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Oil and Gas is a vast industry that requires a lot of variables to be managed at once. IIoT implementation simplifies the process of monitoring these variables through sensor technology and advanced telemetry.The upstream, midstream and downstream segments of these sectors benefit from the seamless framework of IIoT, as it creates a connected ecosystem within the entire infrastructure. Its applications, such as equipment monitoring and preventive maintenance are already helping this sector to grow and create value through its integrated deployment strategies. Visit: IIoTworld
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Internet of Things is one such technology that has been a part of our daily lives since 1999 but has reached the mass market quite recently in the past 5 to 6 years. Companies are now incorporating the brilliance of this technology in their services for different applications. It allows a company to:• Optimize its operational methodologies.• Incorporate capabilities like automation, telematics, cognition, and analytics in its architecture. • Digitize inspection and repair tasks through predictive maintenance. • Monitor operations and processes in real-time from remote locations. • Fuse IoT with other disruptive technologies for other splendid applications.Visit: Biz4Intellia
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Smart meters have already become an essential component of the modern-day electrical grids and are now finding their way in the water utilities. Currently, in a world where people are perishing due to lack of water, these meters are the breakthrough innovation that water utilities can use to provide everyone with potable water.Unlike traditional water gauges, smart water meters are a part of a wide area network that allow utilities and consumers to engage in two-way communication. These meters help water suppliers to enhance their water distribution network and incorporate robust water conservation & management practices.Smart meters are changing the way utilities operate—let it be the energy or water segment. The use of these meters along with a well-crafted IoT solution allow water utilities to manage their water distribution practices and provide their customers with clean potable water. These meters are also empowering the consumers to see the value of water meter in reducing cost linked with their consumption of water.Visit: Biz4Intellia
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IoT along with other disruptive technologies has enabled the development of connected and automated vehicles. These vehicles become a part of a V2X (vehicle to everything) network that helps them to interact with other vehicles, pedestrians, and smart city infrastructures. V2X network facilitates the sharing of data among its constituents and offers benefits in terms of preventing accidents, managing traffic flow, fleet management, and many more.Connected cars are driving the sector of transportation towards an automated and cognitive future. They are an integral part of the smart city solutions and are supporting the rapid pace of urbanization. These cars support semi-autonomous driving and are infused with futuristic navigation and infotainment systems.IoT technology plays a crucial role in creating an interconnected environment for connected cars. In the time to come, the connected cars can be expected to make an astounding development in terms of autonomous transportation and global vehicle tracking.Visit: Biz4Intellia
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It won’t be an understatement to say that renewables will be the primary energy sources that will drive our future. Their adoption has been continuously soaring at an unprecedented rate and has enabled the creation of smart energy solutions. By using modern-day disruptive technologies, the embracement of renewable sources of energy can be enhanced even further. The integration of IoT in renewable energy segment is enabling its expansion to a great extent. Applications of Internet of Things mitigate several challenges that are limiting the acceptance of renewables.Visit: Biz4Intellia
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If we look at the recent Internet of Things technology trend, the future of this technology seems bright. IoT providers are experimenting with multiple IoT solutions such as smart homes, where IoT enabled devices control the home appliances, ensuring the desired temperature in your home before you arrive.Similarly, the enterprise IoT is also at a boom. IoT solutions such as machine uptime monitoring provides manufacturers the equipment uptime/downtime data. This data helps in calculating the OEA (Overall Equipment Availability).Visit: Biz4Intellia
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Perpetually the technology of IoT is expanding at an unprecedented rate, revolutionizing the world we all know. Within a short span of 6 years, the connected devices on a global scale have multiplied by a factor of two and can be expected to escalate at a more surprising pace in the coming years.This boom has resulted in the emergence of smart cities and off-the-shelf IoT based solutions for several commercial and industrial solutions. However, the increase in connected devices has made it impossible for IoT adopters to manage a bulk load of data generated from different end devices.To facilitate the storage of vital information, companies now require an active data accumulation system for their edge devices and remotely situated IoT end nodes. Cloud storage is a robust platform to do so, as it supports easy and quick integration of IoT devices and enables smooth management of data gathered from them.Visit: Biz4Intellia
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Smart city solutions of IoT are focused to develop cities of future that promote economic development, improve infrastructure & environment, and digitally optimize public assets. A smart city is a collection of billions of smart devices that collects and shares information over a wide network spread across a city. These smart devices share data with each other and coordinate accordingly to ease the lifestyle of the citizens.Cities are now leveraging processing capabilities to manage the flow of traffic, optimize utility operations, and develop automated services for the civilians. IoT has definitely heightened various city operations in terms of data acquisition and processing with the help of various sensory devices.IoT sensors and advanced telemetric capabilities act as a base for the implementation of smart city solutions, enabling citizens to experience a digitally optimized lifestyle. These solutions are empowering cities to enhance their day-to-day operations and are elevating the way people interact with the city infrastructures.Visit: Biz4Intellia
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It is important for a farm owner to control and remove pests from its field to ensure crop health. The advent of IoT in the agriculture sector has enabled a farmer to remotely monitor and control pest infestation. With a one-time investment, a farmer can integrate an IoT powered pest control system to its farm and accurately detect the presence of bugs and rodents without manual inspection. However, the complete capability of IoT in farming rests with the combined usage of its agriculture-based applications. Distant pest control along with crop management, weather monitoring, and livestock management is enabling the development of various modern farming approaches that were never witnessed by the agriculture sector in the past.Visit: Biz4Intellia
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In the same sense, the disruptive technology of Internet of Things can also be considered pure magic. It is a modern-day technological innovation that has empowered the creation of an inter-connected world. With its advanced features like telemetry, cognition, and analytics, it has brought a revolution in the industrial segment and our day to day lives.Nevertheless, the technology is in infancy and still hasn’t reached its full potential. With each passing year, more devices are connecting with each other to create a network that facilitates data sharing among multiple end nodes.In this connected world, the internet will be the medium that will not only connect us but also join machines and devices as such. Day to day tasks will happen automatically, and a rise in self-driving cars will be witnessed. Smart cities will be developed that will not only boast an inter-linked architecture but also provide a lavish lifestyle.Visit: Biz4Intellia
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Smart energy solutions comprise of devices like smart meters and smart grids that are used to gather relevant data. This data constitutes parameters related to flow of electricity and can vary from the performance of equipment to energy utilized by the end consumers. By analyzing this information, an energy provider can make informed decisions to effectively manage power flow in all three verticals of power generation, transmission, and distribution.Smart energy solutions are empowering power generation, transmission, and distribution processes. The advent of IoT technology in the energy sector has enabled the development of more efficient and reliable systems that are reducing losses in the energy flow from power plants to the end consumers. This is allowing the utilities to increase the reach of their electricity network to more remote areas and preparing them to meet the requirements of the continuously soaring global population.Smart appliances at homes can share information with smart meters to store and analyze information associated with energy consumption. Smart meters transmit this data to a centralized platform that can be accessed even from a mere TV. This data can be used by the consumers to manage the electricity consumption at the home and thus decrease the electricity bills.Visit: Biz4Intellia
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Businesses operating under the Oil and Gas Industry face challenges while monitoring tank levels. The solutions available in the market are either ineffective, time-consuming or expensive.The monitoring of levels of Oil tanks, used in either in extraction points, short term storage units, refineries, distribution, results in enhanced transparency into the inventory levels. Biz4Intellia's IoT Solution for Oil Tank Level Monitoring capture real-time production data from embedded sensors, process the data into information on the IoT Platform and provide the relevant information to the users on its mobile/web app.Biz4Intellia’s IoT Solution lets you monitor all of your oil tanks in real-time across multiple sites. The de-centralized operational dashboard contains all the relevant information regarding the levels and geo-locations of the oil tanks. The color depicted notifications are categorized in an easily comprehensible manner.Visit: Biz4Intellia
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The advent of IoT is considered the point through which the farming sector will take a dramatic transformation. Internet of Things offers several benefits in cultivation that helps farmers to grow a high yield of healthy crops. IoT gives farmers the power to monitor their crops via sensors, drones, and even satellites. By analyzing the accumulated data from these devices, the farmers can make informed decisions to manage the quantity and quality of their crops.Visit: theforbiz
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The level monitoring solution may not sound like much, but it is definitely a solution worth knowing about, especially if you are a part of the water, O&G, or beverage industry. Rest assured, as by the end of this blog, you won’t perceive this solution the same way you think about it right now. 100% Guarantee.“Intellia IoT” is an end-to-end IoT product developed by Biz4Intellia that includes a comprehensive platform suite and multiple edge devices like sensors and meters. The product is a completely packed IoT innovation that presents cutting-edge solutions to several industries across the globe. The level monitoring solution is one of the many solutions of Intellia IoT.Visit: Biz4Intellia
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The technology of Internet of Things can be used to address the issue of traffic in the most innovative way possible. IoT has enabled the development of a connected network called vehicle-to-everything (V2X). This means that the autonomous & connected vehicles running on roads can share data with everything necessary to support the smooth flow of traffic. IoT is a game-changer for the transportation segment. Its applications in this field widely extend to the creation of a connected ecosystem that manifests from the integration of sensors and results in several vehicular mobility based benefits. With these benefits, we will soon see the future that will be driven in an automated and connected manner.Visit: Biz4Intellia
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Implementation of Internet of Things is allowing us to address the issue of climate change and develop a more sustainable and renewable-energy based economy. It mitigates the complications associated with renewable energy and assists utilities to integrate them with the existing transmission lines. It acts as a technology enabler that facilitates the supply of electricity based on overall energy consumption and switches the power sources to promote a steady and uninterrupted energy supply. Moreover, it has accelerated the development of smart grids that have elevated the use of clean and emission-free energy. Countries all across the world are collaborating to accelerate the use of renewable energy resources. Several countries and cities have already developed strategies to reduce carbon emissions and establish a renewable infrastructure. IoT, with its features and functionalities, will empower the use of renewable energy and help us create a sustainable and carbon-free future.Visit: yourstory
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The sector of oil and gas is surrounded by challenges that negatively impact its operations and procedures. IoT acts as a technology enabler for the oil & gas industry that enables it to give a strategic overhaul to its operations and remotely manage various assets located in even far-off locations.It is the best platform to manage a vast amount of data and signals emitted from multiple machines and develop useful insights from them in order to improve their overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). IoT with its remote monitoring and advanced telemetry capabilities also act as a perfect tool to track the quantity of crude and fuel distantly.It is the best thing since sliced bread that is not only reinforcing the methodologies of the oil and gas sector but also allow its segments to collectively work towards meeting the ever-growing demand of petroleum-based products.Visit: datasciencecentral
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Warehouses act as essential links in any supply chain that facilitates the storage of goods until they are dispatched at the location of their usage. The technology of IoT has enabled the development of smart warehouse management systems (WMS).Smart warehouse provides that use automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and telematics are already in action. These warehouses through the use of disruptive technologies such as machine learning and IoT are minimizing manual intervention and are boosting the speed and accuracy of logistics processes.Warehouse management systems with the implementation of IoT are making use of advanced telemetry and analytics to optimize inventory tasks and procedures. The use of AGVs and robots has lowered the need for manual intervention and has optimized space utilization in warehouses.IoT is improving the speed and accuracy of operations in the warehouses too. The use of IoT sensors is enabling warehouse managers to maintain the quality of their environment sensitive products and provide them unparalleled visibility in logistics and inventory.Visit: Biz4Intellia
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The advent of IoT in the energy sector has enabled the emergence of smart energy solutions that are revolutionizing the complete sector of energy utility. Internet of Things with its advanced features has offered the energy industry the capabilities to optimally manage their assets, monitor the energy consumption, and fulfill the ever-changing energy demands. However, the biggest benefit that IoT offer is the ability to decrease energy wastage.Internet of Things has enabled the development of infrastructures like smart meters and smart grids that are mitigating the causes that leads to energy wastage. Utilities are also using the technology of IoT to manage their energy-producing equipment and assets to increase their efficiency so that they can produce more energy.Visit: Biz4Intellia
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The best IoT service provider, Biz4Intellia has recently disclosed its new services in the field of Level Monitoring and Energy Monitoring. The company is a leader in developing quality-rich end to end IoT solutions for different industrial and commercial segments. The Intellia IoT level and energy monitoring solution created by Biz4Intellia, are revolutionizing different industrial segments. This Florida based company has always used seamless IoT choreography to develop such futuristic and intriguing solutions that support intelligent operations and help businesses to improve process execution to achieve specific business objectives. The company is continuously working with IoT technology to provide similar ground-breaking services to its clients to help them add value to their business and digitize their end to end operations.Visit: rfdtv
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Internet of Things is one such technology that allows companies to remotely monitor the whole performance of the plant. Its comprehensive solutions enable companies to elevate their operational methodologies and detect anomalies that can result in a sudden plant shutdown. This allows the companies to ensure high net output and overall plant efficiency.Biz4Intellia has developed such solutions that are already integrated into its product named “Intellia IoT”. It is one of a kind system that a company associated with the field of production can use to manage various industrial operations. Its solutions can also be extended to other industrial segments and can be implemented for other purposes related to supply chain management, warehousing, etc.Visit: Biz4Intellia
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The Intellia IoT level and energy monitoring solution created by Biz4Intellia, are revolutionizing different industrial segments. This Florida based company has always used seamless IoT choreography to develop such futuristic and intriguing solutions that support intelligent operations and help businesses to improve process execution to achieve specific business objectives. The company is continuously working with IoT technology to provide similar ground-breaking services to its clients to help them add value to their business and digitize their end to end operations.Visit: Kake
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IoT based fleet management solutions allow a fleet operator to keep an eagle eye view on its trucks’ fleet. By using geofencing techniques and advanced telematics, he/she can at all times confirm the location of the trucks and make sure that the cargo being shipped in them is safe at all times.By using IoT infused fleet management solutions a fleet operator can properly manage its drayage operations and utilize the capabilities of its fleet in an optimum manner. It helps fleet supervisors to thwart common challenges that they really face. Fleet managers face several challenges in terms of high fuel wastage, traffic congestion, truck maintenance, and unfair payments while also ensuring the safety of the drivers. An IoT fleet management solution can help a fleet manager to improve the fuel efficiency of its trucks by 6%. This roughly amounts to an annual fuel savings of worth $15 million!The impact of IoT in fleet management can simply not be underrated. It is completely changing the concept of managing shipment operations and is providing fleet supervisors the power to control its fleet from remote locations.Viist: TweakYourBiz
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The “Intellia IoT level monitoring solution” of Biz4Intellia will allow the users to monitor the level of liquid in a tank. This solution is especially beneficial for the oil and gas industry as it highly depends on their tank farms to facilitate the storage of crude and other petroleum products. It is also beneficial for water utilities as it enables them to monitor the level of water in overhead tanks in different locations and manage water supply whenever the water level decreases from the pre-defined threshold.The versatility of the “Intellia IoT energy monitoring solution“ is limitless. It can be used to calculate energy consumption, monitor equipment performance, and increase the overall efficiency of a plant. This solution is however specifically beneficial for energy utilities and supports them in the entire segment of energy production, transmission, and distribution. This solution will enable them to monitor energy consumption at endpoints, manage voltage fluctuations, increase the efficiency of power plants, and maintain steady & uninterrupted power supply.The Intellia IoT product of Biz4Intellia includes various sensors, meters, gateways and other electronic devices that sense crucial information from the endpoints and transmit it to cloud storage. The information is stored in the form of data that can be accessed from the “Intellia IoT” on-screen platform.Visit: EINPRESSWIRE
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Cutting-edge applications of Internet of Things in the segment of data management and telemetry are reinforcing various industrial practices. It has been a gamechanger for sectors associated with energy, oil & gas, water, and manufacturing and is allowing companies to take benefits from its analytics and cognition features. However, the sector that has gained most out of the capabilities of IoT is the field of transportation.IoT solutions in the field of transportation vertical have enabled the emergence of the connected network between vehicles and infrastructure that has powered the development of futuristic smart city solutions. Fleet management is another application of Internet of Things in the transportation sector that has revolutionized the supply chain practices of almost every industry vertical. Fleet management is the fastest-growing application of IoT in the transportation field that is continuously being evolved from the advent of Internet of Things. In fact, as per statistics from marketsandmarkets IoT fleet management market is estimated to reach a total worth of 8.28 billion USD by the end of 2021.As a fleet management service provider, we at Biz4Intellia offer an end to end solution to fleet companies that enable them to keep an eagle eye view on their fleet operations. With the use of our vehicle tracking solutions, we empower the fleet managers to utilize recorded data obtained from sensors embedded on the fleet trucks.Visit: Biz4Intellia
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Blended with IoT competencies, a smart water meter is an update of the conventional water meters. It measures and describes the volume of water used by an individual or a business and send it directly to the water provider. It can also measure other parameters that the traditional meters cannot, like temperature and flow of the water in the pipelines.The parameters once monitored and collected are analyzed through a computational function and transmitted to a centralized platform. The smart water meters are also capable of sharing information about its condition and performance. For example, the meter will alert the utilities if its accuracy decreases or if it stops counting.Visit: smartwatermagazine
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IoT Vehicle tracking solutions have brought a revolution in the field of fleet management. By using the technology of IoT and its capabilities in terms of analytics and cognition. A fleet manager can optimize several tasks of his fleet. Also, With the enhancement in the field of disruptive technologies the fleet management practices are sure to evolve and change the way supervisors manage their fleet trucks.computertechreview
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he oil and gas industry as a whole is a powerhouse industry that is solely responsible for the exploration and refining of the crude. Exploration & Production (E&P) companies along with oil-field service (OFS) providers, use heavy pieces of machinery like wellheads and pumpjacks to extract raw oil from deep grounds. Similarly to their onshore counterparts, Subsea Christmas trees along with AMF Deadman are used to plunge out crude from deep ocean floors.For the transportation of crude, the oil & gas companies depend either on their huge pipeline network or on 3rd party vendors, who transport oil via trucks, ships, or railways. Oil refineries constitute the downstream segment of the oil & gas industry and are distinctly responsible for the generation of petroleum-based products from the crude oil.Visit: Biz4Intellia
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The term digital twin is nothing but a conceptualization of keeping a digital match of a physical object, operation, using the data from smart devices such as sensors. The channel that joins the digital twin and its physical matching part is termed as the digital thread. The digital model is likely to be modified and upgraded on a regular basis with appropriate incorporation of Artificial Intelligence and data. Furthermore, it also provides actual and concurrent virtual reality. Combining the physical object with the computer-generated corresponding item is crucial. As the technology trend of industrial IoT increases, digital twin technology is more significant now than ever before.Visit: Biz4Intellia
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A blockchain-based supply chain management system is built on a shared distributed ledger which provides an indisputable record of all the data related to shipment status, truck status, storage environment conditions and more.IoT sensors are used to collect information relating to environmental conditions, verify how long the cargo remains in a particular truck or at a specific port, and whether or not it’s being tampered with or affected by any means which violates the handling directions. This information can be used to resolve invoice disputes by providing evidence for insurance claims. It also helps companies by assisting them in optimizing their supply chain operations for improved efficiency.Visit: IBM
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Good food and electricity are the two major components of our lives. The Oil and Gas Industry and businesses related to the same focus on improving their, perations to serve society better. But, lately there were challenges that bogged down the spirits of this industry. IoT came into the picture and made sure to design resolution to eradicate these challenges for good. Solutions to control oil well pump, offshore rig monitoring, refinery monitoring and remote pipeline tunnel monitoring has restored strength back to this industry. In the current scenario, Oil and Gas companies are investing in IoT. All these are done to ensure safety and security during the extraction and transportation of fuels. Even the top-level decision makers have started realizing the benefit of IoT in the Oil and Gas Industry.Visit: laptrinhx
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Agriculture has witnessed different innovations and technological developments in the past 100 years. Unlike, traditional farming methods that relied completely on manual labor, modern agriculture is automated and smart. The use of disruptive technologies like the Internet of Things has made farming more precise, sophisticated, and productive. The advent of IoT in the agriculture sector has enabled the emergence of various new farming practices like precision farming, digital farming, and smart farming.Even though smart farming is not a brand new concept, its overall impact on agriculture business cannot be underestimated. It is a revolutionary farming technique that is powered by modern information and communication technologies (ICTs). It incorporates the use of different sensors that helps a farmer to monitor its farming equipment, tools, and the whole farm itself.Smart farming is helping farmers to counter different challenges associated with agriculture and allow them to increase the quality and total yield of their crops. Different applications of IoT is allowing farmers to maintain their crop without much inconvenience. Visit: datasciencecentral
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The blend of IoT and advanced driver-assistance systems are establishing vehicular safety by reducing the possibility of accidents on roads. Both these technologies have opened new doors for car buyers to integrate safety features into their vehicles. By using features like real-time monitoring, these systems are reducing traffic congestion on roads, promoting healthy driving habits, and predicting vehicle failure before they even occur.Car manufacturers are investing deeply in Internet of Things and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) to make driving safer. These smart technologies with their on-the-spot sensing and processing capabilities are preventing accidents on the road and are offering comfortable driving experiences.IoT has enabled the development of a CV2X (cellular vehicle to everything) network that connects smart cars, infrastructures, and even pedestrians with each other. This network allows the ADAS systems fitted in a car to assist drivers in various driving operations, lowering the risk of accidents on road.The amalgamation of both these technologies is not only useful for private car owners but is also highly beneficial in fleet management systems. By using an accurately configured IoT infused ADAS system, drivers are less likely to drive rashly and encounter unsafe road conditions.However, this is not the end. With advancements in both these technologies, more gadgets and features are going to pop up that will reinforce vehicular safety and gradually reduce accidents on roads.Visit:
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With the implementation of computerized practices, the sector of agriculture is undergoing a digital transformation. This digital transformation is been considered as the 4th revolution in the agriculture sector. Collective use of drones, satellite monitoring, and sensor technology have brought in new farming concepts like Smart Farming and Precision Farming. Both of these concepts have allowed the agriculture sector to reach new heights and are enabling its corporatization. The advent of IoT in Smart Farming and Precision Farming have elevated different agricultural practices. In this article, we will see the effects that IoT has imparted on Precision Farming. Visit: bbncommunity
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Development in the technology of IoT has brought in a radical transformation in the automotive industry. Its implementation has brought in several dynamic changes in vehicles in terms of safety, comfort and luxury. A person in a connected car is given the connection, entertainment and network that he experiences at his office, home or in an entertainment center. Embedded IoT sensors on the surface of the vehicles further prevent accidents and enforce safe and easy driving.Implementation of different technologies, such as IoT and artificial intelligence, has transformed cars into a moving computer. The market of connected cars is soon going to soar in terms of market cap and revolutionize the way we interact with our vehicles. The above applications are the evidence of the future that the technology of IoT will bring for the connected cars.Visit: internetofthingsagendatechtarget
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The use of temperature monitoring sensors has enabled the monitoring of change in temperature affecting the quality of the products. Their implementation in different sectors has empowered the logistics and warehousing operations of a company. The solution these sensors offers along with IoT allows companies to monitor the temperature of their products in a cold chain. This is enabling companies to ensure the quality of their products while they are in transit.Visit: Biz4Intellia
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Industrial IoTInternet of Things has revolutionized the transportation industry in recent years. It will not be wrong to say that IoT is shaping the future of transportation in myriad ways. The real-time access to new data streams has made the self-driving vehicles a reality in today’s world. IoT has proved its presence by showcasing its potential in reducing pollution, optimizing the mobility of people and goods and saving a lot of lives. The Internet of things is growing at an exponential rate and this is the industry where most of the growth is witnessed. The way the scope of Industrial IoT has been broadening up it has hugely impacted the features like asset tracking, traffic management and many more.visit: Biz4Intellia
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Internet of Things has been increasingly used in almost every industry and Transportation is no more an exception. Because people have been through a lot of problems and challenges while they travel from one place to another, a complete integrated solution was always a necessity. Many organizations developed the products to eradicate the problems but they did not come up as a sustainable solution.It is important to realize that people do not buy any product or technology for their problem, they buy a solution to a problem. And so what IoT holds.IoT is not a silver bullet or another way of making money. It should be considered as another tool or solution in the cutting edge technologies thus providing more value to customers. IoT should be considered in a way that the more focus should be on solving customer problems.Visit: Biz4Intellia
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Smart energy solutions comprise of devices like smart meters and smart grids that are used to gather relevant data. This data constitutes parameters related to flow of electricity and can vary from the performance of equipment to energy utilized by the end consumers. By analyzing this information, an energy provider can make informed decisions to effectively manage power flow in all three verticals of power generation, transmission, and distribution.The advent of Internet of Things in the energy sector has resulted in the emergence of smart energy solutions. These solutions powered by breakthrough IoT sensors and telemetry capabilities offer great functionalities to the power industry in terms of consumption pattern monitoring, operational optimization, and asset performance management.Visit: Biz4Intellia
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Smart water monitoring capabilities have helped water solution providers develop smart water management solutions, which are proficient in monitoring real-time water leakage detection, quality of water, water management through sensors, and much more. Such kinds of systems help provide input for knowing the critical factors like real-time water pressure, water level, temperature, water flow, etc. However, not every company has come up with a real-time, advanced feature that can determine predictive analytics and real-time changing factors.IoT helps control water resources efficiently, thus developing an efficient and optimized smart water monitoring system is crucial. With a smart water management system in place, better irrigation facilities have been provided especially in urban areas. With so many water leakages happening, various reports concluded that around $2.5 billion is spent every year to detect and repair leaks. And if companies start implementing IoT in water management systems, they could save between $7.1 billion and $12.5 billion each year. Not only this, people have started adopting smart watering systems in their homes. Visit: dzone
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IoT-powered fuel theft prevention system help oil companies to keep real-time surveillance on their pipelines. Sensors, cameras and remote terminal units automatically sense and capture images, videos and other in situ signals as soon as oil mice try to tap a pipeline. These signals are then transmitted to the authorities via a network, giving them enough time to take preventive steps.IoT implementation helps oil companies to develop a robust monitoring platform that lets them track the movement of fuel across vast distances while ensuring its quality. With the use of various sensors, different attributes—such as the volume and quality of oil or fuel—can be monitored by the oil companies.Visit : RFID
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With efficient monitoring of drivers and vehicles and routing, Route Management Solutions are proven to reduce consumption of fuel. Saving has been huge. ABI research cites that there is a 13% improvement in vehicle utilization, a 15% decrease in travel time and a 12% increase in service profitability. Additionally, the benefits of fleet management route planning have been very much significant.In recent days, many fleet managing companies have been hustling around for managing their drivers and routes for maximum efficiencies seems. They are constantly been pressurized to get better efficiencies and productivity from their trucks and respected drivers. Better efficiency meets the environmental targets, keep customers happy and improves operational margins.Beyond the fact that implementing Fleet Management Route Planning can do wonders, fleet managers need to make sure that drivers are performing the activities and routes in a well-planned way.Visit: Biz4Intellia
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The technology we are talking about is the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), which basically consists of sensing, communicating, and analytics capabilities, and has been simmering for a while.There cannot be any one-size-fits-all IoT solution for an industry as diverse as Oil & Gas. But there are business objectives behind IoT adoptions: Optimizing Operations, improving reliability, and Creating new value. Each segment of the Oil & Gas industry can reap the greatest benefits from their initial IoT efforts in one of these objectives.Upstream companies focused on optimization can achieve new operational insights by utilizing a varied set of data. Midstream companies seeking new commercial opportunities and higher network integrity will realize a significant benefit by building a data-driven infrastructure. Downstream players will be able to boost up their revenues by expanding their visibility into the hydrocarbon supply chain.Visit: Biz4Intellia
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IoT tools help EMS (Energy Management System) collect and analyze real-time energy consumption data. In addition to constantly monitoring the equipment to improving maintenance and prevent downtimes, IoT powered EMS tools measure energy usage and flow via a network, providing valuable insights that can improve energy consumption efficiency in many ways.With the evolution of IoT, energy management has become smart and more efficient. IoT seems a promising platform for smart energy management. With ultra-reliability and wide range of use cases in energy management, IoT is to be considered as a pioneering approach in the area of energy management.Visit: Energycentral
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Fleet management is a glorified and often thought of application of Internet of Things (IoT). Advanced telemetry and sensor technology have enabled fleet operators to monitor the location of its vehicles and the condition of the cargo it is carrying distantly. Fleet service providers all around the world provide a boasted fleet management solution. In such a fierce market place, it is essential for a fleet operator to choose an adept fleet management package out of numerous solutions offered by a myriad of fleet management service providers.Visit: Biz4Intellia
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The core intention of the hospitality industry is to make a guest experience the warmth of home when they are staying in the hotel. The idea and intention of creating a ‘home away from home’ require detailed understanding of the guest’s behavior triggered or motivated by unfulfilled and fulfilled requirements respectively.The wave of change has uplifted the world of technology to stupendous heights. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a state-of-the-art technology which has uplifted industries across the globe. The hospitality industry is no exception. The basic motivation of the hospitality industry is to make a guest feel ‘special & empowered’ through unforgettable services.Visit: Writeupcafe
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The rise of IoT technology is the most significant revolution in the ever-emerging energy management process. Growing inclination towards green energy, carbon footprint management, government mandates and policies are the prime factors augmenting the market growth. Till now, what refraining enterprises from adopting IoT technology was the high IoT project deployment cost and non-standardized guidelines.IoT powered Smart Energy Management Systems helps energy distributors in reducing their operational expenses and planning for peak demands. These systems are crucial for companies whose energy supply is arranged and managed by special contracts.Visit: IIoTnewshub
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Waste management services providers and cities can benefit from IoT-powered smart waste management solutions. Using technology, waste management companies can increase their operational efficiency, cut costs, and enhance customer satisfaction by making sure no dumpster overflows. The implementation cost of wireless technologies is decreasing, and there are plenty of wireless technologies available in the market to make smart waste management solutions implementation possible. So, stop throwing cash in the trash and start saving time and money.Visit: RTInsights
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The traditional power grid systems have evolved to cater to the ever-growing requirements of electricity. The smart grid is a phenomenal application of IoT that is assisting utilities to provide uninterrupted electricity to the end consumers. Its application is empowering the usage of renewable energy resources and helping power generation companies to reduce operational costs. The consumers can also use this system to maintain their energy consumption further enabling them to reduce their electricity bills.Visit: Energycentral
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With intense urbanization, the transportation industry works round the clock to suffice the demands of their projects. Carrying goods from one part of the city to the other in order to contribute to the timely completion of rapid urbanization projects would have been impossible without transportation. Fleet transportation, undoubtedly contributes a good share of money to the transportation industry.As a fleet manager, you must have it in your knowledge the ways in which the Internet of Things (IoT) technology can help increase the safety of your operations. With proper utilization of fleet equipment and effective use of properly configured fleet management system, vehicle operators are less likely to encounter dangerous road conditions. Alongside, vehicle operators can operate their daily task more efficiently and effectively. Let’s look at the various ways in which the IoT contributes to better fleet management.Visit: Datasciencecentral

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