaires et de la pigmentationAu cours des premières 24 à 48 heures, la zone de traitement peut être traitée avec des réfrigérants ou des compresses froides afin de réduire les gonflements et de soulager la gêne. Le lendemain, la peau doit être nettoyée en douceur 4 à 5 fois par jour, suivie de l'utilisation d'une pommade pour hydrater la peau. Ce processus empêche la formation de croûtes. Selon le type de traitement, la zone devrait guérir dans environ 10 à 21 jours.Soins de la peau après traitementDès que la peau cesse de s'estomper, généralement 7 à 10 jours après le traitement, une légère couche de maquillage minéral peut être appliquée sur la tache pour recouvrir les taches rouges ou les taches. Les praticiens doivent s'assurer que tous les clients sont conscients de l'importance d'utiliser un écran solaire sur une nouvelle peau pour éviter les dommages causés par le soleil.Le suivi est aussi important que le traitement préalable et le traitement proprement dit. En veillant à ce que tous les clients soient informés du processus de suivi, ils devraient obtenir les meilleurs résultats possibles avec un traitement par diode laser hair removal machine avec peu ou pas de complications. S'il vous plaît parlez à votre thérapeute sur le suivi.
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Hay tantos métodos de depilación en el mercado que puede ser difícil elegir uno. Laser hair removal machine puede ahorrar mucho tiempo y restaurar su confianza. Piensa en cuántos de los siguientes problemas son parte de tu vida diaria para ayudarte. Si piensas, "¡Ese soy yo!", Tu pregunta probablemente ha sido respondida por ti.

¿Te afeitas todos los días?

Si su cabello vuelve a crecer tan rápido que alcanza la afeitadora casi todos los días, puede ser hora de pensar en una solución a largo plazo. La depilación láser le brinda la capacidad de reducir permanentemente e incluso eliminar completamente el vello después de 6 a 8 tratamientos.

¿El crecimiento te hace rojo y pica?

No es divertido cubrirse durante días después de crecer, porque su piel parece que tiene varicela. Cuando sus piernas salen por primera vez, cuando las piernas suaves y sedosas que ha estado esperando están casi completamente cubiertas de cabello nuevamente, ¡es hora de un cambio!


¿Sufres de vellos encarnados?

El cabello encarnado es un problema común debido a las técnicas de afeitado o depilación inadecuadas. Como probablemente sepa, es doloroso seguir afeitándose cuando se han desarrollado los vellos encarnados. No solo eso, también son antiestéticos y pueden hacerte sentir incómodo usando ropa llamativa. ¡Despídase de los folículos pilosos irritados y la piel con depilación láser, que elimina el vello directamente del folículo!

¿Tienes cabello en lugares bien visibles que te hacen esconderte en lugar de mostrar tu cara en público?

Si usted es una mujer o un hombre con vello facial no deseado, que seguramente será difícil de ocultar, la depilación láser puede ser su salvación. ¡La libertad de salir sin preocuparse de que la gente lo mire por razones equivocadas no tiene precio!

¿Eres un hombre con pelo en el pecho que te hace sentir menos masculino, pero más como una mancha de hierba irregular?

Dar estos abdominales duramente ganados puede ser difícil si siente que su vello corporal está afectando su estética bien arreglada. Si está frustrado en el clima de verano en la playa porque sus esfuerzos han sido en vano, diode laser hair removal machine puede proporcionar una solución. Date la confianza para desvanecer tu camisa y sentir el viento en tu pecho.

¿Está buscando una solución para dispositivos láser caros?

Si su objetivo comercial es ofrecer depilación láser, tenemos los productos y servicios para usted. Somos el mayor distribuidor de máquinas láser en Australia con más de 300 clientes en Australia y Nueva Zelanda. Experimente la diferencia de Laseraid con nuestro alquiler de máquinas de bajo costo, opciones de compra y servicios de soporte.

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No hair, no matter: so you can benefit from the best laser hair removal in Toronto
You spent whole days of your life shaving your legs. Is not that silly?

We do not exaggerate. The average woman will spend 72 days of her life shaving her legs as you add up the time.

That's far too much if you ask us. Instead, opt for laser hair removal. It can not give you back the time you've lost, but it can save you those days in the future!

Find out more reasons why you should invest in the process described below.

1. It is inexpensive

The average razor-blade package for women costs about fourteen dollars. At least it was the last time we looked at it.

Given that you should change your razor about every two months, that's about 300 razors in fifty years. Fortunately, after fifty years menopause takes care of hair removal for you.

Nevertheless, three hundred razors are a lot. Let's say there are four razors in the $ 14 pack. By the end of those fifty years, you've spent $ 1,050 on razors alone.

And that is not to be expected with shaving cream or lotions.

Diode laser hair removal is much cheaper. In the long term, you save time and money. You also do not have to wipe your little hair out of the corner or the shower.

It may be worth it!


2. No ingrown hair

If you shave, you must use a high-quality razor and a shaving cream to avoid bumps and ingrown hairs. But you can not prevent them all. Unsightly and painful ingrown hairs happen to the best of us.

And not to scare you, but you should never dig or pop them yourself. If they are small, just peel the area off and put some cream on the bump.

This woman tried to remove ingrown hair herself and nearly died of staph infection.

This does not happen with laser hair removal. While your legs may be slightly irritated or itchy after the treatments, no hair is ingrown.

And any discomfort is temporary and lasts only a few hours. If you want to avoid ingrown toe-to-toe hair, you should consider laser hair removal.

3. It is versatile

Laser hair removal machine is suitable for anyone - any adult who has hair in an unwanted place.

Men come to us to remove chest hair or even have neck treatments done. The shaving of your neck is hard and sharp in many cuts and nicks.

Women come to us mostly because of their legs, but also because of the rest of their body.

What can you get laser hair removal for?

Your legs, back, neck, forearms, arms, and chest.

These are many places where you do not have to shave anymore! Imagine saving time with just a few treatments over the years.

4. It's fast

While laser hair removal requires some treatments for lasting results, it is nothing more than a month to wait between waxes. When you grow an area of ​​your body, you have to wait until the hair has a certain length before it can be waxed again.

The hair must be long enough for the wax to grab it, which makes sense.

But you do not have to worry about laser hair removal. You can schedule all your sessions in the time required to regrow enough hair to get a regrowth.

And it is less painful (for most people). Our laser is fast and no hot wax needs to be poured from the skin and torn off.

5. It is not painful

When you go for your hair removal laser machine session, you may be worried about the pain. Let us calm your fears. Most areas are painless or just feel like a flash of mild heat.

The more sensitive areas feel like they're being grabbed with a rubber band from not too far away. Think of a 2 (max) from the 10-digit pain scale.

Most people describe the sensation as a slight discomfort and compare the feeling with a twinge or tingling sensation.

However, we can not promise that you will not feel anything. Each person has a remarkably different pain tolerance and some patients feel completely uncomfortable while others feel uncomfortable.

If you suffer from pain/discomfort, inform your technician. There may be things that they can do to make you feel better.

6. It has minimal side effects

Let's talk about the side effects of shaving. There are ingrown hairs that we have already talked about. But there are also bumps, dry skin and the possibility of notches.

Adding to this list is expensive and time-consuming. No technical side effects, but still relevant to the argument.

Laser hair removal has none of these symptoms, except for mild itching (which can be solved with lotion or creams).

And this itching disappears (usually) within hours, not days until razor blades or burns improve.

7. There are good, lasting results

Imagine you shaved permanently. That would be nice, right? But it is not. A well-shaven leg may stay smooth for a full day before the spiky ones reappear.

Laser hair treatment is permanent for most people as long as they complete the right number of sessions.

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OPT SHR hair removal is almost PAINFUL

OPT IPL hair removal machine destroys hair follicles with great heat. While SHR lasers fire several shots, but at lower joules. This new method gradually warms the hair follicles and creates a warm tingling sensation. - Some clients compare it to a warm massage.

In-Motion ™ technology is used by moving the handpiece over the treated skin. It contributes to the well-being that they experience during their hair reduction treatments.

Effective for all hair types and skin types

The unique SHR IPL makes all hair and skin types suitable for this treatment. SHR IPL is also an attractive solution for hair removal for those who do not want to hide from the sun. This means that hair removal treatments can be done all year round.
By using low heat, SHR IPL reduces the amount of heat absorbed by the skin. So the treatment can be carried out on tanned skin. SHR IPL technology is ideal for lighter and thinner hair.

With the best results in hair removal

Due to the area where SHR is required, we recommend 4-6 treatments every four weeks. The hair growth cycle consists of anagen, catagen, and telogen. That's why we use hair reduction treatments every four weeks.

This ensures that we are able to target the hair at the right time during the natural offspring cycle.


Fast hair removal

The SHR hair removal in motion has significantly improved the treatment speed.

Max 10Hz frequency

The SHR machine repetition rate is 1 to 10 Hz. The handpiece can deliver 10 shots in 1 second. During the IPL, each shot interval is a few seconds. Hair removal treatment with the SHR laser is three to five times faster than IPL.

Great hair removal

Super Hair Removal (SHR) is a lively process in motion. The Super SHR handpiece could slip in the target area. The method has a name Shutter HR. The IPL treatment could not move continuously on the skin, it is fixed.

SHR hair removal reviews

SHR hair removal machine with high ratings

OPT SHR hair removal machine handpiece use sapphire contact cooling system, the handpiece cooling temperature could be lower than -20 20. The low cooling temperature makes the hair removal treatment painless and pleasant. The SHR handpiece uses a lamp imported in the UK and has a lifetime of more than 1000,000 shots. There are 5 IPL filters for the handpiece. The 5 filters are for different treatment.

430nm: acne treatment

480nm: removal of spider veins

560nm: skin rejuvenation and pigment removal

590 nm: wrinkle removal

640nm: hair removal

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Freckle was a common problem for women. Different types of pigmentation have affected the beauty of women, we invest a lot of time and money in the removal of pigmentation, but are not effective. How can you effectively remove the pigmentation? Today, we will introduce Q Switch tattoo removal, which has been shown to produce obvious results in pigment removal.

How does the Q-Switch laser work?

The laser technology has greatly improved the ability to treat melanocytic lesions and tattoos with fast pulsing. The laser treatment of pigmented lesions and tattoos are based on the principle of the selected photothermolysis. The Q-Switch ND YAG laser can destroy the pigmentation in a very short time. The Q Switch laser systems can successfully brighten or eliminate a variety of benign epidermal and dermal pigmented lesions and tattoos with minimal risk of adverse effects. Let's take a look at the photo below to see how the laser pigmentation ND YAG machine works.


Does the removal of laser pigments have a side effect?

The removal of laser pigmentation differs from conventional chemical or physical stripping methods, where the absorption theory of laser selection is used. The laser directly affects the target melanin in our skin in a very short time but does not break other tissues. The laser pigmentation with the Q Switched ND YAG Laser Machine is safe and effective. In addition, laser pigmentation not only significantly removed the freckles but also improved our skin and metabolism.

The application for laser pigmentation removal :

1. Melasma, Ota, Nevus and other dermal pigmented lesions;

2. freckles, age spots, coffee stains, and other epidermal pigmented lesions;
3. Tattoo removal, tattoo, lip line, eyeliner, etc .;

4. Laser skin rejuvenation

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Shaving, tweezers and waxing all provide a temporary solution for hair growth, but nothing can match the long-lasting effects of lasers. In addition, laser hair removal treatment is applied to every part of the body.

For best results, you should be ready for laser hair removal a few weeks before your first use. This guide can help you identify great providers, plan your treatment, and use laser hair removal machine to keep your skin healthy before and after skincare tips.

How to find a provider

Study your choices.

Not all lasers are the same; finding the right type of laser clinic for your hair and skin tone is a good starting point. The type of light that eliminates dark hair on pale skin does not necessarily apply to people with blond hair or darker skin, so make sure the laser at the clinic is working for you. Once you have narrowed it down to several clinics, arrange each clinic for consultation.

Ask questions during the consultation.

Your first appointment should be a consultation - no treatment but could be a live test to see how your skin responds to the laser. Most importantly, this is when you should ask the following questions:

Is there a doctor at the scene?
How many treatments do you estimate?
How do you alleviate the pain of the laser?
What should I do to prepare for laser hair removal?
Before you determine your treatment plan, make sure you are satisfied with your employees and their reactions.


Skincare products before the first treatment

For best results, it is best to avoid direct sunlight and any other hair removal techniques for the first six weeks of treatment. Interestingly, you will be asked to shave the day before the appointment. If the hair is too long, the laser may burn your skin during treatment. If you forget, the clinic may provide you with a razor for use in the office.

Some clinics recommend taking ibuprofen or acetaminophen immediately before treatment to help relieve pain. How much pain should you expect? Read honest opinions about whether diode laser hair removal machine is harmful.

Skincare after treatment / between

While the number of sessions required for any region depends on the individual, it usually takes 5 to 12 sessions to get the best results.

These meetings are separated by at least 4-6 weeks. In the meantime, you should continue to avoid all hair removal methods. You should also avoid exposing the area to direct sunlight - and apply a large amount of sunscreen to prevent pigmentation from becoming a treatment area.

In addition, remember that the side effects of laser hair removal include a sunburn-like feeling that lasts for a few days, so store cold and ice to soothe the treated skin.

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Vous êtes passé par là: avant de quitter la voiture et de commencer à travailler, vous appliquez le nouveau rouge à lèvres rouge rubis, mais vous serez choqués par la malheureuse surprise de la lèvre supérieure noire. La conscience de soi commence, vous devez faire face au reste de la journée, rappelez-vous de ne pas être trop proche et privé avec vos collègues.

Vous avez essayé plusieurs méthodes pour éliminer les poils durs, telles que le rasage et l'épilation à la cire traditionnels et l'épilation au diode laser hair removal, mais rien ne semble pouvoir suivre cette croissance. Alors, qu'est-ce qui est utile - pourquoi avez-vous d'abord les poils indésirables du visage? Examinons de plus près certaines des raisons possibles et des moyens efficaces pour se débarrasser de vos cheveux et augmenter votre confiance en vous.


Quelles sont les causes des poils excessifs du visage

Le type de poil sur le corps varie d'une femme à l'autre. Certaines femmes ont les cheveux fins, tandis que d'autres remarquent qu'elles sont plus sombres et plus dures, surtout au-dessus des lèvres et du menton. Selon le New York Times, cette affection s'appelle l'hirsutisme et est un phénomène plus courant de la croissance des cheveux chez l'homme.

Habituellement, les femmes produisent de faibles niveaux d'hormones mâles appelées androgènes. Avec l'hirsutisme, votre corps produit plus de ces hormones, ce qui provoque la croissance indésirable de poils indésirables sur des zones cibles telles que le visage, la poitrine et le dos. Bien que ce soit une condition de vie inoffensive, pour les femmes, cela peut causer des problèmes sociaux et affectifs, les mettant mal à l'aise et conscientes de leur apparence.

Le journal indien de dermatologie rapporte que 5% à 10% des femmes dans le monde souffrent d'hirsutisme. Il fonctionne généralement à la maison, mais il peut aussi être causé par le syndrome des ovaires polykystiques. Cette condition hormonale peut entraîner une croissance inutile des cheveux, des attaques d'acné rapides, des menstruations, des problèmes de poids et même des risques de diabète. Les femmes qui présentent couramment ces symptômes doivent prendre rendez-vous avec un médecin.

Comment pouvez-vous vous en débarrasser?

Éliminez les poils inutiles du visage, que vous soyez un homme ou une femme, vous n'avez pas à faire une telle corvée. Le rasage et l'épilation à la cire peuvent irriter la peau sensible du visage et vous permettre de voir une ombre à cinq heures dans quelques jours. Pour se débarrasser de cette pilosité faciale inutile, irrégulière et rugueuse, il est temps d’envisager l’ laser hair removal machine.

Cette option de nettoyage, sûre et efficace de la FDA réduit de manière permanente les poils tout en éliminant les bosses du rasoir et les irritations de la peau. Le traitement agit en ciblant le pigment sombre des cheveux à la racine et en les détruisant immédiatement. Lorsqu'il s'agit de poils sur le visage, chaque traitement prend entre 5 et 15 minutes, ce qui vous laisse pratiquement sans temps mort, vous permettant ainsi de reprendre vos activités quotidiennes presque instantanément.

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No hay mejor sensación de salir de la ducha después del afeitado y la máxima suavidad en cualquier parte de su cuerpo. Imagínese sentirse así todos los días, incluso si no tiene suficiente tiempo, solo puede pasar cinco minutos duchándose. Con laser hair removal machine, puede experimentar fácilmente una piel suave y limpia en el área púbica.

Los días de lastimarse accidentalmente en las partes más sensibles de su cuerpo se han ido para siempre. Por el contrario, incluso en las zonas más difíciles, tendrá una piel suave. Ya no tendrá que soportar los naufragios irritantes, encarnados o sombras a las 5 en punto. Parece que nunca has empezado tu cabello!

Beneficios desnudos

Además de la sensación refrescante que puede disfrutar todos los días, el dantian sin pelo tiene muchas ventajas adicionales. Puedes usar un bikini sin preocuparte por tu último afeitado o depilación. Puede elegir cualquier estilo de ropa interior, independientemente de si es adecuado para su técnica de acabado. Muchos fondos y bragas de bikini populares se están volviendo cada vez más estrechos, revelando más áreas que nunca. Use la última moda con confianza y deje de planificar sus necesidades de depilación.

Experimente una piel impecable Se
ve genial en el último estilo de bikini y lencería.
Siéntase más fresco, más limpio y más seguro.


¿Quién obtiene la depilación láser brasileña

Hace años, eliminar todo el vello de un área pública puede tener un estigma, pero el concepto ha desaparecido. La estética es la razón principal para elegir un estilo brasileño, pero los huéspedes a menudo lo eligen para obtener la mejor higiene personal. Personas de todas las edades, ocupaciones, estilos de vida y estado civil buscan depilación láser brasileña para obtener los efectos suaves y hermosos que pueden experimentar.

Las mujeres no son mujeres que disfrutan de una sensación fresca y limpia todos los días. Algunos hombres optan por usar la depilación láser para eliminar el vello púbico debido a su efectividad y efecto de larga duración. En la población masculina, la masculinidad es una tendencia más que una técnica de modificación común. En Ideal Image, tratamos estos tratamientos para muchos hombres y aseguramos su comodidad durante todo el proceso.

¿Qué es la depilación láser brasileña?

¡Olvídate de depilarte y afeitarte, piensa en el láser! Si ha estado pensando en comprar brasileños, considere usar la depilación láser brasileña en lugar de depilarse o afeitarse para obtener una solución más duradera. Durante muchos años, la depilación láser brasileña de Ideal Image ha sido uno de nuestros tratamientos de depilación láser más populares. En los últimos 10 años, hemos realizado más de 6 millones de tratamientos de depilación láser en todo el país. Somos la única empresa de depilación del país dedicada a diode laser hair removal machine. Esto es lo que hacemos.

Desde el año 4000 aC, la eliminación del vello corporal, incluida la zona púbica, siempre ha sido una costumbre femenina. Desde 1945, las mujeres occidentales se han vuelto más comunes para eliminar el vello púbico cuando usan trajes de baño. Los cambios en el estilo de la ropa interior también han contribuido a la eliminación del vello púbico a lo largo de los años. Los modelos de hoy deben usar ropa extremadamente estrecha en la parte delantera y trasera del área del bikini. En las últimas décadas, el deseo de eliminar más vello ha hecho de los brasileños una opción común para las mujeres en todo el mundo. La depilación láser brasileña es un tratamiento más duradero para la depilación que elimina todo o casi todo el vello púbico de la región púbica.

¿Por qué es la depilación láser brasileña?

La depilación láser con imagen ideal lleva este proceso a un nivel completamente nuevo. Una vez que se retira el cabello, parece que el cabello nunca se ha iniciado. Estos procedimientos de eliminación de vello con láser son nuestros programas más populares, porque a muchas mujeres les gusta la idea de no tener que preocuparse por lamer el bikini y el cabello encarnado, y les gusta la sensación fresca y limpia todos los días del año. Cada mañana, no tiene que perder tiempo ni pagar por soluciones temporales como la depilación, que es la razón principal por la que la depilación láser brasileña es tan popular en Ideal Image.

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In the first part of the on different types of hair removal lasers, you learned about the five most popular laser hair removal machines. In the second part of this part of the hair removal laser series, you will understand the differences between each laser system to determine which laser system is best for you.

Ruby laser hair removal

Advantages of the Ruby Laser System: Since the ruby laser has been around for a long time, there is enough clinical research to support its permanent reduction in hair effectiveness. In addition, its slow repetition rate makes Ruby lasers one of the most enduring lasers in any laser hair removal system.

Disadvantages of the Ruby laser system: Since Ruby lasers have been around for a long time, many people think it is old technology and choose an updated laser system. The Ruby laser system has many limitations. It does not treat darker complexions. Slow repetition allows the treatment to last longer, so a smaller treatment area is desirable. In addition, ruby lasers are not effective for light or gray hair.

The ruby laser system is ideal for people with light skin and wants to treat small areas of fine hair.

Amethyst laser hair removal

Advantages of the Alexandrite laser system: Alexandrite is the fastest system for laser hair removal and is ideal for treating larger areas. Its wavelength is longer than other systems, making it suitable for a wider range of skin types, from light to olive tones. It is more suitable for thinner hair than other hair removal lasers, and can even treat people with shallow skin and freckles.

Disadvantages of the Alexandrite laser system: The Alexandrite laser system is more painful than other systems and can cause discoloration if used in patients with darker skin.

The Alexandrite laser system is ideal for: The Alexandrite laser system is best suited for lighter skin tones for larger treatment areas such as the legs or back.


Diode laser hair removal

Advantages of Diode Laser Systems: Innovative laser technology reduces the risk of epidermal damage by using longer wavelengths. The diode wavelength can be tailored to the needs of the patient. Fast repetition can shorten treatment time. A reduction in trauma to the surrounding skin means shorter recovery time. More effective than coarser hair than other laser systems.

Disadvantages of diode laser systems: Diode laser hair removal machine treatment is usually more painful than other laser systems that repeat slowly. Diode laser systems have just entered the market and have less scientific research to support their long-term effectiveness.

The diode laser system is ideal for patients with light brown skin. Ideal for handling large areas quickly. Ideal for men who want to remove hair from the back or chest.

Ipl laser hair removal

Advantages of IPL laser hair removal: The Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) system can be customized to the patient's skin tone, treatment area, and hair type, allowing IPL laser hair removal to be used for a wider range of skin types. IPL can quickly locate large areas

Disadvantages of IPL laser hair removal: Although IPL systems are easier to customize and approve for a wider range of skin types than other laser systems, they are not as effective as Nd: YAG counterparts. In addition, IPL hair removal treatment on sun-irradiated skin is not recommended as IPL may exacerbate hyperpigmentation.

IPL laser hair removal is the ideal choice: the IPL system is ideal for those who are not suitable for traditional laser hair removal. IPL is best for dark skin with light skin, but treatment can be applied to a variety of skin and hair types. Suitable for treating larger areas.

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Different types of cosmetic lasers

Lasers have revolutionized the beauty industry, providing significant results with minimal invasiveness. Essentially, the role of the laser is to penetrate the skin or the pigment in the hair through light waves.

Different lasers with various wavelengths target different pigments. Some lasers focus on brown pigments, also known as melanin. Penetrating melanin in the skin Minimizes the appearance of dark spots. Penetrating the melanin in the hair destroys the hair follicles. Some lasers focus on red pigment, penetrating blood vessels, capillaries or acne scars. Other lasers penetrate the skin, creating tiny wounds that stimulate the body's renewal response and produce new collagen. This collagen production reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Different types of cosmetic lasers:

There are many types of cosmetic lasers, which are known for their wavelength and way of transmitting laser light. The laser can also be modified in combination with other elements such as gases, gems, and metals.

Ablation v non-ablative laser

The ablation laser focuses on the outer layer of the skin, creating tiny wounds on the surface. The non-ablative laser passes through the outer layer of the skin and penetrates the underlying tissue.

The recovery time after non-ablative laser treatment usually takes several hours to several days, depending on the specific treatment method and the intensity of the surgery. In contrast, ablation lasers require a longer recovery period between 3 and 10 days.

What is a fractional laser?

In contrast to ablating and non-ablative lasers that scan the treatment area, Fractional CO2 Laser machine significantly reduce recovery time by penetrating the skin through the microneedle tip.

Two popular laser treatments using fractional lasers are Clear + Brilliant and Fraxel.

Clear + Brilliant is a mild laser for skin resurfacing. Clear + Brilliant is ideal for treating superficial skin conditions such as fine lines and wrinkles, mild sun damage or chloasma. Clear + Brilliant is also often used as a precaution to maintain healthy, youthful skin.

Fraxel Laser Skin Resurfacing is the ideal treatment for skin conditions that require more aggressive lasers. Fraxel's role is to safely penetrate the skin, promote collagen production, and break down pigmentation that forms brown spots due to sun damage.


This laser uses green gems to create wavelengths that can penetrate the red spectrum. Emeralds are used to treat blood vessels. It can also be used for laser hair removal and tattoo removal.

Carbon dioxide laser:

A gas is used in the Co2 laser to generate infrared light from the ablation laser. Co2 lasers are commonly used for laser skin surface resurfacing.


IPL lasers produce intense pulsed light wavelengths to penetrate red and brown pigments. IPL lasers are ideal for people who want to treat brown spots and inflammatory blood vessels at the same time.



Nd:Yag lasers use crystals to produce near-infrared light. This laser is often used to reduce the appearance of brown spots. It is also ideal for laser hair removal and laser tattoo removal.

Pulse dye:

Pulsed dye lasers produce yellow-wavelength light that penetrates red pigments and is ideal for reducing the appearance of blood vessels or acne scars.

Q switch:

Q Switched laser machine produce short pulses of intense light. This laser is used to treat discoloration and remove tattoos.


Like Q-switched lasers, picosecond lasers produce short pulses of high-intensity light for tattoo removal and skin discoloration.

What is the typical recovery time for cosmetic laser treatment?

The recovery time between different lasers can vary greatly. Skin type and condition also affect the healing rate. Typically, laser hair removal has a minimum recovery time of several hours. Laser treatments used to reduce the appearance of blood vessels can leave a red mark and usually take several hours to disappear. Laser treatment for brown spots may take a week to fully heal.

Does cosmetic laser treatment hurt?

Because laser cosmetic treatments are minimally invasive, surgery is usually painless. If the cosmetic treatment requires deep penetration using an ablative laser, your laser technician can use a local anesthetic cream to ensure your comfort during the procedure.

How much does the laser beauty program cost?

The price of different laser treatments is widely distributed. Laser skin treatment costs depend on the type of laser and treatment conditions, and cosmetic laser programs can run from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.

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As winter approaches, shorts and skirts are preparing to return to the closet and put on trousers. In some parts of the country, women look at the other six months before the thigh sees the sun, which gives enough time to start using skin care and next summer's exercise to perfectly shape the thigh. With the delay in winter, this means keeping the number of pounds in the holiday and trying to adjust and shape the legs so that when the spring blasts forward, you know that you will be ready. It's also a good time to study specific skin care, not only to shape the legs but to beautify your stems before showing them to the world. Here are some things to study.

Hair removal

Whether it's laser hair removal, waxing or chemicals, winter is when you want to make sure your legs are removed. Since many of these skin cares to take a few rounds or can leave temporary traces, finish it before you find yourself needing to show some skin in the warmer months. No one wants to wear red, spotted skin and shaving on the first day in the pool or on the beach to become a bikini body. In any case, you won't need the natural warming of your hair after the summer, and for warm climates, you can go back there in March!



The combination of fats around the thighs gives the look of a "scar in a severe hailstorm," and most of us want what we can do. We can. There are many great cellulite skin treatments that do not require surgery and can immediately relieve your dimples. However, most of these skin care visits are regular and can last up to 2 months depending on the situation, so winter time is ideal for visiting a local spa or wellness center and ensuring that life is removed.

Remove stretch marks

Stretch marks are not only annoying; they are very long. If you don't treat them, they can hang around for decades. For women with children, this is a purple heart, there is no reason to show off your beautiful legs because of some tiger stripes. Remove them with stretch mark removal therapy. Fractional CO2 Laser technology is especially good at breaking down and removing traces from your thighs, and ensuring that you can not only showcase your game during the beach season but also showcase your game all year round. This skin care also requires several visits, so schedule your appointment now so that when you plan to expose your thighs in the spring, they are completely gone.

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Let us quickly understand why you or some of your friends may want to consider the reasons for firming care in a good spa. Although there are many reasons, and this app is very suitable for many people, we will cover the top four.

1. Look younger
Middle-aged and elderly women benefit from a skin tightening procedure. why? The answer is clear: as we get older, our skin is a little drooping. This is no secret, nothing shameful. However, we do hope to look the best and be beautiful for ourselves and others. For those who are associated with aging-related skin relaxation, skin tightening usually produces miracles. If you are 60 years of age or older, you may find yourself looking younger 10 to 20 years after receiving several skin tightening or other various methods.

2. Remove stretch marks
As we gain weight, our skin will stretch. When we lose it, the stretched skin is no longer tight, because there is not so much fat and muscle covering it, causing it to sag. For women who have gained and reduced a lot of weight in a short period of time, the stretch mark removal procedure is of great interest. If this is your problem, you don't need to worry. RF skin tightening  machine is ideal for removing stretch marks, as is thermal therapy. In addition, we have seen many laser skin tightening methods used in NYC hydrotherapy have achieved good results.


3. The skin is firmer
If you are looking for a skin tightening program that will make you look firmer, laser skin tightening may be your best choice. Here are the top three Fractional CO2 resurfacing laser myths and other information on laser skin tightening. After all, this is the number one way to help your skin look firmer. This is also a new approach, and it has no “shame” compared to diseases such as botulinum toxin and breast enlargement. For most women who try it, this is a very natural process and works well. This new skin tightening program is really effective.

4. Low cost
The cost of the skin tightening procedure is quite low. Laser skin tightening costs can be a bit high, but it's usually worth it. Depending on which skin tightener you decide to use, you may get a lot. Ask your spa professional which type of skinny is best for you. They are definitely willing to help. This is a rather complicated decision and should be done with the help of a professional.

In short, if you have problems with sagging skin, find a good spa and ask for a skin tightening treatment as soon as possible. We think you will find the results worthwhile. In addition, the program does not take too much time and usually does not have much pain. In fact, some people think it is very relaxing. These new skin tightening methods are the best new way to solve a large part of your beauty.

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Ok, ladies. We have heard a lot about the scars, pigmentation problems, acne, fine lines, wrinkles and other pros and cons of all the faces we want to get rid of over time. If you are looking for the cleanest and least invasive treatment for these problems, then the laser will be your answer again. And because of the current technology, it is now very cheap - the cost is lower than the cost of computers and other high-tech products, and last year's expensive purchases were cheaper this year.

The cost of laser surface resurfacing is not a big problem, so what is the method it uses? Fractional CO2 Laser resurfacing is one of the latest technologies. "Ablative" and "non-ablative" treatments are other terms you will hear. But the most important thing is - this is different from all the local treatments you have heard, all of which are safer and more successful than in the past.

Today, laser facials are popular, especially for women in New York City or other major cities. It is important to feel good about you and your skin, especially when you are surrounded by many other women (and many men). An important thing to remember is that laser treatment usually does not require downtime, so even after treatment, you are free to continue to work and go out. And don't need a lot of people to notice the difference. In fact, most people noticed the difference after the first trip.

But ok, let's take a step back and recommend some specific treatments. As I said, they are all very good, but here are some of the latest and best:

1. Fractional CO2 resurfacing laser - This method is less likely to cause scarring or other minor problems. check it out.

2. Plasma skin surface resurfacing - Despite the super high-tech name, this is actually a simple process that keeps the upper layer of the skin unaffected while cleaning the lower layer. For those who are busy, this is a good choice. The way infrared works is roughly the same, it is another good choice.

3.Erbium - This is best for minor wrinkles and it is longer than some other new methods. Still worth considering.

That's it. The next time you go to the spa, be sure to check out their treatment plan and talk to someone about the wonderful world of lasers.

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Depilação a laser é uma forma duradoura de depilação que destrói ou destrói os folículos pilosos.
No entanto, o cabelo pode se regenerar, especialmente se os folículos estiverem danificados e não danificados durante a depilação a laser.

Por esta razão, muitos médicos agora usam depilação a laser como depilação a longo prazo, em vez de depilação permanente.

Como funciona a depilação a laser?

Diode laser hair removal utiliza luz para direcionar os pigmentos em um único fio de cabelo. A luz viaja da direção axial do cabelo para o folículo piloso.

O calor do laser destrói os folículos pilosos e o cabelo não pode mais crescer a partir do cabelo.

O cabelo segue um ciclo de crescimento único, incluindo repouso, descamação e crescimento. O cabelo removido recentemente na fase de descanso é invisível para o técnico ou o laser, portanto, a pessoa pode precisar aguardar até que seja regenerada antes de removê-lo.

Para a maioria das pessoas, a depilação a laser requer vários tratamentos em dois a três meses.

A depilação a laser é permanente?

Remoção de cabelo de folículos pilosos danificados é permanente. No entanto, as pessoas que foram depiladas podem esperar que alguns pêlos na área alvo voltem a crescer.

Com o tempo, a área pode ser tratada novamente para reduzir a quantidade de cabelo que é regenerada. Em alguns casos, até mesmo todo o cabelo pode ser eliminado.

Se o cabelo cresce depende de muitos fatores, incluindo o tipo de cabelo e a habilidade da pessoa que remove o cabelo.

A maioria das pessoas acha que quando o cabelo é regenerado, ele fica mais claro e menos visível do que antes. Isso ocorre porque o laser pode danificar o folículo piloso, mesmo que não destrua o folículo piloso.

Se o folículo capilar estiver danificado, mas não danificado, o cabelo irá eventualmente se regenerar. É difícil destruir todos os folículos capilares, para que a maioria das pessoas veja alguma regeneração capilar.

Quando o cabelo é regenerado, ele pode ser tratado novamente, então as pessoas que querem remover todo o cabelo podem precisar de vários tratamentos.

Em alguns casos, o cabelo pode ser muito leve, muito curto ou resistente ao tratamento. Nestes casos, pode-se optar por usar outros métodos de remoção de pêlos, como a remoção de um fio de cabelo.


Quanto tempo leva para a depilação a laser?

Depilação a laser é permanente quando o folículo piloso é destruído. Quando o folículo piloso é apenas danificado, o cabelo se regenera.

O tempo necessário para a regeneração capilar depende do ciclo único de crescimento do cabelo da pessoa. O cabelo de algumas pessoas cresce mais rápido que outros cabelos. O cabelo na fase de descanso vai crescer mais lentamente do que o cabelo em outro estágio.

A maioria das pessoas pode esperar alguma regeneração capilar em poucos meses. Quando isso acontece, eles podem escolher mais tratamentos de depuração.

A cor da pele ou do cabelo é diferente?

A depilação é mais eficaz para pessoas com pele mais clara e cabelos escuros. Isso ocorre porque o contraste do pigmento torna mais fácil para o laser apontar para o cabelo, entrar no folículo piloso e destruir o folículo piloso.

Pessoas com pele mais escura ou cabelos mais claros podem precisar de mais tratamento do que outras e podem encontrar mais pêlos para crescer.

Para remover permanentemente o cabelo, o técnico deve saber como apontar o cabelo e escolher o tipo certo de laser. Um estudo publicado em 2013 descobriu que os lasers que produzem comprimentos de onda mais longos funcionam melhor em pele mais escura.

Efeitos colaterais e riscos

Algumas pessoas podem sentir ardor, dor ou desconforto durante o tratamento. Por esse motivo, muitos técnicos aplicam creme de anestesia na área que estão tratando. No entanto, algumas pessoas podem desenvolver uma reação alérgica ou irritação da pele ao creme de dormência.

Os efeitos colaterais são pequenos e podem incluir:

Alterações na cor da pele, especialmente para pessoas com pele mais escura, que geralmente é temporária
Vermelhidão da pele
Espuma ou crostas na pele
Às vezes, os estímulos associados à depilação podem causar cicatrizes. A pele danificada também pode estar infectada. Embora raras, as infecções da pele podem se espalhar e colocar em risco a vida.

Fornecer um histórico médico detalhado e discutir riscos e benefícios pode ajudar os profissionais a determinar o tratamento correto e reduzir o risco de efeitos colaterais graves.

Após a depilação, deve-se evitar a exposição solar. O sol pode irritar a pele e aumentar o risco de bolhas e cicatrizes.

Pessoas que experimentam dor intensa, febre, cicatrizes, bolhas ou outros sinais de danos ou infecções na pele devem procurar atendimento médico.

Custo de depilação a laser

De acordo com as estatísticas da American Society of Plastic Surgery de 2017, o custo médio do período de depilação é de US $ 293.

A maioria das pessoas precisa de várias reuniões, então as pessoas devem discutir com o seu provedor de tratamento quantas sessões precisam calcular o custo total.

Como a laser hair removal machine é quase sempre uma cirurgia plástica, é improvável que o seguro a cubra.

O custo total da depilação a laser depende de vários fatores, incluindo quem está sendo tratado. Prestadores qualificados, como dermatologistas e cirurgiões ortopédicos, podem cobrar mais, mas são menos propensos a causar lesões ou efeitos colaterais.

Outros fatores que afetam os custos incluem:

Número de tratamentos necessários
Quanto cabelo é regenerado
Número de cabelos alvo
O tamanho da área que precisa de tratamento A
remoção de uma pequena quantidade de cabelo de uma área como o lábio superior custará menos do que a remoção do cabelo de toda a perna.


Depilação a laser pode reduzir significativamente o pêlo do corpo de uma pessoa. Na maioria das pessoas, alguns cabelos vão se regenerar com o tempo.

Mesmo que o cabelo seja regenerado, o cabelo será reduzido e a aparência será mais suave. Para compreender verdadeiramente os efeitos esperados da depilação a laser, discuta os objetivos do tratamento com o seu médico ou especialista em depilação.

Alguns tipos de pele e cabelos produzem melhores resultados que outros. A única maneira de saber exatamente o que vai ser é conversar com um médico, dermatologista ou outro médico qualificado.

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Let us be real. We all have body hair, and unfortunately, some of us are more "happy" than others. Of course, you can shave, pick or wax, but as a person who is tired of spending countless hours and money at a pharmacy, I know that this summer must be different. It's time to take out a big gun (or in this case, a big laser).

Diode laser hair removal has become very common, but you should know a lot of misunderstandings before making an appointment. First of all, if you have thick and rough body hair, then you will get the best results (so you don't need to apply weak blonde hair). Second, it is not a permanent solution (occurring only during electrolysis) or a one-time thing. As you age and your hormones change, you will continue to produce body hair (most likely in a strange place you will hesitate if you are still in the early dating stage and will be paranoid like you are a natural pretend ). It also requires patience and commitment. Each treatment is separated by six weeks and is therefore not a quick solution. Yes, you will see the results immediately, but before you go through the whole process, you won't see the bare skin you crave.

What to Expect: As a person with a stubborn path to happiness, I am very excited about the first treatment of NuVision Surgical and MedSpa in New York City. Beauty Senior Director Rachel Adler warned me that her experience with laser hair removal was a bit painful, but when doing my research, most people reported that it was bitten by a rubber band (this is annoying, But in my book is not a transaction destroyer).


The staff is very good, let me fill out skin data before I start. As they explained to me, pre-shaving is a must. Don't expose the sun before or after important. Everyone has a different experience (so I am ideal considering my pale skin and black hair). The lasers they use have built-in coolant so they do not use local anesthetics. All in all, my time is short (we are talking about ten minutes of tops) and I don't need to take off anything - I just need to untie my pants and roll them up so they can use a white grease pen.

I was escorted to a room and asked to wear a pair of metal goggles to protect my eyes. The spa technician gave me a short, inspiring speech before I started, let me know that rougher hair might be injured when I was injured, but otherwise, it should be very painless. When I supported the shock, I was happy to find that she was right. I only experienced a few seconds of discomfort. Following this procedure, I was instructed not to expose or expose the area to extreme heat or irritants for 24 hours. (For reference only: no sun exposure is also important, so if you plan to let your legs, arms, face abdomen or bikini line bouncing on the beach, it is best to start a laser hair removal machine program in the fall or winter.

Two weeks later: I have noticed a reduction in hair growth in the areas I have treated. Although it has not disappeared, I am very happy to return to the second treatment within a month to see if it left my position. Again, everyone is different, so while most people need at least six treatments, some may need more or less, depending on your hair type and skin tone.

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In all beauty treatments there, removing your facial hair (or any hair, for that matter) is one of the most unpleasant activities - but as long as you choose the right method according to your preferences, it will not be difficult, hairstyle And demand.

"Don't worry, almost everyone has some facial hair," explains GRA beauty director April Franzino. “It tends to be lighter and rougher than other body hairs.” But because facial skin is very fragile (usually the first thing people see!), you need to pay special attention to choosing the method that is right for you. . We have communicated with top experts in the field, from dermatologists to beauticians, from picking to lasers.

So if you want to get rid of the upper lip, the hair on the chin or the sprout between the eyebrows, this is every possible way you need to know.

How to remove facial hair through tweezers

The chance is that picking is the route you are most familiar with. After all, scorpions are common in most families, so when you see some stray dogs, they are the easiest to reach.

“For a small local area like your eyebrows and chin, the scorpion will be better,” Dr. Lavanya Krishnan, a San Francisco dermatologist, suggested. Just make sure you are diligent in cleaning them.

Dr. Birnur Aral, Director of the Beauty House of the Good Housekeeping Institute, recommends that the tweezers be rubbed with a cotton pad rubbed with rubbing or alcohol or alcohol before and after each use and allowed to dry. And you should always store the dice in a protective bag.

“If you invest in such a good product from Tweezerman, you have to make sure to protect them,” she explained. Tweezerman's top test pair is the winner of the GH 2016 Beauty Breakthrough Award, which will be offered or replaced free of charge if they are used frequently.

Do not use conventional soap and water to clean the tool - otherwise there is a risk of accidental drop and damage (due to hand slippage) or may cause discoloration or oxidation of the metal. “Reputable manufacturers often offer a warranty for natural wear, but dropped tweezers can damage the alignment of the tip and make it ineffective,” adds Aral. If you're not sure how to properly shape your eyebrows, check out our simple eyebrow guide.


How to remove facial hair by laser hair removal

If you want something more durable, you can try laser hair removal, also known as intense pulsed light therapy.

"The laser emits light of a specific wavelength that is specifically absorbed by the hair follicle itself," Dr. Krishnan said. When light is absorbed, it is converted into heat, killing the hair follicles. The advantage of this approach over electrolysis is that a larger fraction is processed at a time, while electrolysis (described in more detail below) ablate one follicle at a time - considering waxing compared to picking. Disadvantages: For those with light or fine hair, this is not an ideal choice, the cost is high, and the conference fee ranges from $50 to $300. In addition, you may need multiple sessions to completely destroy the hair follicle.

If you encounter some sticker vibration, there is another option: home laser. Although you need to pay more in advance, you can schedule your meeting at home at your own time, and you only need to invest in the device once. Our beauty lab experts recommend illuminating the Precise Touch. As the winner of the GH 2016 Beauty Breakthrough Award, it combines intense pulsed light and RF energy to make hair even better.

Unlike other  laser hair removal machine , this device is not safe or effective for many skin and hair colors. This technique was previously only available for professional use. This means it works for anyone who seeks permanent results on the face and body. Our beauty scientists point out that only six times a week, hair regeneration slows down. better one? It is less painful than traditional lasers.

How much does it hurt?

It is closest to the threading on the pain scale and is therefore more painful than plucking, but not as bad as waxing. In addition, the more you use, the more you become accustomed to this feeling, and you may not even find it painful after frequent use. "Don't try to shape your eyebrows with an epilator," Alar warned. “It's okay between your eyebrows, but be wary of any areas that require precise touch.” She recommends using it for chin, face, and even underarm hair removal.

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Your skin may show signs of irritation after laser hair treatment. This may be in the form of redness, swelling, itching or stinging. This is normal and should fade within a few hours, just like other methods of hair removal. You may notice some slight changes in skin pigmentation - it may be slightly lighter or darker, but this is usually only temporary. After diode laser hair removal, your skin may feel delicate and sensitive to light. This problem can be easily solved by ensuring that it provides adequate sun protection.

Some of the rare side effects of laser hair removal are blistering, scarring or scarring. If you over-treat your skin more than once in more than one area, these are more likely to happen. If this does happen, be sure to keep it clean to prevent infection.

In general, most people find that they quickly recover from laser hair removal with minimal side effects and no complications. The recovery period is very short and you can even have a meeting during the lunch break and return to work without any problems.

Does it cause cancer?
Laser hair removal machine produces energy in the form of concentrated light energy. Unlike some other forms of radiation, this light energy cannot affect cells at the molecular level. This is because it is a kind of non-ionizing radiation. Non-ionizing radiation does not cause molecular division and therefore does not cause cell mutation. However, this is in contrast to X-rays, which do have the ability to cleave molecules and cause cell mutations.


Does it cause infertility?
No, laser hair removal does not lead to infertility.

If you plan to use laser hair removal on a bikini line, you may be concerned that it will affect your fertility. Laser hair removal does not cause infertility or affect the ovaries because it cannot penetrate the body tissue deep enough to be able to reach them. The laser is controlled so that it is directed only to the hair follicles and cannot pass through the abdominal wall which is strong and thick due to the presence of muscles.

In addition, the light beam from the laser consists of light energy. Light energy does not destroy molecules, so it does not affect DNA or cells. This is because it is not a form of ionizing radiation like X-rays that can pass through the body and affect cells at the molecular level.

However, if you are pregnant or are trying to have a baby, it is best to delay the laser hair treatment until after you have given birth and complete breastfeeding because research on laser hair removal during pregnancy is not enough.

Is laser hair removal painful?
No, laser hair removal is not painful. You may experience some discomfort during the entire procedure - many people think this feeling is like a rubber band is biting your skin, but you should not feel pain.

Hair will grow out after laser hair removal
Laser hair removal is a form of long-term hair loss. Although it can lead to inhibition of hair growth, the results are not necessarily permanent and you may need occasional maintenance sessions to keep your hair growing. However, many people have found that laser hair removal is very successful, finding hair growth reduced by up to 80%, and growing hair is generally thinner, slower and less noticeable.

Is laser hair removal safe for the face?

Diode laser hair removal machine can be safely applied to women's faces and is very successful. Many women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) use laser hair removal as a solution to induce hirsutism and work well. Laser hair removal can be used to treat facial areas below the cheek line, such as the upper lip and chin.

However, laser hair removal is not used to treat areas that are particularly close to the eye, and these areas are very sensitive. Therefore, you should not use laser hair removal to treat eyebrows. No matter which part of the body you are treating, you should always wear enough eyes and do not look directly into the lens.

Laser treatment hair removal costs
Just as different salons charge different waxing prices, the cost of office laser hair removal can vary greatly. On the other hand, if you are looking for a cheaper option without affecting the results, you can try using a home laser hair removal device.

The benefits of laser hair removal or waxing

Waxing is a short-term solution to remove excess body hair compared to laser hair removal. Although you may feel uncomfortable during the procedure, you will get results immediately. The effect lasts for weeks and some people find that the hair becomes thinner. However, waxing can have many side effects. People with sensitive skin often find that irritation may occur for several days or even a week. In some areas, the hair is thicker and prone to bruises. Waxing can also result in painful ingrowth hair that is difficult to treat.

Use laser hair removal for underarm
It is very safe to use laser hair removal under the armpit. You may find it is a more sensitive area because the skin is more fragile than the legs. If you have a contraceptive implant on your arm, it may not be for you, so it is best to consult your doctor first.

in conclusion
As you can see, laser hair removal has many benefits. If you would like more information on laser treatment for hair removal, please see our review of the Home Laser Hair Removal Kit, please click here.

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Depilação permanente está se tornando cada vez mais popular - a navalha não a corta mais. Se você tem pêlos escuros ou ásperos, especialmente se você entender a luta com pêlos indesejados, isso se aplica, é claro, a mulheres e homens. O barbear pode ser fácil e remove temporariamente os pêlos da superfície, mas como o pêlo cresce muito rápido, em apenas dois dias, você já tem um coquete grosso. Se você quiser desfrutar de um corpo liso e sem pêlos sem problemas, a depilação permanente é apenas para você.

Existem várias formas de depilação permanente disponíveis. São procedimentos seguros e rápidos que mantêm a pele lisa durante meses ou mais. Depilação permanente pode ser um pouco caro, mas quando você vê os resultados, é também o preço que você está disposto a pagar! Você precisa saber muito sobre as diferentes opções de depilação, como ela funciona e o que ela faz por você.

Por que você quer remover permanentemente o cabelo? 
Depilação permanente envolve um procedimento não invasivo que mata o folículo piloso e impede que ele cresça entre 6-12 meses ou em tudo. No entanto, isso não é um resultado imediato - você deve manter um compromisso de remoção de cabelo a cada 4 a 5 semanas em poucos meses. Isso garantirá que o folículo capilar esteja completamente morto, permitindo que você mantenha a pele macia do seu bebê por um longo tempo.

Depilação permanente pode ser aplicada a qualquer parte do corpo, como as pernas, axilas, costas, braços, linhas de biquíni, queixo, pescoço e muito mais. Sempre que você não quiser o seu cabelo, a depilação à base de luz pode matar o seu cabelo quase em qualquer parte do seu corpo. Prepare-se para gastar uma quantidade razoável de dinheiro, depilação permanente não é barato, mas é completamente vale a pena, além de pensar sobre o dinheiro que você vai economizar por não comprar uma navalha, creme de barbear ou pagando para encerar ao longo dos anos!

Você está um passo mais perto da pele lisa e sem pêlos! Saiba mais sobre os diferentes serviços de remoção de pêlos.

Opções de remoção de pêlos permanentes
mais populares As duas formas mais populares de remoção permanente de pêlos são o laser e o IPL, que são a terapia de luz pulsada intensa. Essas duas formas de depilação não são, na verdade, o mesmo procedimento, mas são muito semelhantes. Todos usam luz para aquecer os cabelos e destruí-los nas raízes. Ambos podem ser usados ​​para tratar a mesma área, incluindo:

Linha Bikini
Sua Majestade e Armas
Lábio superior e
perna do queixo
Você pode escolher a opção que mais combina com o som que soa mais atraente.

Depilação a laser Depilação a 
Laser hair removal envolve um pulso de laser que destrói o folículo piloso. O dispositivo de laser emite um único comprimento de onda focalizado de luz que é otimizado para absorção folicular. Os pacientes geralmente usam um par de óculos de proteção, movendo o dispositivo de maneira ordenada sobre a pele. O tamanho da área em que você está trabalhando afeta obviamente o tempo necessário para cada sessão. Por exemplo, leva apenas dez minutos para tratar a axila e uma hora na perna.

Depilação a laser pode ser desconfortável, mas geralmente não causa dor. Obviamente, depende da sua tolerância à dor, mas foi desenvolvido em um procedimento bastante indolor. No entanto, algumas pessoas são sensíveis aos lasers e sentem alguma dor.


Como é que isso funciona? 
Quanto cabelo você precisa para ser destruído; depilação a laser pode ajudar! Em apenas alguns minutos, seus folículos capilares serão destruídos e dentro de algumas semanas você experimentará a pele macia do bebê. Depilação a laser usa energia concentrada que aponta diretamente para o pigmento do cabelo. Lasers funcionam melhor para pessoas com cabelos escuros ou ásperos. Ele foi testado por 20 anos antes da tecnologia de diode laser hair removal foi liberada para o público. Uma vez que o cabelo é cortado pelo laser, pode levar várias semanas para que todo o cabelo caia sozinho. Você não será capaz de experimentar 100% de pele sem pêlos antes que todo o cabelo caia sozinho.

Vantagem do laser
Isto é muito preciso
Resultados duradouros
Este é um processo rápido
Mais adequado para pele escura

IPL depilação
IPL usa uma técnica semelhante ao tratamento a laser, mas em vez de emitir um feixe de laser focalizado, ele usa um amplo espectro de luz de alta intensidade para emitir múltiplos comprimentos de onda de luz. Como o feixe do dispositivo IPL não se espalha como uma fonte de laser, o IPL cobre uma mancha de cabelo maior do que um único fio de cabelo.

Pode ser uma alternativa mais barata para a depilação a laser, mas por ser menos concentrada, você pode precisar de mais tratamento para obter o mesmo resultado.

O IPL traz benefícios similares à terapia com laser. É muito eficaz na redução e desaceleração do crescimento do cabelo, tornando a pele das pessoas mais suave e menos problemática todos os dias. O IPL pode alcançar o mesmo efeito que a depilação a laser, mas pode levar mais tempo para ser alcançado. Este é um programa muito semelhante. Portanto, você receberá resultados semelhantes. A seguir estão os benefícios do IPL.

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You should be aware of some things before doing any laser treatment.How does laser hair removal work?While listening to the laser, the first thing that comes to mind is light. Dr. Margarita Lolis, a New York dermatologist, explains laser hair removal very well. "The energy from the laser is absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicle, causing damage to the roots." At the time of treatment, the laser destroys the roots. This will not produce new hair.Different purpose lasersThe following three are the most popular types of lasers, according to Rachel Shroff, an authorized aesthetician at the Scientology Skin and Laser Center.Diode: This type of laser can be used for light and dark skin.Alexandrite: This laser is very fast and is used in larger patients because they have a wider area and are therefore best for them. This laser is used for very light and very dark skin tones.Yag: Whether the skin is dark or light, this laser can be easily applied to a variety of skin. This laser can even be used on tanning skin. But this laser treatment is not that effective.The best laser hair removal treatment for body parts.Diode laser hair removal treatment is available for any body part. But its main effects can be found in the lips, chin, bikini, and armpits.People who should receive laser treatmentCandidates for laser hair treatment must be those with thick, dark hair. These are very stubborn and difficult to remove by waxing or shaving. Laser hair removal treatment is best for them.altTreatment takes timeTime depends on the relationship between people. Everyone has their own hair growing, and the number of sessions depends on their hair growth. Body parts also have different treatment times. Some body parts require more time, while others have less time than others.Participate in all meetingsThis is human nature, and when we know that we are receiving treatment, we stop taking the medicine. When people know that their hair growth is slowing down when they stop taking treatment, it is very important to take all treatments.Should women delay treatment due to the period?If a woman is receiving bikini treatment, she should not reschedule her treatment because of her menstruation. If she is on menstruation on the day of treatment, the woman should use tampons.Risk of hair removal treatmentThe main risk of laser hair removal treatment is the risk of skin burns. Sometimes it causes blistering, discoloration, and redness. These are the main side effects. Sometimes this treatment does not produce an effective effect and the hair will begin to grow.
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Comme le rasage vient avec des poils incarnés douloureux et des zones sombres, les pincements et les épilations provoquent une douleur. Alors, quels autres moyens pouvez-vous enlever les poils de votre peau en paix sans avoir à traiter ces problèmes?  Laser hair removal méthode d' pourrait être ce que vous devez considérer maintenant.Beaucoup détestent se raser ou se cirer mais ne le tolèrent que parce qu'ils doivent le faire. Mais avec le traitement au laser, l'histoire pourrait changer. Ce traitement d’épilation est répandu et la bonne nouvelle est qu’il peut aider à éliminer ces poils de façon permanente. Si vous avez déjà entendu parler des lasers, maintenant vous en avez. De plus, si vous en avez entendu parler mais que vous ne savez pas de quoi il s'agit, vous voudrez peut-être lire cet article jusqu'à la fin.Avantages d'épilation au laserRéduit la croissance des cheveux: L'épilation au laser offre une épilation semi-permanente. Cela signifie qu'il est capable de vous donner une réduction drastique de la croissance des cheveux; par conséquent, il est possible que vous ne deviez plus jamais vous raser.Limites minimales: Il n’y a pas de limite quant à son utilisation. Il peut fonctionner sur n'importe quelle partie du corps, à l'exception de quelques endroits (organes génitaux, par exemple) et couvre de grandes surfaces à la fois, ce qui accélère le processus.Adieu aux poils incarnés: avec la méthode d'épilation au laser, vous pouvez dire adieu à la laideur et aux douleurs des poils incarnés. Si vous vous rasez souvent, vous comprendrez ce que je veux dire! Quoi de plus? Le traitement peut même servir de remède aux poils incarnés existants.Raisonnablement indolore:Il est courant que les gens se demandent: "est-ce que l'épilation au laser est douloureuse?" Par rapport à l'épilation à la cire, le procédé au laser est beaucoup moins douloureux. Les opérateurs utilisent des gels de refroidissement ou de la glace avant / après le traitement au laser pour rendre le processus moins douloureux. Même si vous pouvez encore ressentir certaines sensations, le processus est supportable. Le petit inconfort que vous pouvez ressentir est une sorte de picotement parce que les poils sont zappés. Cependant, il ne devrait pas vous faire mal. Au fur et à mesure que vous avancez dans le traitement, il devient progressivement beaucoup plus simple.Effets secondaires réduits: Bien que l’utilisation de cette méthode d’épilation comporte des effets secondaires, ils sont mineurs et ne durent pas longtemps.Rentable:Cela peut paraître coûteux au début, mais vous vous rendrez compte que c’est mieux que l’épilation à la cire ou l’achat constant de rasoirs et de crèmes dépilatoires. En fin de compte, il se peut que vous n’ayez plus besoin des procédures d’épilation, car les traitements au laser sont semi-permanents. C'est ce que j'appelle «un investissement beauté».Aucun poil de surface requis: pour l'épilation à la cire, vous devez attendre qu'une certaine quantité de poils poussent avant de pouvoir l'épiler. Divers est le cas pour les lasers. En fait, il est préférable de se raser à l'approche de votre prochaine session. De cette façon, votre peau sera protégée des brûlures.Cela fonctionne !: dans les trois à sept séances d'épilation au laser, vous pouvez commencer à assister à une perte de cheveux «permanente».altInconvénients de l'épilation au laser Dépenses initiales: Comparativement à d'autres formes d'épilation, les lasers pourraient être coûteux. Les cliniques ou les spas peuvent facturer des montants très élevés pour les processus. Cependant, ce n'est que pour un temps car vous allez éventuellement économiser de l'argent, grâce à son effet semi-permanent. Pour vous épargner de cette dépense, vous pouvez acheter un  laser hair removal device  à usage domestique. Il est relativement moins cher et produit les mêmes résultats que les machines de spa.Requiert de la patience:Contrairement au rasage ou à l'épilation où les poils se détachent instantanément, le traitement au laser nécessite plusieurs séances avant d'obtenir des résultats remarquables. Les poils meurent progressivement et ne tombent que dans quelques semaines. De plus, vous devez attendre six semaines avant de passer à une autre session. En attendant de voir les résultats, vous pouvez continuer à utiliser la méthode de rasage.Pas pour tout le monde: les traitements au laser peuvent être plus efficaces pour les cheveux foncés et les peaux claires, mais pas vraiment pour les cheveux fins. Ceux qui ont les cheveux plus clairs peuvent avoir à passer plus de séances pour obtenir des résultats. En outre, ce traitement d’épilation ne convient pas aux organes génitaux, aux sourcils et aux poils du visage des hommes.Coût de l'épilation au laserUn montant de 235 $ par session est le coût moyen de l'épilation au laser, selon les indications de l'American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Néanmoins, le coût d'un traitement d'épilation au laser varie en fonction de certains facteurs tels que la quantité de peau que vous utilisez et l'endroit où vous vous trouvez. Certains salons de soins de la peau et cliniques facturent jusqu'à 1050 dollars US pour un traitement aux aisselles chez la femme pendant huit séances, et environ 1400 dollars US pour un bikini complet pendant huit séances. En outre, la région de la poitrine peut coûter plus de 2400 $.
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I know, I know, this seems completely crazy, but please listen to me! Facial shaving is actually amazing, that's why; it's not only the best way to get rid of excess peach fluff, exfoliate, help eliminate dark spots and aging, but it also allows your makeup to slide like never before. Even Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe shaved their faces! The problem is that I am a furry person, but this idea seems ridiculous to me. I think if I do this, it will turn me into a wildebeest, and Chris will divorce me. I thought that all the people who have done it will not be as furry as I am. But all the positive factors of facial shaving told me that I decided to try at least.

I did my research and ordered straight razors on Amazon, which cost a few dollars and are the best razors. When they arrived, I took a moment and made my first scratch. Honestly, after the first time, it was like an epiphany: my peach fluff disappeared, just like the strong exfoliation on my face, my makeup is very good!

How do I shave:
Shaving my face is now part of my weekly beauty routine. I do this every Saturday morning; sometimes I don't even need to do it everywhere, because I think my hair is getting thinner. It took me about 5 to 10 minutes to do this for the first time, but now it only takes a few minutes. I even made my nose, I swear it helped the blackheads! I know, it's super scary, but to be honest, try it, you won't believe how unbelievable your skin feels, how perfect your makeup looks - you'll love it!

How to: Don't spend time! Wash your face first, making sure to dry completely before you start shaving (do not apply anything to your skin first!). I like straight razors because it's easy to target specific areas of your face, or if you're like me, you can see them everywhere. Slightly pull the skin toward the eye (to teach the skin) and use the blade to make a small downward stroke down at a 45-degree angle. This is done for the lower half of the entire face, doing the same thing for your forehead; your eyebrows are very careful and feel light - you don't need too much pressure. Make sure your skin is moisturized because this process acts as a strong exfoliation. Take a look at my tutorial as follows:

- be careful! Keep the blade at a 45-degree angle; if you hold it horizontally, you may cut yourself.
- Be gentle: don't put a lot of pressure on it, it is not necessary.
- Wipe the shaver with alcohol during shaving.
- Teach your skin; this will minimize your chances of cutting yourself and make the process easier.

Things that should not be done:
- For God's love, don't do this on wet skin.
- Don't try your leg razer; it won't do the same job.
- Avoid spasms and pimples.
- Do not be afraid! If you are afraid to try it, first make a small test patch in a conspicuous place.
- Don't forget the aftermath: use vitamin C essence or something that nourishes afterward, because you are basically exfoliating your skin, plus the product is more easily absorbed - yeah!

The Truth:
- Once you start shaving, this is what you need to continue... but what you might want is really great!
- I didn't notice any feeling of scorpion or mane, but some people would do it.
- If you have sensitive skin, there may be a razor burn.
- To be honest, if your hair is little or not bothering, this is not something you need to do!
- I do this every week, but some people only do it once or twice a month, while others do it more often.



Oh, my love, a lot of you are asking in the comments, if you shave, your diode laser hair removal will become thicker, darker and faster - this is a good question because I think it will occur! That's the thing; when you shave the blade cut your hair to make it a sharp edge; naturally, the tip of the hair is the best part - it's pointed so it can pass through the skin layer from the hair follicle. When you shave, hair regeneration and new blunt edges make it feel as if it is thicker and looks darker, but in reality, it is not.

Will it make your hair recover faster? The growth of hair is controlled by hair follicles, and shaving does not affect the growth pattern of follicles or follicles - this is science! Every part of your body has a different growth rate, and each person's hair follicles are unique. Therefore, the hair on the face is usually thinner than the hair on the legs, but the hair on the face usually grows faster.

Shaving is not for everyone, laser hair removal may be a better solution. For me, shaving my face is great!

If you are nervous about DIY, can you go to skin treatment, which is basically a fancy name and a shaved version with more questions? Ask a question in the comments!

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Os pêlos faciais e corporais devem ser uma das coisas mais irritantes - não importa quantas vezes você se livre dele, ele continuará voltando! Se você entrar em seu pêlo do corpo, é muito legal, mas se você é um fã de seda, sentimento fresco, então você está, sem dúvida curioso sobre laser hair removal - tecnologia de depilação vai realmente se livrar de seu cabelo bem! Embora seja mais caro do que lâminas de barbear e cera doméstica, se você encerar no salão, poderá se poupar se investir em depilação a laser.

Ao longo dos anos, você não só pode economizar milhares de dólares em biquíni e cera de perna, mas também economizar tempo e, ainda mais importante, toda a dor! Se você é uma perna de barbear ou uma penugem de pêssego, um bigode fofo ou série de biquíni leva muito esforço para manter, e o laser é a solução definitiva. Portanto, conversamos com a Dra. Doris Day, uma dermatologista profissional especializada em lasers para obter todo o conhecimento sobre lasers. Antes de começarmos, podemos dizer que a dor não é tão ruim e, na verdade, é muito menos dolorosa do que a depilação!

Este é o melhor DL para depilação a laser:

Como o laser funciona? 
Laser hair removal machine funciona, concentrando-se em um pigmento chamado melanina que vive em áreas elevadas no folículo piloso. Isso aquece, o que destrói os folículos pilosos e destrói completamente os folículos pilosos, eliminando assim o crescimento do cabelo ou danificando o cabelo, o suficiente para retardar significativamente o crescimento de pêlos nos folículos pilosos. Pode levar vários tratamentos para obter os melhores resultados.


Todos podem ter um laser? 
Porque o laser é para pigmentos, é melhor usado para pessoas com cabelos mais escuros e pele mais clara. O problema com lasers para pessoas com pele mais escura é que o pigmento na camada superior da pele (melanina) também absorve um pouco da luz do laser e a aquece, o que pode causar queimaduras na pele. Da mesma forma, se o seu cabelo é muito branco, o laser será muito menos eficaz.

Onde o laser funciona melhor? 
As melhores áreas são bezerros, axilas e biquínis. O pêlo facial pode ser mais desafiador porque o cabelo é geralmente mais fino e mais impulsionado por hormônios e teimoso.

Quantas sessões de laser você normalmente precisa? 
Pode demorar 5-10 tratamentos, dependendo da área a ser tratada. Áreas de cabelo mais ásperas, como panturrilhas, biquínis e axilas, funcionam melhor com o mínimo de tratamento. O rosto pode ser uma das áreas mais persistentes e pode exigir mais conversas, assim como o braço.

Uma vez que o tratamento esteja completo, alguns pêlos nunca voltarão a crescer, mas alguns pêlos ainda podem exigir tratamento intermitente ao longo do ano. Qualquer cabelo regenerado pode ser mais fino do que o cabelo original e ficar mais lento, mas ainda assim precisa ser completamente limpo ocasionalmente.

Com que frequência você deve usar o laser? 
Em média, o tratamento é feito a cada dois meses. Se o pêlo cresce rapidamente, pode tratá-lo mais frequentemente, mesmo no início 2-3 semanas, depois reduzi-lo para um intervalo de 4-6 semanas para corresponder ao ciclo de crescimento capilar retardado. Você pode se barbear entre os tratamentos, conforme necessário.

Como você deve preparar o laser? 
O cabelo deve ser raspado no dia anterior à consulta. Caso contrário, todo o cabelo absorve energia e aquece, o que pode queimar a pele porque o cabelo queimado pode perfurar a pele. Isso também significa que menos energia atingirá a base do folículo, portanto, o resultado não será o ideal.

O que devo evitar antes e entre as reuniões a laser? 
Evite a exposição ao sol porque a exposição ao sol aumenta o risco de queimaduras e hiperpigmentação causada pelo tratamento com laser. Evite encerar antes do tratamento porque a depilação remove os folículos capilares e capilares, para que o laser não tenha alvos.

Existe um tipo diferente de laser que é mais eficaz? 
Vários lasers são bons: o padrão ouro é uma diode laser hair removalopticamente transparente . Contanto que você não se bronzeie, isso cobre uma variedade de tipos de pele. Para tipos de pele mais profundos, recomendo usar um laser Nd: Yag de pulso longo: ele tem um comprimento de onda maior e é mais profundo, mas pode ser mais doloroso e deve ser feito por um dermatologista para obter os resultados mais seguros.

Quanto custa o laser? 
Tudo depende do país e da clínica para a clínica. O tratamento geralmente é vendido em três ou seis tratamentos, dependendo do tamanho da região:

Pequena área de tratamento: lábio superior, ângulo lateral, queixo, mamilo, linha abdominal, sobrancelhas.
Área de tratamento médio: axilas, linha do biquíni, linha do quadril, parte interna da coxa.
Grande área de tratamento: panturrilha, ombros, parte inferior das costas, braços.

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IPL skin rejuvenation is a great way to enhance skin texture and remove stains, wrinkles and acne scars. The working principle of IPL skin rejuvenation is that the strong pulsed light emitted from the beauty equipment can stimulate the subcutaneous tissue, and the elastic fibers will be rearranged to finally achieve the purpose of skin rejuvenation and fine lines removal.OPT technology is a bit advanced for IPL technology, it extends the application of IPL, and OPT IPL skin regeneration will achieve more effective and safe results than traditional IPL skin regeneration. With the latest technology from Skeily, OPT offers personalized skin care treatments.altThe OPT IPL photorejuvenation pulse can penetrate directly into the dermis layer without damage to the skin, and the effect is very fast. An OPT skin treatment can achieve 3-5 times the traditional IPL treatment, and can completely avoid skin damage caused by heat.If you would like more information about the OPT beauty machine, please feel free to visit our website We are a Chinese manufacturer with 10 years of experience and have medical CE and FDA approval. I hope we have the opportunity to cooperate soon!
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Laser surface resurfacing or laser skin surgery is a method designed to eliminate damaged skin layers. Used to reduce wrinkles or correct facial scars, this technique produces impressive results.Although the use of Fractional CO2 Laser dates back to the 1960s, in the 1990s, as technology advanced, its use became more and more popular. Unlike other types of lasers used in the medical industry, CO2 lasers are distinguished by their accuracy and the intensity of the emitted beam. Due to these characteristics, this treatment is only used for severe skin changes. In fact, if they are only superficial, you will be able to use other methods such as topical skin or retinoic acid. The use of a carbon dioxide laser can eliminate the level of skin damage and aging, and no good layer can be hit during the entire intervention.altThe co2 laser resurfacing is performed under local anesthesia and the period of the process can vary between 10 and 50 minutes relative to the extent of the surface to be treated. Always end at the dermatologist before surgery to determine the type of lesion to be treated and the patient's expectations. Then, before starting a specific procedure, the specialist begins to treat a small area of ​​about 3 cm. In general, laser surface resurfacing does not cause injury, and due to the extremely high accuracy, the possibility of scar formation is almost zero. Once the process is complete, the dressing is placed around the treated portion. An individual may have the right to take it off within 2 or 3 days after surgery.In order to speed up the healing process, sunscreen is required before surgery. The treatment area may become red after surgery. In general, it takes one to three months before it completely disappears. Therefore, patients must be protected from the sun, and it is better to set the intervention date in winter. It is recommended to take antibiotics at least 7 days after surgery to prevent infection. In most cases, it takes 7 to 8 days for the epidermis to fully regenerate. Laser surface resurfacing can be used to correct many types of skin defects such as wrinkles, traumatic scars or acne scars.
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Picosecond laser specification

The Q Switch ND YAG laser is multi-wavelength laser technology. For example, the 532nm mobile phone option is designed to effectively handle yellow, orange and red tattoo ink colors. Another wavelength, the 755nm phone is used to target black, green and blue tattoo inks. Finally, the 1064nm phone is a wavelength designed to remove dark tattoo inks. 1064nm is a long-standing and commonly used laser wavelength for tattoo removal, skin treatment, and pigmentation.

FOCUS Lens Array can also be added to treat skin regeneration, pigmentation lesions, and acne scars. It concentrates the pulses from the picosecond laser to a precise depth under the microscope to aim at these indications.


How does a picosecond laser work?

Prior to the introduction of picosecond technology, Q-switched lasers were considered the gold standard for tattoo removal.

Q-Switched laser treatment uses intense laser energy to heat and breaks down the tattoo ink particles into smaller pieces that can be removed more easily, but now with a picosecond laser, you get a gentler, more effective treatment. The picosecond laser tattoo removes no heat; it uses ultrashort laser pulses to bombard the ink particles at very high pressures. The ink breaks down into tiny dust particles - they actually break up. The particles are then absorbed more quickly and easily and eventually eliminated by the body as before. This makes the process of the picosecond laser faster and more comfortable.

The picosecond laser enables a significant removal of dark ink tattoos after one treatment, and more than 75% removal can be achieved with this tattoo after initial treatment. A tattoo consisting of completely black ink can be removed in just 4-8 treatments.

As a result, most tattoos can be removed in 6 to 10 months, which is much faster than using the old Q-switch technology.

If you use a Q Switch Laser Tattoo Removal and still have some stubborn pigments, the picosecond technology is ideal for this job.

What is a picosecond laser for treatment?

The picosecond laser system is used for tattoo removal, skin regeneration and acne scars (with FOCUS lens array attachment) and benign, pigmented lesion removal.

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Présentation de OPT SHR hair removal machine, la dernière innovation dans tous les types de peau et de poils pour une épilation rapide et sans douleur.

Les plus préoccupés par le problème:

est-ce sûr?

L'épilation au laser IPL est le programme de beauté le plus populaire au monde. Le traitement au laser SHL IPL fournit une réduction permanente et efficace des poils à des millions de personnes dans le monde. Étant donné que les lasers SHR utilisent des paramètres de balayage et de chaleur réduite, nous sommes en mesure de fournir un niveau de sécurité différent de celui des autres procédures d’épilation au laser.

Est-ce que mes cheveux repousseront?

Les cheveux après une croissance active de SHR ne doivent pas être repoussés. Une fois que le follicule pileux est endommagé, il ne poussera plus. Cependant, il est nécessaire de traiter les follicules pileux qui ne sont pas en phase de croissance active. En raison de modifications hormonales, il est courant que certains patients soient réparés deux ans après le traitement initial.

Dois-je planifier une pause de travail?

Le traitement au laser IPL SHR n'a pas de «temps d'immobilisation» et aucun temps de récupération n'est requis. Vous pouvez recevoir un traitement immédiatement et retourner au travail et à d'autres activités normales.

Pourquoi ai-je besoin de plus de 6 traitements?

La croissance des cheveux est divisée en quatre étapes: début anagène (croissance précoce), début anagène (croissance des cheveux), régression (régression) et croissance des cheveux (repos, pas de croissance). L’épilation au laser n’affecte que le stade Anagen (croissance active des cheveux). Par conséquent, environ 25% des cheveux sont éliminés par traitement. Par conséquent, la zone de traitement nécessite un traitement pour enlever les cheveux.

SHR IPL différence

La nouvelle machine IPL SHR représente une avancée dans la technologie de l'épilation. Combinant les avantages de la technologie IPL et de la technologie laser, la machine Super Hair Removal (SHR) transfère en douceur l'énergie à travers la peau et la mélanine jusqu'au follicule pileux. Le follicule pileux absorbe l'énergie contenue dans le pigment capillaire et transforme la chaleur, puis désactive les cellules ciliées en croissance.

Les systèmes laser ou IPL traditionnels fournissent beaucoup d'énergie et n'atteignent les racines des cheveux que par la mélanine. Malheureusement, comme la peau et les globules rouges ont des taux d'absorption similaires à ceux de la mélanine, ils absorbent également ces niveaux d'énergie élevés. Ce type d'erreur dans le traitement traditionnel peut entraîner un gonflement qui dure plusieurs jours, voire trois degrés.


Soins de beauté IPL

IPL est couramment utilisé dans les procédures esthétiques pour créer un teint clair, sain et beau. Il existe une variété de problèmes cutanés spécifiques qui peuvent être résolus en utilisant IPL n'importe où dans le corps pour créer une solution durable.

Le traitement Hydrodermabrasion est très efficace pour améliorer la texture de la peau, réduire les rides et ridules et procurer une hydratation plus profonde à la peau. La circulation sanguine est améliorée, ce qui entraîne une production accrue de collagène, ce qui améliore le teint de la peau. Les cicatrices, l’acné, une pigmentation indésirable, les points noirs et les yeux gonflés peuvent également être utilisés pour améliorer la peau.

L'acné-thérapie est une nouvelle thérapie par la lumière efficace qui révolutionne actuellement le traitement de l'acné. Le traitement contre l'acné IPL détruit les bactéries les plus courantes produisant de l'acné, pas de médicaments, pas de douleur, pas de temps d'arrêt. IPL est l’un des traitements les plus sûrs et s’est avéré très efficace contre l’acné inflammatoire modérée.

La régénération de la peau procure une lumière IPL intense à la peau. Elle est absorbée par les pigments indésirables de la peau, ce qui provoque sa rupture et la fermeture des petits vaisseaux sanguins environnants. La chaleur de l'IPL stimule la production de nouveau collagène, resserre la peau et réduit la taille des pores de la peau, rendant la peau plus parfaite. IPL Skin Regeneration machine est un processus progressif et sûr qui permet aux patients de reprendre le travail et leurs activités régulières sans risque de temps d'arrêt.

La thérapie de la veine d'araignée est l'endroit où l'IPL fournit des impulsions lumineuses concentrées, chauffe et détruit les parois des vaisseaux sanguins, rétrécit les veines cibles et les fait disparaître. Parce que la lumière est concentrée et focalisée, le traitement IPL n'endommage pas les tissus environnants.

Pour plus d'informations, s'il vous plaît visitez notre site Web:

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Seu desafio é o nosso desafioA exposição a longo prazo à luz ultravioleta, envelhecimento, desnutrição, poluição ambiental, estresse e outros fatores são as causas do envelhecimento da pele. A senescência é caracterizada por rugas sutis, dano de cor, atrofia, aspereza e relaxamento, perda de vitalidade e tom de pele.Se o cuidado pessoal não for suficiente, nossa máquina de beleza pode ajudar…Recomendam-se técnicas de renovação facial não invasivas.Tratamento / método indicativo podemos ajudá-lo:Regeneração FacialRugas desaparecemEliminar o desbotamentoVeia da pernaVeia da pernaBotoxOnda elétricaEnchimento de rugasOlheirasA moderna tecnologia da máquina de beleza é capaz de dar a aparência radiante que merece em qualquer idade.Nenhuma cirurgia cosmética necessária:A Q Switched ND YAG Laser Machine é um método inovador para aqueles que querem evitar a cirurgia estética. Os efeitos térmicos profundos produzidos pelo laser Nd: YAG resultam na conversão do colágeno da pele e na ativação da matriz, melhorando a firmeza do tecido e a textura da pele.altFotorejuvenescimento:Para aqueles pontos de pele que não desaparecem ...Para manchas na pele do envelhecimento e da luz solar, o fotorejuvenescimento da pele é incrível. O resultado: uma pele mais jovem, mais suave e radiante.O problema anti-estético dos capilares é uma solução eficazO sangue e a hemoglobina absorvem 1064 nm Q Switch ND YAG laser para tratar doenças vasculares na face e nas pernas. Com apenas algumas lições, você está pronto para resolver o problema antiamericano dos capilares.Cuidados faciaisConsulta de peleAcreditamos firmemente em fazer a coisa certa. É por isso que oferecemos consultas gratuitas sobre a pele para discutir suas necessidades e suas necessidades de pele, para que possamos escolher o tratamento mais adequado para equilibrar suas preocupações, tempo e dinheiro. A consulta de pele é grátisLimpeza profunda de tratamentos faciais personalizados - os tratamentos faciais mais popularesA limpeza profunda e regular dos poros é essencial para manter a pele fresca e fresca e para respirar e sentir-se saudável. Escolha o nosso facial de limpeza profunda adaptado para atender às suas necessidades individuais de pele.Deep Cleanse Deluxe Limpezaprofunda e tratamentos luxuosos, combinados com os métodos tradicionais de vapor, ajudam a remover as impurezas, aumentam a circulação sanguínea e reduzem o bloqueio dos poros. Este tratamento combina extração manual com produtos de tratamento específicos adaptados às necessidades do cliente, tornando a pele mais limpa, brilhante e melhorando a textura da pele.Recomendado para todos os tipos de pele, especialmente aqueles que estão expostos ao estresse ambiental ou são fáceis de penetrar.(reduzir rugas, apertar)Tecnologia de RF médica para o corpo e rosto.A terapia de RF é a mais recente aplicação cosmética e cosmética médica para anticelulite, modelagem, aperto e elevação.O RF usa uma tecnologia avançada, indolor e madura que atinge áreas de tecido adiposo profundo. Aquecendo esses tecidos do corpo com segurança; O RF provoca o colágeno para apertar imediatamente e induzir nova produção de colágeno. Aumenta a circulação sanguínea local, promove a quebra do tecido fibroso e libera depósitos de gordura e células de gordura / celulite através do sistema linfático. O tecido adiposo “mobiliza” ou libera a gordura armazenada como fonte de atividade metabólica por meio de um mecanismo fisiológico chamado lipólise.A radiofrequência é a mais poderosa de todas as técnicas de beleza e penetra mais profundamente. O resultado durou 2 anos.Para mais informações sobre nossas máquinas de beleza, por favor visite nosso website em
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1. You need to shave

That's right. This seems strange to people who are used to waxing, but if you have laser hair removal, you need to shave this area first. Obviously, the best time to shave is 8 hours before treatment, but the day before should be no problem. Basically, you need to shave as close as possible to your appointment, but also give your skin some time to recover from shaving, so it's not too sensitive.

2. Stop other treatments before and during laser hair removal

Ideally, you should not wax, pluck, use a hair removal cream or bleach your hair for 3 to 6 weeks before the first treatment, and for the rest of the treatment period. If there are no hairs (because they have been waxed) or the hair is very light (because they have been bleached), the laser will not work for them.

3. Stay away from the sun

You don't want to laser hair removal on sunburned skin! In fact, it is best not to tanning (including using a self-tanning cream to darken the skin). Try to keep the area in the sun for at least 4 weeks before treatment and apply sunscreen to the exposed area (you should do this anyway...). After laser treatment, you also need to be cautious about sun exposure.

4. This may not be painless

Although many systems are promoted as painless, different people experience laser hair removal in different ways. You may experience mild discomfort (usually described as an elastic band on your skin) and very intense pain. In general, people with darker skin and people with rougher hair experience more pain.


5. Appoint appointments during your period

If you are treated during menstruation, laser hair removal can be more painful. Do your best to schedule your appointment, but if you can't avoid going there at the time of the month, seriously consider your pain management plan.

6. You must stick to your schedule

Depending on the treatment area, you must repeat the treatment every 4-8 weeks. Since the timeline is based on the hair growth cycle, it is important not to postpone the appointment. If you can't miss an appointment, call your therapist to check the time you should reschedule, but do a timetable that you can't mess with.

7. You need multiple sessions

Placecol tells us that most people need 6 to 8 treatments to achieve the desired results, but some lucky people may only need 4. The good news is that you will see reduced hair at the beginning of the first time.

8. This is really very fast

The time required for treatment depends on the size of the area and your skin type, but the session is usually super fast. For example, if your skin is fair and your armpit has finished laser hair removal, the laser only needs to be activated for 40 seconds, after which you can resume work directly.

9. You will see the results soon, but your hair won't 'disappear'

How does diode laser hair removal work? The laser works by destroying the hair follicle; it does not actually do anything to the hair in the hair follicle. After your first appointment, you will leave the same amount of hair as you. But after a few days, the target hair in an active growth cycle will stop growing and fall off. Therefore, you will experience hair loss during the first training session.

10. It will be like this, it is worth it.

A quick internet search will show you how many people like the result of laser hair removal. Most people experience 95% of hair removal and the hair left is usually very fine.

Is laser hair removal permanent? Usually, but not always. Your body can produce more hair follicles that are not stimulated by lasers, so you may see some new hair growth in a few years. Maintenance treatment is performed every few years. If this happens, it should be sorted, so waxing, shaving and picking are good things!

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É seguro, confortável e rápido usar o dispositivo OPT IPL hair removal para depilação, por isso é amplamente utilizado por salões de beleza, spas e centros de beleza. No entanto, ainda existem muitas pessoas que não sabem muito sobre o equipamento de beleza OPT. Aqui, a Beijing Starnewtech responderá algumas perguntas sobre a remoção de cabelo OPT para você,Primeiro de tudo, máquina de beleza OPT é uma avançada tecnologia fotônica, usando tecnologia OPT + adsorção e-luz, modos de segurança dupla.Tem as características de saída de luz estável, bom efeito de operação e alta segurança. Além disso, pode realizar deslizamento rápido contínuo com tecnologia de remoção de pêlos de deslizamento rápido. É muito rápido para remoção de pêlos em grandes áreas, com o sistema de resfriamento forte e o número de depilação é bastante reduzido.altA depilação OPT é segura?OPT cabelo depilação é um método muito seguro de depilação. É profissional, forte no corpo das pessoas e até com o efeito de clarear e hidratar. Claro, a fim de obter bons efeitos, o que exige que todos escolham um médico de pele qualificado para evitar a operação inadequada e queimaduras.O OPT consegue obter depilação permanentemente?O dispositivo de beleza a laser ou o dispositivo de operação IPL, OPT, E-light pode remover os pêlos. Após o tratamento com luz laser ou forte, o cabelo não cresce num ciclo de crescimento do cabelo. Em geral, a depilação dos cabelos pode chegar a 90% após vários lasers ou operações OPT IPL, mas a eficácia também é afetada por outro fator.É eficaz remover uma vez?OPT SHR hair removal machine normalmente leva de três a seis vezes para remover o cabelo. Nós todos sabemos que há três períodos de cabelo, ou seja, o período de crescimento, o período de recuo e o período de descanso. A depilação durante o período de crescimento é 75% eficaz, e o período de regressão é de 25%, e o período de descanso é quase ineficaz. A outra é que os folículos pilosos são agrupados principalmente em três grupos, abrindo no mesmo poro. Então, é por isso que a depilação precisa de mais vezes para tratar.Se você quiser aprender mais máquinas de beleza ou questões de tratamento, bem-vindo a visitar o nosso website
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Con el avance de laser hair removal  tecnología de en los últimos años, no es sorprendente que las personas estén confundidas acerca de los mejores resultados para los pacientes que buscan los mejores resultados.Tanto la IPL como el láser pueden usarse para la depilación. Ambos tratamientos producen energía para interrumpir el ciclo de crecimiento del folículo piloso para reducir el crecimiento del cabello sin dañar el tejido circundante.La luz pulsada fuerte IPL es un pulso de luz altamente concentrado de muchos colores diferentes (longitudes de onda). Es efectivo para el cabello porque parte de la luz transmitida es absorbida por el tejido y hace que los folículos se calienten y destruyan.altEl láser tiene una sola longitud de onda o color de luz. Está colimado, lo que significa que todos los rayos son paralelos y no están dispersos como IPL. Si la longitud de onda del rayo láser coincide con la longitud de onda absorbida por el tejido objetivo (folículo piloso), puede utilizar toda la energía luminosa disponible para el propósito deseado y, por lo tanto, ser más eficiente. Hay muchas longitudes de onda de luz diferentes para la depilación láser.Para tipos de piel más profundos, la OPT IPL hair removal machine es más segura, pero lleva más tiempo lograr un efecto permanente. Los láseres de diodo son generalmente muy efectivos y funcionan mejor en pieles claras y cabellos oscuros. También necesitan menos tratamiento.Los tipos de láseres más efectivos para la eliminación permanente del vello son los diodos y alejandritos (pacientes con color de piel claro) y Nd: Yg de largo pulsado (pacientes con piel oscura).Nd-Yag 1064, Alexandrite 755 y Diode 800, pero hay más tipos para diferentes propósitos. Algunos láseres son mejores para pacientes con piel más oscura para reducir el riesgo de problemas de pigmentación. Algunos láseres se depilan más rápido que otros.En resumen, tanto la IPL como el láser pueden eliminar eficazmente el vello, la IPL requiere más tratamiento y los láseres requieren menos tratamiento.
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What is laser stretch mark processing?
Fractional CO2 Laser Stretch Mark Reduction is a non-invasive procedure that minimizes the appearance of stretch marks on the stomach, thighs, upper arms, buttocks, back and breasts.

What are the benefits of laser stretch mark processing?
· Reduce the appearance of stretch marks in just a few treatments

·FDA approved various skin colours and types

· Can create a new skin, each treatment will make the stretch marks less obvious

· Reduce the appearance of stretch marks (new and old) 1

·The shortest downtime

How does Laser Stretch Mark Reduction work?
We use state-of-the-art fractional lasers to create microscopic wounds that can push the skin to create new tissues, form collagen, and create brand new skin tissue. Please note that these wounds are not painful. Clinical studies measuring the efficacy of laser stretch mark treatment revealed that most participants noticed a significant improvement in stretch marks that faded slowly after treatment. Laser stretch mark removal is effective for treating brightly coloured markers because it reduces red colour and helps treat inflammation that usually surrounds the area.

Reduced laser stretch marks before and after
The reduction in laser stretch marks before and after the photo showed a significant improvement in the appearance of the stretch marks. Although the results may vary, Stretch Mark treatment before and after the photo showed particularly good results, with stretch marks reddish and associated inflammation.


Fractional CO2 resurfacing laser stretch mark reduction review
Numerous studies and other clinical stretch mark reduction assessments have demonstrated the safety and efficacy of non-invasive treatments to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. When patients are good candidates for professional stretch mark removal and expectations are realistic, most customers report high satisfaction in their stretch mark reduction reviews.

Laser treatment for the reduction of stretch marks is becoming more and more popular among celebrities who now prefer non-invasive treatment rather than plastic surgery. Kim Kardashian is such a celebrity. After visiting her Beverly Hills dermatologist, she chose Snapchat to express her stretch marks. The comment commented: "I am very excited, I finally did it... I I’ve always been afraid to do this, thinking that it hurts so badly that it’s not so serious. So I’m grateful, and I’m very excited. “Allure magazine also praised its comments on stretch marks and pointed out that once it’s [ Stretch marks] development, they can not be deleted - but their appearance can be improved. So how can you treat them? Get laser treatment."

SKeily recently updated the fractional CO2 laser, which is a more popular design with good quality and good results. If you need more details, please feel free to contact us at

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1. Laser scar removal principle:The principle of Fractional CO2 Laser chirp is to selectively treat scars of coloured light having different wavelengths. By controlling the laser wavelength, it is possible to repair different tissues and different degrees of scar without damaging the skin tissue. When the laser is applied to the skin, it penetrates the skin and the scar tissue changes from particles to powder until it is absorbed and removed by the cells. Then the scar will gradually change from dark to light, from light to dark.It can also comprehensively improve and treat telangiectasia on the skin surface, various pigment spots, small electrostatic wrinkles, and large pores. At the same time, it can improve the texture of the skin and restore the skin's lustre and flexibility and elasticity.alt2. Postoperative preventive measures:After receiving laser bleeding surgery, patients may have varying degrees of redness and minor bleeding. Scars, hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation may occur afterwards. All of these are normal and do not require treatment.The patient should keep the treatment site dry and clean. Do not apply water or makeup. Avoid scratches, rubbing and sun exposure. After the scar, it should be allowed to fall off naturally. Don't peel it off earlier.patients should be light diet during the recovery of laser acne, do not eat spicy, irritating food, abstain from alcohol, do not do strenuous exercise.3. Recovery time:The laser does not require treatment 1-3 times. Each treatment varies from 5 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the area and type of disease. Outpatient clinics do not require hospitalization. Due to local transient high temperatures, there is some stinging burning sensation during laser debridement, but most patients can tolerate without anaesthesia. For some sensitive patients, we can add local superficial or infiltration anaesthesia during surgery. Relieve discomfort.After 1-3 days of laser sputum removal, redness and exudation may appear in the treated area and surrounding tissues, which may cause swelling and numbness. After that, the redness will gradually subside. The skin is covered with a Fractional CO2 Laser scar removal operation and the skin will be 1-2 weeks after surgery. The shedding wound heals.The surgical wound should be kept clean and dry within 2 weeks after laser debridement. They should not be scrubbed or exposed to the sun. If necessary, a topical antibiotic ointment should be used. The skin cannot be forcibly removed and they should fall freely. After laser sputum treatment, the local skin colour may turn red and then pigmentation. According to individual circumstances, pigmentation will gradually subside after 1 to 6 months.If you are looking for some laser machines for removing scars, please visit our website at for more details.
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PicoSure - Comfortable, convenient tattoo removal and skin regeneration treatment for wrinkles, acne scars and freckles, sunspots and discolouration are preferred and leading choices for pigments.Q Switch laser is the first in a new generation of cosmetic lasers that not only rely on heat to burn or melt unwanted tattoo inks or melanin, which can cause dark spots on the skin.Instead, PicoSure engineers use cutting-edge physics and medical science to help practitioners treat patients in new ways. PicoSure does not accumulate heat but delivers energy so quickly (one billionth of a second) that tiny particles of pigment and tattoo ink vibrate and break without burning surrounding tissue. Less heat means less tissue damage and discomfort.Even more impressive is the revolutionary technology of PicoSure, which uses the body's natural healing process to restore younger skin than ever before. PicoSure uses proprietary Focus lens technology to efficiently convert laser energy into gentle pressure waves, activate cellular signals, the body's natural communication process and one of the most exciting medical discoveries in recent history.How does it work?Your body already has the need to help you look and feel younger.Let PicoSure work for you.Recent discoveries have begun to reveal the secret language of the body and how cells talk to each other to keep us healthy. Known as cell signalling, this biological communication occurs when cells are damaged and proteins are released, and these proteins are then detected by surrounding cells to trigger a healing response.PicoSure's PressureWaveTM technology uses a unique wavelength of light (755nm) and a dedicated lens to convert laser energy into gentle pressure. This pressure squeezes the cells, activates the natural cell signalling process, and produces new collagen and elastin without burning or damaging the skin.altTattoo removalThe new Q Switch Laser Tattoo Removal system lets you erase those unfortunate, ugly tattoos quickly and easily. Dr O'Neill estimates that the average hand size tattoo will be completely removed in three to four treatments.Acne scar removalFor those who suffer from acne and feel scarred, the PicoSure laser can be a dream come true! It eliminates those nasty acne scars and makes you feel ten times confident. PicoSure breaks down cells in the skin under the scar and promotes smooth, soft skin healing.Reduce wrinklesFor anti-ageing laser skin regeneration, the PicoSure laser solves wrinkles like acne scars. A small burst of energy is used to break down wrinkles and promote new collagen growth, making the skin smooth and young.Brown spot removalFreckles and age spots can also be a source of insecurity for many people. PicoSure quickly removes brown spots without the pain and recovery time of traditional surgery.Chloasma treatmentIf you have chloasma, you know that permanent solutions are often hard to find. PicoSure laser technology provides targeted rapid melasma treatment, much like the treatment used to remove brown spots. The laser targets the grey-yellow patches of the melasma on the face, arms and body through its high-power skin surface resurfacing system.
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Si vous n'aimez pas le rasage, les pincettes ou l'épilation à la cire pour éliminer les poils en excès, l'épilation au laser peut être un choix judicieux.

Laser hair removal machine est l’un des traitements cosmétiques les plus répandus au monde. Il éclaire la lumière hautement concentrée dans le follicule pileux. Le pigment dans le follicule absorbe la lumière.

Les avantages de l'épilation au
laser Le laser peut être utilisé pour éliminer les poils en excès du visage, des jambes, des bras, des aisselles, des maillots de bain et autres.

Les avantages de l'épilation au laser incluent:

précis. Le laser cible sélectivement les copeaux sombres tout en préservant l'intégrité de la peau environnante.

la vitesse. Chaque impulsion du laser ne prend qu'une fraction de seconde et permet de traiter plusieurs cheveux simultanément. Le laser peut traiter environ un quart de la surface par seconde. Les petites zones telles que la lèvre supérieure peuvent être traitées en moins d'une minute, tandis que les grandes zones telles que le dos ou les jambes peuvent prendre jusqu'à une heure.

Prévisibilité. La plupart des patients ont une alopécie permanente après une moyenne de trois à sept séances.


Comment se préparer à l'épilation au laser

Diode laser hair removal machine est plus que juste "arracher" les poils indésirables. Il s’agit d’une procédure médicale qui nécessite une formation pour pouvoir exécuter et prendre des risques potentiels. Avant l’épilation au laser, vous devez vérifier soigneusement le certificat du médecin ou du technicien effectuant la procédure.

Si vous prévoyez d’effectuer une épilation au laser, limitez le plumage, l’épilation à la cire et l’électrolyse à six semaines avant le traitement. En effet, le laser vise les racines des cheveux, qui sont temporairement éliminés par épilation ou épilation.

L'exposition au soleil doit également être évitée pendant six semaines avant et après le traitement. L'exposition au soleil réduit l'effet d'épilation au laser et est plus susceptible de se produire après le traitement.

À quoi puis-je m'attendre lors de l'épilation au laser?

Vos cheveux seront coupés quelques millimètres au-dessus de la surface de la peau avant la chirurgie. Le dispositif laser s'ajustera à la couleur, à l'épaisseur et à la position de vos cheveux, ainsi qu'à votre teint.

Selon le laser ou la source de lumière utilisée, vous et le technicien devez porter des lunettes de protection appropriées. Il est également nécessaire d'utiliser un gel froid ou un dispositif de refroidissement spécial pour protéger la couche externe de la peau. Cela aidera le laser à pénétrer la peau.

Ensuite, le technicien émettra une impulsion lumineuse dans la zone de traitement et observera la zone pendant quelques minutes pour s'assurer que les réglages optimaux sont utilisés et que les effets indésirables sont contrôlés.

Une fois l’opération terminée, vous pouvez vous procurer un sac de glace, une pommade ou une lotion anti-inflammatoire ou de l’eau froide pour soulager tout inconfort. Vous pouvez programmer votre prochain traitement après quatre à six semaines. Vous recevrez un traitement jusqu'à ce que vos cheveux cessent de pousser.

Récupération et risque
Après un jour ou deux, votre zone de traitement de la peau aura l'apparence d'un coup de soleil. Une compression fraîche et une hydratation peuvent aider. Si votre visage est traité, vous pouvez vous maquiller le lendemain, à moins que votre peau ne bouillonne.

Vos cheveux vont tomber dans le mois prochain. Appliquez un écran solaire pendant le mois prochain pour aider à prévenir les changements temporaires dans la couleur de la peau traitée.

Les cloques sont rares mais sont plus susceptibles d'apparaître dans les peaux plus foncées. Gonflement, rougeur et cicatrices sont d'autres effets secondaires possibles. Les cicatrices permanentes ou les changements de couleur de la peau sont rares.

Visitez notre site officiel à l'adresse pour plus d'informations sur la beauté au laser.

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Look, we can all be lazy. You don't want to wake up early, just shave, because after a few days, your legs look like Amazon in the rainy season. Waxing is never a good time. Growing your hair beforehand will cause you to look like Snuffaluffagus.Shaving is more annoying than anything. When you are not shaved and wearing jeans, that uncomfortable sting? The shadow of 5 o'clock is in your arms? Don't lie, you know these feelings.If you are looking for a more durable solution to unnecessary hair problems, laser hair removal machine may be your best choice.1. Laser hair removal does not actually use magic.This treatment uses a cosmetic laser and its settings can be adjusted to your skin and hair type. The laser emits a thick beam of light that illuminates the pigment in the hair follicle. This kills the hair follicles at the roots and prevents those suckers from regenerating.2. Keep away from the sun before making an appointment.At least four weeks ago, to be exact. If you are sunburned - or even if you are tanning, you can't take this treatment. If you are an outdoor fan, summer may not be the best time to start laser hair removal. Many people start treatment in the fall or winter to have flawless skin before summer!alt3. You must shave off the area where you are exposed to the laser.Don't continue to come in with your furry self. It's not like waxing, you don't need to grow your excess hair in advance.In this regard, if you have a wax recently, you can't perform laser hair removal. Remember: the laser is aimed at the color of your hair follicle, and in fact the hair follicle must be there to be used.The best thing you can do is shave the day before the appointment. If you don't, your doctor will probably provide you with a razor so you can do it!4. You cannot make a full-body laser hair removal treatment.If someone tells you that you can, then run fast and fast. With only a certain amount of cosmetic laser and heat, your body should safely absorb every course of treatment.5. If you want to see the results, you must be consistent.Listen to me: This is a good reason. Your hair follicle is in its own growth cycle. People who see the best results usually take treatment every four to six weeks to maximize the potential of zappin' follicles. This time frame allows the dead hair bundle to fall off on its own.6. You should see significant results after three months.I am an impatient queen, but believe me, you will stick to it. After the first few treatments, you may not see much difference, but I began to notice that my unwanted follicles dropped dramatically after three months - even more after that.7. Some hair and skin types may be a bit difficult to treat - but not impossible.Dark hair follicles are usually easy to treat because the diode laser hair removal machine is again directed against the pigmentation of the hair. This is also the reason why gray, white, gold and red pigments can be tricky.Darker shades can also be difficult to treat, but not impossible.8. Treatment itself is not particularly relaxing.I will be with you. Whenever the laser is launched, it feels like someone is tied to you with a rubber band. Sounds tempting, right? But the long-term results should be worth half an hour of pain.9. Add sunscreen after treatment.Listen, sunscreen should generally be your BFF, but be sure to use it after treatment. Your skin will be sensitive - even if it doesn't like it - you need to protect it as much as possible.
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CO2 fractional laser skin surface resurfacingFractional CO2 Laser machine are superior to other non-surgical procedures in treating deeper wrinkles, more severe texture changes, sun damage, spots, acne scars, surgery or traumatic scarring. It can be applied to delicate skin around the eyelids and mouth. It is also a very effective treatment for sun damage and precancerous lesions.treatment:During treatment, a fractional CO2 laser beam removes tiny parts of the skin, creating tiny channels in the tissue that are thinner than human hair. The skin then repairs the tiny shafts by pushing the old sunburned skin and replacing it with new skin. This process produces a new layer of epidermal tissue (the top layer of the skin) and tightens the skin tissue (the deeper layers of the skin). Laser skin resurfacing using a CO2 laser to improve skin texture, color irregularities and firming skin are not comparable. It is ideal for those who want to improve the depth of wrinkles, especially around the eyes and mouth. Because only a small portion of the skin is removed, it heals very quickly and is very painless. The entire face and/or neck is typically treated to allow mixing along the hairline, chin line and ear to hide any visible transition between the treated area and the untreated area. We will recommend a home skin care regimen before and after laser resurfacing to prepare your skin for faster healing and results. The results of CO2 laser treatment are long-term and have appropriate maintenance programs that can last for many years. Most of the effects of treatment are immediately visible, while others - such as new collagen formation - gradually accumulate and become more pronounced over time.altFractional CO2 laser skinning has the following advantages:* Tightening loose skin and reducing wrinkles. Damaged skin shrinks immediately, presenting a "facelift" appearance* Soften fine lines and wrinkles.* Improve irregular skin texture (eliminate pigmentation problems, reduce pore size, wrinkles, acne scars and other texture irregularities).* Skin sagging is significantly improved. New collagen production up to one year after treatment.* Reduce pre-cancerous actinic keratosis and sun damage (pre-cancerous cells visible to the naked eye).* Remove age, sun spots, reduce redness caused by sunlight.* Reduce acne or scars after trauma.* Improves stretch marks due to new collagen production.How many treatments do I need?The number of treatments depends on your wrinkles, sun damage or scars, and downtime that you can control. In some cases, only one treatment is needed, but for deeper wrinkles and deep acne scars, additional treatment is needed to get the best results. Perform 3-5 treatments as usual.Fractional CO2 resurfacing laser treatment can be tailored to each patient and their skin condition. Treatment can be deep, recovery time is longer, or superficial, and healing time is shorter. The best results are usually obtained by intensive treatment. However, some patients are more willing to accept more surface treatments and avoid a lot of work stoppages.How long does the effect of fractional CO2 laser surface resurfacing treatment last?You can expect lasting benefits from CO2 laser resurfacing. Obviously, the more aggressive you are, the more beneficial you will be. It also depends on how you protect your skin from the sun and other factors that cause aging, such as your general health, smoking, weight changes, etc. We will recommend home skin care and maintenance treatment plans before and after laser skin resurfacing to prepare your skin for surgery, speed up healing and keep your results. The results of CO2 laser treatment are long-term and can last for many years through proper sun protection and home care systems.
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Ambos IPL e depilação a laser são procedimentos de longo prazo para reduzir o crescimento do cabelo. Eles funcionam de maneira semelhante e são muito eficazes. Além de prevenir o recrescimento capilar, ambos os tratamentos podem reduzir significativamente a taxa de crescimento do cabelo remanescente, bem como a espessura do cabelo.Muitos pacientes e clientes de IPL e diode laser hair removal machine obtiveram resultados muito bem sucedidos, mas para obter os melhores resultados, é importante determinar qual método é ideal para você.IPL ou laser, o que é melhor?A escolha do tratamento com IPL e laser é uma decisão individual. Seu tom de pele e cor do cabelo podem afetar o laser e depilação, então você deve entender o efeito que funciona melhor para você conseguir o efeito desejado. Você deve considerar o tipo de pele e corpo, o valor que deseja gastar e a velocidade com a qual deseja ver os resultados.Os benefícios da depilação IPLCom a propagação natural da luz de amplo espectro, a cobertura dos dispositivos de remoção de pêlos IPL é maior do que a dos dispositivos de depilação a laser. Portanto, isso pode significar que o tempo de tratamento pode ser mais rápido, porque áreas maiores podem ser tratadas de uma só vez. Além de tempos de tratamento mais rápidos, eles podem ser bem baratos, mas você pode achar que precisa de mais sessões para obter os mesmos resultados.O IPL usa um amplo espectro de luz, o que significa que pode ser usado para diferentes propósitos. Pode ser usado com muito sucesso para tratar uma variedade de condições diferentes da pele. Também pode ser modificado especificamente para combinar diferentes tipos de pele e cabelo no tipo de tratamento. Por exemplo, foi desenvolvida uma variante de IPL chamada VPL que representa luz pulsada variável. O VPL permite que o usuário modifique as configurações dos pulsos de luz para melhor atender a pele e o cabelo que deseja tratar. Isso ocorre porque o desenvolvedor reconhece que não apenas diferentes tons de pele têm requisitos diferentes para dispositivos de remoção de pêlos baseados em luz, mas espessos, é claro, pêlos tipo biquíni exigirão tratamentos diferentes para pêlos mais finos.altOs benefícios da depilação a laserA natureza do laser significa que o dispositivo de depilação a laser pode concentrar a luz nos poros da pele, mais perto do folículo capilar para tratar a pele e, em última análise, impedir a regeneração. Isso pode significar que a depilação a laser pode alcançar resultados mais rápidos do que o IPL, porque um único fio é aquecido a uma temperatura destrutiva mais rapidamente. Portanto, você pode precisar de menos tratamento de depilação a laser para obter o mesmo resultado.Mais especificamente, isso significa que a depilação a laser é mais adequada para pessoas com pele mais escura. Isso ocorre porque a pele mais escura absorve mais luz do que a pele rasa devido à quantidade de melanina (pigmento) que ela contém. Por exemplo, cabelos mais profundos absorvem mais luz do que cabelos mais claros. Portanto, existe o risco de que a pele mais profunda possa ser aquecida. Os lasers são mais concentrados na natureza, e áreas menores de luz significam que são mais adequados para o tratamento de pessoas com pele mais profunda, pois reduzem bastante o risco de queimaduras em comparação com o IPL. Dito isto, alguns sistemas IPL ainda se aplicam a uma pele mais profunda.Efeito de remoção de cabelo IPL e laserNem as técnicas de remoção de IPL nem de depilação a laser produzem resultados imediatos. Ao contrário da depilação com cera, não deixa o tempo de tratamento na pele completamente lisa e sem pêlos. Como eles morrem dentro das próximas semanas, o cabelo vai parar, e aqueles que não são afetados pela fase do ciclo de crescimento do primeiro tratamento vai exigir outro curso (ou mais). Você pode se barbear entre as reuniões porque não precisa de tempo de crescimento.No entanto, os benefícios da IPL Skin Regeneration machine e depilação a laser em comparação com cera e rosqueamento são que você irá reduzir permanentemente o crescimento do cabelo ao longo do tempo. O crescimento do cabelo cresce lentamente, então você não precisa se barbear com frequência. Eles também podem se tornar mais finos e menos. Eles podem até ficar mais pálidos, então eles são menos óbvios.A maioria das pessoas acha que pode conseguir a perda de cabelo permanente da área de tratamento após 1 a 10 tratamentos, com uma média de 6 tratamentos para alcançar resultados adequados. Independentemente do método que você escolher, você pode precisar de um tratamento complementar a cada poucos meses ou a cada ano, mas você pode notar uma enorme diferença na redução do crescimento do cabelo.
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Wipe off unwanted hair with laser hair removal

As the summer approached, it was almost time to put up the sweater and take out the new swimsuit. But getting ready for sunny days and better weather is not just about your wardrobe, getting your body bikini ready. In the past winter, when you were tied together, the indecent black hair growth that you may have forgotten may become the focus of more inspiring clothing in the summer. This is why it is now the best time to remove excess hair with diode laser hair removal.

Why choose laser hair removal?
Therefore, many women and men want to work with Dr Diwan for laser hair removal because they are tired of constant maintenance. Keeping up with unnecessary hair can cost a lot of unnecessary time and money during adulthood. There is also body pain in waxing, shaving and scorpion, and of course, you can. Laser hair removal also helps prevent side effects of traditional hair removal methods. All in-growth hair that is picked, pulled, and trimmed can be painful, can be infected, cause scarring looks worse than raw hair growth, and can cause problems when it is shaved or waxed again. Many people are sensitive to skin and are prone to razor burns. Avoiding jealousy and natural bumps is also a challenge, especially if you find yourself in a hurry.


Carefully study hair growth
The most effective results came from a series of treatment courses at the Laser and Dermatology Center. That's because all your hair doesn't grow at the same time or speed. Each hair follicle has its own growth cycle. Hair growth has three stages: long-term or active growth of the hair is the growth of the hair follicle roots, and attached to the visible dark hair, is an ideal period for laser removal. Laser energy is absorbed by the pigment or colour of the hair and hair follicle roots. Therefore, hair follicles in the early stages of anagen are good targets and are affected by laser hair removal. When the hair is absent or not connected to the root, the hair follicles during rest or rest periods and during the transitional period or hair growth are not affected by laser treatment. If all the hair follicles are in the same stage at the same time, then we will become bald when they are at rest. Hair growth can take weeks to months to grow, and these cycles vary from person to person. This is why multiple treatments are needed overtime to target all hair follicles in a certain area. It is important to understand this in order to get the best results. Dedicated to laser hair removal and keeping up with your appointments will ensure that you depilate as quickly as possible. Please note that 808nm diode laser hair removal is not effective for non-pigmented hair (white or gold) and for lighter hair (light brown or red).

Preparing for a hair removal meeting
Avoiding lice, waxing, Vanija hair removal cream and electrolysis is essential 6-8 weeks before treatment. These hair removal methods remove hair from the roots. Removing coloured hair removes the target of the laser (the pigment in the black hair) and reduces the number of hair follicles that the laser may affect. It is also wise to avoid exposure to the treated area.

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